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Whatever it takes to succeed.

Even then though he didn't imagine anyone could do it without some kind of machine and the targets knowing about it.

Ashley wriggled beside him and he realized she had fallen asleep resting her head on his chest. He looked down at her naked body and felt his cock stir again. He had always known she was attractive but had never really been interested, her ice queen like personality had overridden any sexual attraction in the past but now all this had happened he saw he in a new light. He studied her as she slept, the curve of her breasts, the arch of her back, her toned, shapely legs leading up to her tight round ass. His cock was hard now, begging for attention but he decided to ignore it in case it ended up switching them again. He closed his eyes and fell asleep with Ashley still on his chest.

He woke up the next morning and found Ashley had gone. He got up and went through his daily morning routine before venturing downstairs for some breakfast. He found Ashley sat at the table with her laptop in front of her while she ate a bowl of cereal. He grabbed a bowl for himself and sat down next to her.

"Where's Kate?" He asked.

"Went for breakfast with some friends, hasn't come back yet," Ashley replied, her eyes glued to her laptop screen.

"Looking at something interesting?" Alex joked.

"A coin. Or rather a story about a coin. According to this it was used in Pagan rituals for all sorts of things, one that allowed couples to experience life as the other for a time" she said, finally stopping reading and turning the laptop to show Alex.

"Where have we heard that recently?" He remarked as he looked at the coin.

"Heard what?" Ashley asked.

"The experience things as he other does," he said pointedly. He wasn't sure if he was being paranoid but it sounded too close to what Sandra had first told them to be ignored. "This did all happen after we went to see Sandra the first time."

"You think she did this to us? You think that coin is real?" She asked.

"Well it might and it would explain things. How did you even find that anyway? I tried looking last night but didn't get anywhere," He replied.

"I started by looking for any stories about people swapping bodies. At first I just found a load of fiction but then I found some historical records of things that were recorded happening around pagan times so I looked into that. They had spells and rituals for all sorts but when I narrowed it down to body swapping or mind moving or whatever you want to call it this coin was the only thing left. I did find a lot of other things from other cultures and dynasties but this had the most historical records of everything I could find" she said with a hint of pride in her voice.

"How long have you been looking? What time did you get up?" He asked.

"I dunno, probably 6 hours ago, some of us have to actually get up early in the mornings. Besides it's almost lunch time, have you not looked at a clock?" She teased. He looked at his phone and saw she was right, it was much later than he thought. Working from home on his own schedule left Alex with little sense of time.

"So why were you eating cereal?" He asked sounding confused.

"I didn't have breakfast, I got to wrapped up in this," she said waving her hand over the laptop.

"So what should we do? Confront Sandra about it?" He asked. "Would she even admit it if we did?"

"I don't know. We could always bring it up next time we see her, less confrontational and more likely she would admit it than if we just turned up accusing her" Ashley suggested.

"Ok and what about until then? What if we swap bodies again?" He asked.

"Then we will just have to deal with it.

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