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Courtney finally seduces Mr. Jacobs.

Chris said he likes pool almost as much as he likes sex... and believe me, I KNOW he likes sex! As I bent over the table to make my shots, they would buzz me. Sometimes Chris had the remote, and other times Christine did. I squirmed with delight. I think it actually helped my game! We placed wagers on the games. I won a game and my wager was a full body massage. Chris won another game, and his wager was for me to lick Christine's ass! My cunt was dripping with excitement in anticipation. The intermittant vibrations on my clit added to the sensation. They teased me with the remote throughout the evening. I saw an old friend at the bar and as I was talking to her, they buzzed me again! I wondered if anyone could tell. I wondered if they could see the lust in my eyes, or even more, could they smell my pharmones I was SURE I was releasing. I was in heat! I wanted sex.... I wanted to go back to Chris and Christine's house and get naked very soon! I sat on Christine's lap at the bar. Chris turned on the remote and she could feel the vibrations through my jeans. I think she could feel my dampness too!

We got back to their house and got cozy on the couch to watch some nice juicy porno movies. Christine and I slipped out of our jeans and put on oversize tee shirts with nothing on underneath. We began to gently touch each other's bodies. Christine was between Chris and I on the L-shaped sofa. He too began to touch her body. We did this for a while, not really rushing anything. Christine went over to check the computer adjacent to the couch when she found my husband online. He had set up this meeting for us and was eager to catch the action on their webcam. My husband and Christine had a lot in common in that they both loved to watch their spouses being pleased sexually. Chris was a lot like me, we both loved to fuck hard and rough, and we both enjoyed being watched. He grabbed my legs and pulled them until I was flat on my back, legs spread. He then dove in and began to lick like their was no tomorrow. His tongue flicked hard and fast with such expertise. He also had a little vibrator that he placed on his index finger. He used this to tease my clit unmercifully. I was squirming beneath him, thinking that I could take it no more when the first wave of orgasm overtook me. He didn't stop his prodding and pleasing as I came. My pussy was convulsing wildly, muscles clenching and releasing. I squirted on his face and hand. Oh but the couch I pleaded. He said don't worry and just kept at it. Christine was watching from the computer chair with a smile. And I knew on the other end of that webcam, sitting at a computer in Maine, was my wonderfully kinky husband enjoying the same.

Still on the couch, Chris then told me to get on my hands and knees. I eagerly obliged. He then took his fully erect, extremely large and hard cock and smoothly but forcefully guided it into my pussy. Oh God Yes! I had been waiting for that all night! He glided it in and out of my slick cunt. Each thrust stronger and harder. I am one who loves a power fuck and damn did he give one hell of a power fuck!

Chris then asked Christine to come and join us on the couch.

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