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The aftermath of Pain's attacks and recoveries.

Not quite buzzed but relaxed and warm. Excusing himself he took the empty beer cans and tossed them on the way to his room. He was confused to find the costume bag on his bed since he knew he had hung it up in the closet. He wanted to get it cleaned on his own. He hadn't wanted his mother to find the sex stained suit and began to ask questions. What would he tell her? Some anonymous women lured him into the Everetts pool house and seduced him. It sounded like some fantasy story he and Blake used to read to each other out of their fathers porn magazines.

Picking the bag up and squeezing it the faint scent of perfume and the odor of sex did seem to come out. Did his mother come into get his laundry and the suit to clean and smell what he did? Is that why she had a "headache". Was she fuming at her son for having sex? Really he was 18 now and had been having responsible sex with his girlfriend for sometime. Well at least until she moved away for college. Halloween had been his first sex since Labor Day, well as long as you didn't count masturbating to your mother getting herself off in the shower. That memory slightly embarrassed Robert at first but did more to arouse him just like thinking of the mystery woman who had gave him such a wonderfully Halloween treat only to trick him by hiding her identity and running away.

Robert walked over and locked his door, not wanting anyone to walk in on him as he dropped his pants.

He began pulling the length of his cock making it stand up and hard as he replayed the night in his mind and began to fantasize about who it might be. His only semi permanent clue was last vestiges of her perfume that clung to his costume. One of the reasons he had yet to get it cleaned. Forcing air from the bag he closed his eyes as he inhaled the fragrance and dreamed about his mystery woman. He knew she was tall so that defiantly ruled out Mrs Pennington who was also chubby which this woman was not. Not that he would turn down the older redhead. He doubt any guy his age would turn down free pussy and Amanda Pennington had been putting out that signal more loudly in the last few month since her divorce. It also ruled out Angela Everetts who large D tits and full round ass he had masturbated to during his fantasies on many occasions. The woman may have had blonde hair but she was wearing a wig so she could have been any color. Her tits were smaller than Mrs. Everetts and she was tall. It made Robert think of some of the volleyball players he had noticed at the sorority party but he knew it wasn't likely it was one of those. It had to be one of Angela Everetts middle aged friends. A vision of a naked Angela Everetts and the tall faceless blonde on a bed beckoning to him made his stroking pick up and when he saw them kissing and then Angela climb on top of the blonde in a 69 position planting her pussy on the woman's face while she laid down pushing her tits out so the laid above the woman's bare pussy. Angela's face was inches from the open drooling cunt and her tongue snaking out as she opened the flower even wider.

Instead of licking the pussy she smiles at him and says "Slide that hot young cock into her melting pussy, that's it, come to momma!"

The final image of Angela taking his cock in her hand and directing it into the unknown woman's pulsing cunt make Robert come all over the front of the plastic bag, Catching his breath he hung the bag back in the closet before stumbling to his bed and sleep.

Angela had no idea when the kissing turned to love making.

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