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The big day finally arrives.

Turning to approach Sully, revealing her starkly white skin, closely trimmed black pubic hair and glistening cunt slit, her full breasts wobbling with each movement. She moved her warm, smooth body up against Sully's hairy muscular one and gripped his erection, squeezing and stroking, "The problem is, cowboy, each time you fuck me I leave here, forgetting why I came here. And then I just have to come back again and then you fuck me again..."

"Mm, is that right?" replied Sully, who took Maggie by the upper arms and turned her willing body so that she faced away from her. He then reached around to cup her breasts and began to squeeze and stretch her nipples. Then he commenced to slide his erection up and down the crack of her silky smooth ass. "The President, remember, you came here to discuss the President and screwing and blow-jobs." He reached one hand down to between her legs, "and your dripping wet pussy."

"Mm, yes, now I remember." Maggie began to undulate her hips and squeeze her buttocks against Sully's rod, "and your big stiff cock," she added, "and why I keep letting you fuck me."

"Because you're a slut," answered Sully, his palms and fingers working away at her nipples and cunt, "because you're my slut."

"Oh yes, I am your slut, Sully. But, damn it. I've got to be back to my office in thirty minutes. C'mon, cowboy, I need to cum or I'll never get through the day. Bend me over your desk and fuck me, OK? The way you did last time. First with your cock up my cunt and then shove it up my ass. You know how quickly I always cum that way."

"Pretty please?" said Sully, pressing the length of his rod hard between her ass-cheeks with emphasis, squeezing her nipples...

"Oh God yes, pretty please!" She bucked her ass back against him and then pulled away and headed for his desk, quickly leaning, face down, to rest her palms on the edge of the smooth top, her breasts dangling, her stiff nipples pointing downward. Arching her sleek back, she spread her long gorgeous legs. Her luscious round milky white ass was raised, tilted up by her red heels, her wet pink cunt-lips peeking from between her smooth, moist thighs. "Now do it, OK? Please, pretty please?"

Sully needed no further urging, he quickly poised the knob of his cock to part her dripping cunt-lips, while strongly gripping her hips. "Ah," he cried as he shoved his rod in to the hilt.

"Ooh," cooed Maggie as she felt her cunt suddenly filled with masculine meat, "wonderful. Oh Sully. That's it, that's it...You should, mm, Sully, you should consider, mm, that's it, nice and hard, you should think about, mm, running, mm, running for, for P-President, for P-President. Mm, yes, yes, f-fuck my pussy, fuck me."

Sully, quickly settling into a steady rhythm, pumping his engorged cock into Maggie's dripping cunt, answered, "Boy does your pussy feel good, mm, boy oh boy. D-Do you, do you, my god, you're wet, do you really, that's it, wiggle that ass," Sully slapped her buns for emphasis, "d-d-do you really think I'm p-presidential material, Maggie?"

"I know, I know, mm, I love your cock, I know you are, Sully. You wouldn't settle, oh yes, ram it in, you wouldn't settle for an occasional, yes, yes Sully, wouldn't s-settle for an occasional, mm, b-b-blowjob, that's for sure. Think, think, mm, yes, mm, oh, yes, think about it, S-S-Senator. Ah, ah, yes, fuck me, fuck me, p-pretend, p-p-pretend I'm, I'm bending over, mm, b-bending over your desk, your desk in the o-o-oval office like I, oh yes, like I, I am now. And you, you driving that nice stiff p-p-p-presidential cock, mm, big, big stiff c-cock in my cunt and up, up, up my, up my, ass. Mm, mm, doesn't it, mm, d-doesn't it, mm, oh yes, doesn't it sound, uh, d-doesn't it sound yum, yum, yummy?"

"Oh yes yum yummy yummy. But why not, oh yes, that's it, bounce that ass back, bounce it back, why not your hu-husband, why don't you want him to, to run..."

"Because, silly, he, um, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, he likes boys, remember?"

Ok, ok, maybe, maybe, mm, damn Maggie, would you plea

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