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An acquaintance stops over after work.

re now, you hear?"

"He-he-he ... you know I will Ms. Maggie. See ya."

When she grabbed the two items from Ms Maggie, Sallie Mae turned around to look at the crow one last time.

His haunting eyes scared and excited her at the same time.She shook her head, like a cat shaking a blow; the demanding boss flashed in her head - so did her sick mother - all stresses she decided had given these eyes deeper relevance in her mind.

She left the shop and headed home.


The moment the girl left, Roger remained right on her tail. He sensed a trail of fear and unease riding her. He knew he had something to do with her fear; her pace quickened with every block she passed.

Her pace became a jog as she neared a cottage that sat far off to the end of her block. The overwhelming feeling of guilt creep up on him when he saw the fear in her eyes as she glanced over her shoulder once more before she ran inside of her home.


Fear was all over her body as she walked home. She felt the eyes of an entity that hid in plain sight, but refused to make its existence known.

When she made it to her home, she jogged to the door, hoping to be rid of this unseen assailant.

She threw a quick glance over her shoulder and saw that her fear could be just part of her overactive imagination. She saw that her front yard - in desperate need of maintenance - and then a squirrel running up her big tree.

Using her magic she chanted a spell to unlock her door and stepped into her home. Slamming the door shut with her back, she was finally able to feel the tension easing away.

She felt her heart beating at a regular pace now that she was in the comfort of her home. Leaning away from the door, she used a quick magic trick to lock her door, and keep her home protected from uninvited visitors.


The moment she turned her head before stepping in her home, Roger ran up the tree and got a good opening on a branch where he was able to quickly shift back into the crow and take flight. I shall make my appearance known, my sweet, just you wait.


"SALLIE MAE, WHAT THE FUCK IS TAKING YOU SO DAMN LONG?" Her boss yelled from his office.

"I am sorry, sir. But what you are requesting is a near impossible feat and I am the only witch working today." Sallie Mae said while working to mix a brew for him.

"Oh, my God, can you get even more pathetic, you fucking witch? Making spells and potions should be your knack -- instead you can't even do a simple potion for my men. What kind of witch are you? A sorry ass one that does not how to do a fucking potion, for Christ's sake." He was now standing behind her looking over her shoulder. She had to stand there mixing a potion that required a lot of energy, time and certainly more than one witch, but Xavier had gotten rid of the other witches that were employed by in the pack because they refused to give blow jobs to a few of the betas. So now she was the only witch working which meant that she worked 24/7.

That in itself did not mean the potions were not possible for her to make, it just meant it would take more time to complete them properly.

"Can you please be patient, sir, I am trying-" she was suddenly cut off by a yank of her neck pulling her body back very painfully.

With a face very ugly with rage, lips snarled, saliva hanging off his lower lip, eyes raging he growled with anger. "You have some nerve talking to me like that. You are nothing but a worthless human that plays with magic tricks, and you are not even good at that. You are wasting my time. I have asked you to do one simple thing but, you came up short like always. Hell, if I didn't find your species so disgusting, the only thing you would be good for is fucking, but I am pretty sure you can't you that right either. You have wasted my time and energy for the last time. I no longer have any use of you. From this moment on, you are FIRED."

Sallie Mae landed on the ground with a hard thud.

"You have five minutes to leave the property before my betas come and handle you themselves". He said spitting to the ground next to her.

Sallie M

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