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Yuki Tanaka is taken from his world and thrust into another.

Ron had sat down in the recliner where he had a great side view of my wife's tits. I could see her nipples clearly each time she leaned forward to put her drink on the coffee table. My cock started twitching as it always does at the site of her naked breasts.

She drank her first wine cooler down quickly and I went into the kitchen and brought her out another one. Ron was telling us what was wrong in his marriage (from his point of view she was wrong, but we knew faults lay with both sides) and that he didn't know what to do. My wife gave suggestions to try and help him make the right choices for everyone involved. My wife is the eternal peacemaker.

As they talked I could tell that Ron was getting turned on. The lump that was forming in his pants was getting bigger all the time. When my wife got up to go the bathroom, he watched ass as she walked out of the room. The picture of the three of us in bed popped into my head. As I watched Ron try to casually adjust his cock, I wanted to see what he had to offer.

When my wife returned, she leaned over in front of Ron, plucked her wine cooler off the coffee table, and finished the last two swallows. Ron could see all the way down her shirt. I knew that her had just seen her firm c cup breasts and hard nipples. I called her into the kitchen and asked her if she had noticed that Ron was getting hard looking at her. I rubbed her ass with my hips so she could feel what she was doing to me. I asked her if she wanted to see if we could get something going with Ron. She said we would see how things go. We had talked about threesomes before, as it was a fantasy for both of us.

As we progressed with our drinking and things became looser, I asked Ron if he had ever played strip poker. He said no and my wife asked if he wanted to. Of course he said yes and went into the den to get started. The rule was the winner got to do anything they wanted to with the two losers. It didn't take long until Ron and I were both naked and rock hard.

My wife still had her panties on and I thought I would cum watching her strip in front of Ron. She won the final hand and looking me straight in the eye, said she wanted to suck Ron's dick. I nearly lost it as I watched my wife kneel down in from of my fiend and take his hard cock into her lips. Ron looked like he was going to cum from the first slight touch from her tongue.

She held his cock in one hand guided it her lips. She lightly traced the head of his cock, dipping and swirling her tongue around it. She licked up and down the length of him. When she sucked the entire head into her mouth she moved her hand down to cup his heavy balls. My wife is a world-class cocksucker and she used every trick in the book. She loves the feel of a hard cock sliding into her throat.

As she took his cock down to the base, she began milking his cock using her throat muscles; I started stroking my own hard cock. I was matching her stroke for stroke. As she bobbed her head down on Ron's cock my hand would touch the base of my cock. It was like she was doing both of us at once. Before long he shot a huge load of cum in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. I managed to hold off, but just barely. I did not want to waste a drop of cum on my hand, I wanted to shoot down her throat and have my cum join Ron's.

My wife looked over at me as she licked the last drop of cum off of Ron's cock. Ron was still hard as my wife lead both of us over to the couch. She looked at both of us and said she wanted us to get in a 69 with me and let Ron fuck her from behind.

I lay down, my wife swung her leg over my head, and I was treated to the glorious sight of dripping wet pussy.

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