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Ethan helps Mom & sister find a swimsuit that fits.

The bathroom upstairs had no window and was very dim, being at the end of the hall. She was about to reach for the switch, but didn't.

She closed the door and sat down on the seat, looking around. It was the same here, she noticed. She could feel the plastic of the shower curtain in the darkness and without hearing it, she knew that the tap was leaking a little. She made sure to turn it completely off as she stood in the dark, after washing her hands.

She turned on the shower and washed herself in the darkness, seeing everything perfectly.

"I feel strange today, Yevgeny," she said as she walked into the kitchen. She hugged him and kissed those lips that could make her knees buckle. And then she turned sideways suddenly.

She stared at him, "See? I heard the bacon there popping even before it did, really, and knew that some hot fat was coming. How can this be, Yevgeny?"

He smiled at her, so in love that he thought his heart would burst. "Our breakfast will be ready in only a few minutes," he said taking the bacon out to lay it aside for the moment before he carefully wiped the pan to begin with their eggs, "There is a long mirror on the back of the front door. Why don't you look and see that you are alright, since you say that you feel strangely? You look better than fine to me."

She nodded absently and turned. She could see herself from where she stood, but began to walk toward it slowly. She looked the same to herself. "I see nothing," she said, "only me."

"Yes," he replied, "but it is a beautiful you, "he chuckled, "It is always a beautiful you."

She turned around, "I can see without my glasses today. I can feel things with my eyes. I know things without looking at them. What did you do to me?"

"Nothing much," he laughed, "I only loved you."

She chuckled, "Well, you are very good at that."

"At first."

She looked at him, "What? What do you mean?"

"I mean, that I only loved you - at first." He smiled. "Take another look in the mirror, and try to think of your wish last night."

She walked to the mirror again. At first, she saw nothing, but then she remembered and felt the gentle longing wish that she'd shared with him. She gasped as she saw that as soon as the thought came to her, her eyes changed.

She stared and watched it all come to her, what she wanted to be for him. Her feet changed a little, growing little claws, but her hands ... they turned into long clawed things, still beautiful, but now very deadly-looking. She raised one up and looked at it. She tried to smile and saw teeth. She opened her mouth and turned to the side as much as she could to see a little of her profile. Just a hint of a snout. It was perfect on her like this, and...

There was fur, short fur and full of glistening highlights. She felt and saw her own soft ears flick backward as he cracked an egg. Oksana cried out a little in joy when she noticed that she had stripes over her ribs, three stripes. Her cat's eyes went wide in amazement as she saw a hint of something there between her legs, far back. With a gasp, she spun around and watched her tail fly to follow the movement. And then she saw her long, brown mane, all the way down her lovely back in a long line. Oksana burst into tears as she dropped to her knees.

He was concerned. "Oksana? Are you alright, Have I done something wrong?"

She hid her face in her clawed hands and wept. "No," she sobbed. "I'm happy. I can't believe what you have done."

After a minute, she stood up and looked again, blinking hard, not believing what she'd seen. "I am exactly what I wanted to be, Yevgeny. For the first time in my life, I feel really beautiful."

"That may be," he smiled, "but you not a bit more beautiful that you normally are, since it not possible to be any more lovely."

She sprang to him the length of the hall and the kitchen, and he caught her carefully. "Have a care, until you learn what you have."

She showered him with kisses and ached to kiss him even more. "Thank you! Oh, thank you." Her tears started again. "How Yevgeny? Can we dream together?"

"It is not co

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