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Kristen takes her revenge on Mrs. Ward.

Her lips were stretched as wide as she could get them and she began moving her mouth up and down the massive shaft.

Daphne felt a hand rest on the back of her head as Tom shoved his cock balls deep down her throat. Daphne couldn't breathe and was trying not to gag but he kept thrusting faster and deeper. Daphne pushed him away and stood up. Tom stood up and forced her onto the couch and flipped her upside down and shoved his cock back down her throat and told her to take it like a woman who meant business. As he was shoving he cock down her throat he made a call on his cell Phone, "Hey, Lukas, I have a friend in need of your assistance. You better get here quick." Tom gave Lukas the address and told him to hurry. Lukas arrived within a few minutes while Tom continues to chock Daphne with his massive member. The doorbell rang and Tom Made Daphne Answer the door and let Lukas in.

Lukas was a very attractive black man who Daphne recognized from the papers as a man who had escaped prison with the help of an unknown assailant. Lukas had been arrested and charged with Rape and Murder. Daphne became VERY scared and knew she had made one of the biggest mistakes of her life. Lukas picked Daphne up by her waist and threw her onto the couch and Tom held her down. Lukas took his clothes off only to reveal and even bigger Member than Toms. Daphne was terrified but knew if she didn't comply with these men. They would kill her. And she had brought out a lot of her bondage gear she was going to use on Tom. Rope. She thought to herself, Oh My God the rope! She began to fear for her life. Tom Shoved his cock back down her throat and he pumped her face harder and faster. She thought her lips would rip from all the pressure. Lukas Watched in amazement at how well she took Tom cock in her mouth and decided to prepare her for more. He ripped her clothes off of her and left the shoes. He loved a woman in heels and no other garments! He began to finger to tight pussy. He knew it had been a while, He could tell. He glanced to the right of the cough and noticed a box of sexual toys and rope. He knew just what to do.

Lukas told Tom to back away for a few minutes he had an idea. They took the rope and tied it around her neck. She felt it constrict her airways and started to panic. They pulled her hands behind her back and tied them in place and ran the rope around the front of her making her Breasts stand tall. Her breasts we bound so tight, they began to turn purple. Tom LOVED the looks of her being bound. They threw her face down on the couch and tied rope to each one of her ankles. Tom went to the kitchen. "Hey Lukas, She has a great table just for this!" Lukas slapped Daphne's breasts and walked to the kitchen to help Tom. The moved the table to the middle of the front room and placed Daphne face down into the center. They tied each of her ankles to the leg of the table. Lukas moved in front of her face, grabbed her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. The size was much larger than Toms and she knew this would be painful. Lukas pumped her face faster and wanted to be balls deep just like Tom so he shoved as hard and deep as he could and did this over and over again until Daphne passed out from lack of air. He didn't stop then either. He pumped her face until cum was flowing from her mouth and down her throat. He wasn't satisfied. Tom decided her wanted to finish in her face as well. Tom pumped her face balls deep from what seems like forever without allowing her to breathe until he came in the throat, and pulled out to coat her face and hair.

The left her sit while they got hard again and knew she should wake soon so they dumped water on her to wake her.

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