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Story of losing someone.

"No." She was surprised to find herself saying the word in breathless sigh. His warm breath sent more rivulets of sensation dancing over the flesh of her neck as he bent down and gently settled his lips against her throat just where her shoulder met. Another shiver.

"Tonight-" he kissed her neck again.

"Tonight, you will."

His arms held her close and firmly. She could tell it wasn't impossible for those arms to keep her there against her will. He slowly spun her around to face him. His face was very close to hers. His body solid and warm against her own. He paused there for a moment as one hand came up and gently raised her chin so she was looking up and into his eyes.

"Yes... Tonight, I will."

He presses his lips to hers and she lets her body go slack as his other arm reaches around her waist raising her body slightly. Her back arched and as his tongue glides along her own making her moan slightly. He spins her around and she can feel her backside bump on the banister. His hand squeezes her side as it slides down. She can feel his hand make a fist against her scalp gently pulling her hair back and like a kitten she obliges his strength and lets her head fall back.

"That's very good." He nuzzles against her neck raining warm kisses along her throat. It tickles in an exceptionally delicious way. She feels his hand massage her thigh and lift it. She balances on one leg against the railing. He steps in close and she moves her leg along his side bending at the knee drawing him toward herself.

"Ah!" She makes a pleasured little gasp as she realizes exactly what he intends.

She feels the warm, nearly hot palm of his left hand comes up along that knee over her thighs. Smooth, like warm silk sheets, her subtly muscled thighs seem to distract him and she feels the pressing matter of his lust for her grow. Now it's her hands that seem eager. She grips his jacket at the back, more to hold on than anything else. Her other hand is pressed against his chest enjoying the sturdiness of him. As his body presses against her the thrill of it comes from the fact that she couldn't hope to stop him now. Like a beast with a mission she hears his breath powerful and one of the only two noises in the night air- the other sound only small needful gasps she makes herself.

Another sound intrudes and she doesn't recognize it. It's like small metal clicking rapidly. She understands everything just as she tentatively reaches down and finds her goal. She feels him finish unzipping her black party dress. His hand now quite beneath her skirt slowly sliding along the back of her thigh. She gasps.

"Wait- oh!" She attempts to say something to stop him just as she feels the slick embrace of his tongue gently moving along her collar bone and his nails gently raking on her sensitive flesh. She considers objecting or refusing. But only for a moment.

"Yes..." She whispers it, barely a sound at all. He moves unerringly. Whether she was giving him permission or needfully begging him to continue; his reaction is the same. Unyielding but gentle.

Until he meets her mouth again kissing her hard. She forgets herself and lets her body fall to a bed they aren't going to reach. His grip on her is sure though and she doesn't even dip toward the ground. He groans, pausing his kiss for less than a breath of air.

"Sss- you're hands..." His voice seems deeper and smokier than usual. She likes having this effect on him. Her grip firms. His hands meet at her shoulders and peel the dress down exposing her warm flawlessly soft flesh to the cool night air. He marvels briefly at her wonderfully inviting proportions, somehow innocently erotic even now. His eye contact is loose as her hands on his body prove distracting. He instantly reasserts dominance by almost whipping the dress down forcing her arms to her side. She is eagerly at his mercy; but...

"Some one might see." She's almost breathless now.

"Some one may see.

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