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She sat up, and Jenny didn't hold her back. She quickly leaned forward and pushed her panties and her sweatpants all the way down to her feet, Kicking them off on the floor. Just as quickly, she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her tits to her best friend. It wasn't the first time Jenny had seen her naked before, but this was different. Janine lay back down, pulling Jenny on top of her.

"Wait!" Jenny said. She quickly stood back up and pulled her shirt over her head. "You shouldn't be the only one to have all the fun" She said as she unclipped her bra, dropping it to the floor. In no time, they were both naked and side by side on the couch. They kissed passionately, and their hands roamed each other's body. Jenny wasted no time in picking up where she left off, and resumed fingering Janine.

Janine couldn't believe how incredible it all felt. This is the first time she had ever been this intimate with someone else. She's had sex before, but she could never remember being completely naked with another person, completely giving herself to someone else. After all, they never hid anything from each other before. There was nothing to be conscious about, and she was able to completely give in to what was happening. There was no fear of someone walking in on them, or fear of getting pregnant, and of all the people she had fooled around with in the past, Jenny seemed to know better than anyone just how to touch her. She just couldn't believe that it was Jenny that was making her feel this way.

Janine moaned loudly as Jenny fingered her pussy, Jenny's mouth now firmly gripping one of her nipples. Janine cautiously slid her hand between her friend's legs, touching the soft, warm flesh of her pussy. It felt familiar, but completely unlike anything else, and she liked it. She touched her the way she knew she would like to be touched. Jenny responded with a soft moan, and let her legs fall open further, encouraging Janine to continue. Janine quickly slipped two fingers inside her friend, pressing her clit firmly with her thumb, just like Jenny was doing to her. Soon both girls were moaning and panting, their bodies bouncing together as their hips bucked to meet each other's probing fingers. Both their orgasms were nearing.

"Oh fuck Cooper...Fuck my pussy...I'm gonna cum soon!"

Jenny kissed Janine hard on the lips, and both girls exploded in orgasm. Janine couldn't believe how excited she got by watching her friend cum, especially knowing that it was because of her. Why hadn't she noticed how sexy she was before?

Both girls lay side by side on the couch trying to catch their breath. Janine had cum harder than she ever had before, and prayed it wasn't the weed that made her feel that way. Both girls smiled when their eyes met.

"I told you you're a fucking dyke."

"Yea well, you weren't that hard to convince. At least I admitted it!"

"Was I as good as you imagined."

"You were okay. I've had better though."

Janine slapped Jenny's arm. "Fuck you!"

They both laughed, and Jenny kissed Janine.

"I really have to eat something, or else I'm gonna pass out."

"I've got something."


Janine stood up and started to get dressed, not bothering with her underwear. "I'm serious Jen...feed me."

"Fine. Go see what's in the fridge." Jenny smiled as she watched Janine head out to the kitchen. Her stomach was in a knot. She couldn't believe what had just happened. She had thought about it for so long, but never guessed she would have had the nerve to actually do something about it. Even though they were best friends, Janine intimidated her a little bit. She never actually thought that anything would ever happen between them. She took a deep breath, barely able to contain herself as she thought about what happened, and what was going to happen. She got up and got dressed, also not bothering with her bra or panties, and headed into the kitchen with Janine.

After finally eating, Janine and Jenny went outside to smoke another blunt.

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