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Serafina, going through heat, learns to love her milk.

Leaning over she grapsed the handles of the stool, and for several minutes she lay there in silence until she could feel beads of sweat forming on her brow. Suddenly and without warning he brought his hand down smacking her sharply on her bottom, she gasped and flinched with shock.

"Shhh..." He warned. "Not a sound and not a movement or it will be worse for you."

He looked at the red mark appearing on her smooth flesh, and bending his head he kissed the mark tenderly.

"Have you been punished enough?" He asked.

She quietly shook her head.


" I said don't move" he intoned quietly.

He traced a line with his finger down her spine, slowly sensuously, she quivered involuntarily as his finger continued down the crack of her arse finding the warmth between her legs. He pulled aside the flimsy material of her new thong and worked a finger inside her.

"You are wet you dirty bitch!! " He cried.

"How dare you enjoy my touch without my permission!"


She arched her back. He bent his head and with his tongue began to lick her bare arse while all the time moving his finger within her. She felt his breathing begin to quicken, she was deperate to move her hot pussy against the probing of his finger but knew that if she did he would punish her in the way he knew would hurt her the most...he would play with her for hours like this, but always deny her the final release, leave her so hot and wet inside and with the gnawing pain of unreleased passion tearing at her insides. Torture indeed.

He reached down and pulled aside her bra, felt for the nipples he knew would be erect and hard.


"You filthy little bitch, you are enjoying this!"


She had tears in her eyes and had to bite her lip to keep from crying out, but the pain on the bare flesh of her arse was nothing to the fire inside her wet cunt...the throbbing of her clitoris a delicious sweet pain. He again bent his head, and began to bite her, softly at first then harder as she felt his hard cock rising against her breasts.

He pulled the throng down until she was exposed to him.

"Open your legs" he ordered. "As wide as you can."

This she did without question. He put his thumb inside her and began to massage her G-spot, a finger each side of her clitoris rubbing slowly. Her eyes opened wide as she gave an gasp, and gripped the handles of the stool.

"I told you...don't move and don't make a sound, bitches like you who don't do as they are told don't deserve pleasure."

She slumped across his lap again silently praying for him to let her come.

"Please, please, please let me come, fuck me with your fingers " was the silent litany running through her mind.

He continued the pleasure/torture process, her juices cascading across his palm, him feeling the throbbing inside her as her climax was building. His cock now rigid and swollen pressing into her breasts. She held on tightly to the stool, biting her lip, eyes tightly shut...the self control she had to maintain to stop from bucking her hips and screaming immeausrably painful. As he felt the first wave begin to course through her he grabbed her by the hair, and withdrawing his hand forced her head into his lap.

"Suck me bitch" he said in a husky voice " Suck me good or I swear to God I will do more things to hurt you than you can imagine."

She greedily swallowed his hot throbbing cock, so eager to please him, desperatly praying he would give her release this time too, she sucked him ,her lips a frenzy , her tongue like a snake eager to devour him, she felt him stiffen knew he would come, but would he let her? He spurt his hot come deep into her throat.

"Suck harder you filthy whore" he cried.

She sucked him harder and deeper than she had ever done before licking and slurping at his throbbing cock, greedily gulping down every last drop of his sweet cum.

He threw his head back gave a deep moan of ecsatcy moving her head up and down on him tightly grasping her hair.

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