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Unconventional mnage-a-trois, if there is such a thing.

Urging her into the room, the little tiny wet spot already visible on her panties, I strip off my robe, as she pulls her nighty over her head, both of us climbing onto the bed at the same time from opposite sides.

My fingers helplessly move back to my clit, as I watch her wiggle her tiny little panties down her thighs and toss them onto the floor. Crawling towards me on hands and knees, sliding her hands up the outside of my thighs, I'm startled as she bites my lower lip before slowly sucking it into her mouth. Her tiny little tongue darting all around. Easing my hands down her sides, I cup her tiny bottom in my hands, pulling her closer to me.

Sensing someone watching, I open one eye to see him standing there. Shadowed in the moonlight, his bright eyes assessing the scene before casually striding into the room.

Stopping at the foot of the bed, his hands on his hips, his lips slightly pursed as he watches my little sister, still kissing me, and oblivious to him. My eyes meet his in invitation, and he slowly starts to unbutton his shirt, his belt buckle and pants hitting the floor, exposing the tip of his hard cock through his boxers. Continuing to kiss her, my eyes on his, I gently tug on her bottom, exposing her tiny little asshole as her little cheeks part. Opening my legs farther, I give him a view of both my tight swollen pussy, and her tiny puckered hole. Watching as he slowly licks his lips, his hand naturally wondering down his hard cock in anticipation.

Her tongue, seeming to have a mind of its own, began to give me a bath, licking down my cheeks, my throat, over my neck, and down towards my breasts, sucking on my right nipple, as my fingertips gently played with her juices, my soft finger gently sliding into her.

Placing his knee on the bed, he balances himself as he leans forward, and gently licks up her swollen little slit, his tongue swirling around her tiny asshole, while his fingers slide around my clit, gently tugging on it. Raising her head with a moan of pleasure, she shivers slightly before moving over to my left nipple.. her teeth tugging and pulling, as her hips begin moving with the pleasure.

Easing farther onto the bed, sliding between my spread legs, he gently eases my sister to the side, her mouth not breaking contact with my nipple, as he gives my pussy one slow long lick. Wrapping his tongue around my clit, sucking it into his mouth, his teeth gently grazing it, as I slide my hand down his chest, wrapping my fingertips around his hard swollen cock.

My fingertips, still buried in my younger sister's tight swollen pussy, firmly grasp her clit, giving it a loving squeeze, making her purr with pleasure.

Teasing her clit, and firmly jerking his cock with my other hand, my clit buried in his mouth, his fingertips teasing my pussy, her lips forming a hard suction on my nipple, my hips can't help but thrust up hard towards his waiting mouth.

Slipping my fingertips through his pre-cum, I bring my fingertips up to my waiting tongue. Looking into his eyes, as he continues to suck me, I slowly, lovingly, thoroughly lick my fingertips clean. Maintaining eye contact, I pull my fingertips from my sister's pussy, and clean those with my tongue as well.

Kissing up my pussy, up my tummy, torso, he meets my sister at my nipple, their tongues combining and teasing each other's as they both continue to lick my nipple. With his hands, he eases my thighs farther open, and pulling his hips back, he thrusts deep into me for the first time. Gasping, at my tight virgin pussy being stretched for the first time, my hips surge up to meet his downward thrust - loving the feel of him buried so deep inside of me.

Turning towards him, my sister begins to slowly lick down his chest, around his nipples.. licking her hot wet tongue down towards his belly button.. farther and farther down towards his hard, hot, swollen cock, as it firmly and slowly thrusts deeply into me.

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