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She's slowly turning into a werewolf--and a sex addict.

He wrapped the towel around his waist and headed for the room.

"Wow. If I could have that sight everyday, I'd be one happy lady."

The sound of her voice jolted him. Lying on the bed propped on her elbow was Patti Ann. She was wearing the outfit he had seen her in earlier and was now aware that the hard on forming under the towel was amusing her.

"What or how.....when....." Todd was stammering trying to piece together this wonderful if not confusing puzzle.

"Having our office across the street and being kind of known has its privileges. Besides, I don't know if you caught my show, but I have to repay your kindness".

As she said this she slid off the bed and approached him. She put both hands on his chest and pushed him up against the door jamb. She ran her hands through his still wet head and pulled his mouth close to hers. Her lips touched his and the jolt of electricity he felt was unbelievable. Her tongue danced against his and she pressed her body into him. He reached down and pulled at her skirt. The light touch of his hand made her shutter lightly and he pulled her closer to him. She pulled away from him and started to unbutton her blouse. With each button she undid, Todd was able to see more of her ample and full bosoms. She took her blouse off and slowly pulled the zipper down on her skirt. Letting it fall to her ankles, she stepped over it and took a small step back. Todd couldn't resist the beauty before him. She undid the bra and tossed it on the crumpled skirt then slid the lace thong off and stood before him in only her heels and the opaque stockings. With a smile she dropped down to her knees and took his penis in her hand. She began to run her hand along his shaft and Todd responded with his cock becoming rock hard. She continued caressing and he thought he wouldn't be able to last.

"Todd, I never would have guessed you were so gifted. You have to be at least eight inches, and my god, you're so thick"

She ran her tongue over his now throbbing cock and then took him in her mouth. She sucked his cock for all it was worth, and while her tongue danced around his shaft, she stroked him and kept him rock hard. He felt as though it couldn't get any better until she actually took all of him down letting his balls touch her lips. She attacked his cock and pumped her mouth around his shaft furiously. Todd could feel his cock getting harder and knew he was ready to blow.

Then she stopped.

With a sly little grin, she stood up and pulled him closer. She pulled her lips to his and her tongue darted around the inside of his mouth. She pushed away from him and turned her back to him. She spread her legs a little wider and looked at him. Todd knew exactly what she wanted and positioned himself behind her. She grabbed her ass and pulled the luscious cheeks apart. He grabbed his cock and touched the tip to her pussy and started to push in. As his cock entered she let out a little coo of excitement. Her back tensed up and he pushed even deeper into her. Her moist pussy accepted his shaft and soon his hips met her ass.

"Oh my god." she exclaimed. "You're deeper than I've ever had before."

"C'mon Patti Ann", he said still not believing what was happening, "Is this want you want? Tell me what you want me to do"

"Todd, I just want you to fuck me. I want you to just keep that cock pumping."

Todd kept thrusting into her and his hips kept banging into her ass. He was pushing in as hard as he could. She gripped the door frame and tightened her hold and was actually thrusting back into him. He reached around and grabbed a hold of her tits.

As he kept banging her, he rolled her nipples between his fingers and played with her cleavage. He felt her stiffen and he could almost swear her deep passages of her pussy were wrapping around his cock.

"Oh god.....oh god..... Oh fuck.... I'm going to cum..... Keep going.... Oh fuck this is so fucking good....."

Todd followed her cue and was now driving so deep that he thought he'd pin her to the wall.

"Oh god........."

Patti Ann screamed ou

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