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Critters that tell a story.

She loved her husband dearly but she had never experienced the heights of arousal and fulfilment that she had from the sex she had shared with Andy and his cousin. She shook herself and forced herself to get her business head on and returned to the task in hand before the interruption.

When Jim returned home that evening, Janice had prepared a nice meal for them both. Jenny had gone out to the cinema with her latest boyfriend, so they had the house to themselves. She told Jim an edited version of Andy's visit merely stating what he had told her regarding the contract. The food and the wine had Janice's desired effect and after the main course was over, Janice took Jim's hand and led him to the bedroom saying, "I think you will find desert to your liking."

Jim pulled down the zipper, unfastening her dress and caressing her full breasts over her bra. Janice responded to his touch by grabbing his belt and pulling at his trousers to release his rampant erection. She had been getting steadily more aroused since the visit of her surprise guest that morning. Try as hard as she might, she could not shake the mental images of Andy and his cousin Jake making love to her and bringing her to so many orgasms. She had never experienced the like since but poor old Jim was going to get the benefit tonight. So she thought, what did it matter so long they both enjoyed it.

They made love twice between eight and eleven o'clock before drifting off to sleep. Janice awoke when she heard to Jenny come in around midnight and made a mental note to have a word with her in the morning, eleven was the deadline and Jenny knew it.

Janice did not sleep much after that, her thoughts were bouncing around inside her head. Andy certainly still found her attractive and she was flattered that she could still cause that reaction in men. She fantasized whether she could ever be unfaithful to Jim and surprised herself that she could even contemplate it.

The fact that it was Andy that appeared as the central figure in her fantasy was disturbing, how could she consider him after how he had used her! Still, she mused, he seems to have changed, he had presented himself as a mature, considerate and attentive man. She was flattered by his attention today but still, she hoped they did not meet again.

The days passed and as the submission deadline grew closer, Jim worked some long days to get their proposal completed. One evening Jim told her that they had just submitted the Pearson's tender.

She asked him how his enquiries into Pearson's business practices was going and he said, "I checked with a sales guy I know. He no longer works for the same company so I had a job tracking him down. His company at the time was called Metal Fabrications and they were regular competitors of ours, so we had crossed paths many times. What it boils down to, is that he told me Pearson's had contracted with M.F. for the provision of components. They had accepted the T& C's as proposed and soon caught a cold. The contract drove M.F. to the brink of bankruptcy and at that point Pearson's had stepped in and bought them out for a song. Soon after he was made redundant and was out of a job. He warned me to be very careful in our dealings with them."

Janice asked, "You still think it's a good contract to go for?"

Jim said, "Only if we get changes to the T&C's. If we don't we will walk away."

The very next day, Jim told her that his company's tender for Pearson's had been short-listed and The MD and himself would be going to Manchester the day after tomorrow to make their formal presentation to Andy and other Pearson's Board members. Janice asked who else from Pearson's would be there and was surprised when Jake Pearson, the Finance Director would be the other key representative present. Jim warned her that he would be away one night or maybe two depending how things went. They were first on in the morning and they wanted to rehearse their presentation the night before.

The following morning, Janice kissed him goodbye and wished him luc

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