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Brother succumbs to femdom sister.

If anyone were wondering if I was wearing a bra, my exposed shoulder would have confirmed I wasn't.

"40dd" I replied a little breathlessly. There was a middle-aged woman openly staring at Stan and me from across the coffee shop. It made me feel a little thrilled and wet.

"I knew you were big, Tina, but not that big." He slipped the front of my dress down further exposing even more of my breast. I sat there sipping my coffee while my neighbour exposed me to anyone who passed and I did nothing to stop him. Stan stood up. "Come on, time to go."

"Why? I was just enjoying this." I couldn't keep the disappointment out of my voice.

"I know but that's enough in here for today. I want you to want to do it again and go further".


He smirked. "A lot further. Come on."

We went back to the car. A lot of the cars had gone but there were still people about. Stan smiled, "Before you show those lovelies to the world I think you'd better show them to me don't you?"

He had turned to look at me. "If you don't do it voluntarily, Tina, I'll do it for you. Come on show me properly what you've been teasing me with for weeks." He was right I had been giving him teasing glimpses of my tits.

"I-I can't!" I exclaimed gesturing to the people passing by. But before he unlocked the car he gestured to a small office were a security man sat watching.

"In there!" he said, pushing me in front of him. The room was small and the big black security guard filled most of it. "Hi Tom, I've brought you a little reward for not arresting us for the show my lady companion gave back there."

The guard smiled. "No sweat, Stan. The coffee shop manageress enjoyed it as well."

Stan turned to me. "Tom is the father of a former student of mine. He's always been partial to a piece of white ass." I was nervous as I looked from man to man. The big black man was huge and smelt of cigarettes and body odour. I imagined him touching me and felt excited. Or it might be Stan. He was a lot older than me, in his sixties. I'd never thought of his touching me intimately but his hands over my breast in the coffee shop had excited me.

Tom stood up and pulled the blind across the window while Stan locked the door. "Now just take your clothes off and show us what you've got." He leaned against the door, his arms folded. "Now, I know Al has had to chastise you in the past when you didn't totally obey him, Tina. In fact my own good lady had to be taught to obey at times as well." He flexed his hand. "I miss executing a little domestic discipline."

I looked at him with horror. How had I got myself into this mess? Yeah sure Al was a little rough with me when I sassed him but it wasn't for anyone else to know about. The thought that Al told of our private moments infuriated me.

"I can't do this," I whispered clutching the front of my dress in my hand.

"Yes, you can." He affirmed. "Undo your buttons and show us those 40dd beauties. Now!"

He sounded as if he meant it. And if I was honest, I was still keyed up from my show inside the coffee shop so I needed to expose myself to someone. I undid the buttons that were left holding the dress across my breasts and pulled it down my shoulders. My breasts were slightly goose pimpled in the chill air and my nipples hard. I finished unbuttoning it for the two men.

"Drop it to floor" Stan instructed. I did as he bid and stepped out of it. "Now those panties." I pulled them down and stepped out of them. I was naked, except for my sandals. "And those." I stood exposed under their gaze.

Stan smiled. "Good girl, now Tom is going to make out like he's a doctor and you've come for a complete examination. We don't have much time so be quick!"

Tom sat down at the desk and Stan pushed me towards him. I couldn't have done anyway else as the room was too small.

Tom took one of my huge tits in his big black hands and carefully examined it.

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