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He dumps his girlfriend 4for her 24-year-old daughter.

she smiled broadly "You like it then!" she said, looking at my crotch

"You knew I would." I said laughing.

Still using the view cam I started to film and she rolled here and there, legs up, legs spread, hands and knees arse in the air. Moving in front of her I said, "Undo the button." She undone it but held it closed, she looked me straight in the face and slowly opened it up.

I couldn't help but let out a gasp they were lovely, firmer than I thought they would be and definitely the real McCoy, large aureole and nipples slightly raised. She knew I liked them even before she looked at my erection. She went on all 4s letting them hang, slipped the top off one shoulder following the pattern from downstairs then off the other and then away, there they were in all there glory, I moved in closer as she lay down, her head only inches from my erection.

I moved round and filmed from above, moving to the side, for an all round view. She got up and started posing again, unzipping the skirt bending over letting it fall, opening her legs so I could see her tits between them, I moved in close only inches from her wet pussy, I lay down on my back and slid under her, I was so close I could smell her pussy, when I came to her face she was panting, I stood up my erection only an inch from her face now, she stayed down for a second looking at my hardness and then I moved back.

She stood up and said, "All change." and a little wobbly on her legs went in the other room.

While she was changing I put a new cartridge in the view cam, connected it to the TV and put it down.

When she returned it was slowly, first a leg, and then half her body, that was almost enough to make me cum but when she done a spin and stood with arms spread across the doorway, wine bottle in hand, I couldn't keep quiet.

"For fuck sake Sara!" I said, "Your doing this deliberately aren't you?" She was dressed, if that's what you can call it, in an all white negligee covering a white, translucent baby doll nightdress, white stockings and suspenders, her tits were clearly visible, but her pussy was covered by the smallest white thong imaginable.

She moved over towards me and getting very close said, "Of course I am, don't you love it!" and with that she turned around putting the nearly empty bottle of wine on the bedside cabinet, then she slowly ran her hands the entire length of her body, starting at her tit's and going all the way down to her feet, bending over in front of me her bum brushing my erection, I picked up my digital camera and started clicking, I didn't need to tell her anything at this point, she got on the bed and went on all fours and pointed her bum at me, then facing me on her knee's she slipped the negligee off a shoulder at a time and then completely, moving over to me and resting it on my erection, now with only the nightdress on she went on all fours again coming towards me, the cut was so low and her boobs so heavy that they almost swung out, the view was ball breaking, she turned round slowly and showed me her arse, swaying it from side to side, getting to her knees with her back to me she slipped the nightdress over her head, then turned round with it over her tit's, running it over them, she squeezed her tit's together and took her hands away, the nightdress stayed in place just covering her nipples.

"If you want to see them take it away." she said, and held her arms wide, I moved forward and slowly pulled the nightdress away revealing those magnificent tit's, young and firm but most of all huge, I would have needed 4 hands just to cover one of them, she ran her hands over them and down to her belly, back up and taking a tit in her hand licked the nipple and played her tongue around the aureole followed by the other one taking it in turns, watching me all the time, looking at my now throbbing erection and smiling.

All the time I am clicking away with my camera, her hand moves downward and runs over her pussy then the other one follows but goes inside the thong, she turns round and raises he arse in the air, resting on her head s

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