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The continuation of Donna's exhibitionism escapades.

It was warm and I felt tears roll down my cheek, from whence they fell against his pajama leg, darkening the fabric.

""You're a good boy, Jack." James said in a soothing voice."You have a master now."

"Thank you, master!" I said, suppressing my sobs as best I could. "Thank you, master James."

Once I'd composed myself, I stood with my back to James and he continued to assess my wounds.

"Jack, I'll bet you might like to take a close look at what I did to you before I cover any of it. Would you?"

"Yes, sir. i would." I replied without hesitation.

"there's a full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door. Go on."

I went to the closet and opened the door. Angling the door to catch the room light at its best I looked over my shoulder to see the marks of my submission.

"Wow!" was all I could say at first. I said it again and again as I jockeyed myself for the best view.

"You're a black man's nigger, Jack. Congratulations!" James said, giving a chuckle that had a slightly acerbic edge.

"And a proud one, too, sir!" I said, my eyes riveted to the numerous welts that latticed my white ass.

"Okay, come back here. I got some doctoring to do." James said, and I hurried over.

James was attentive and painstaking in dressing my wounds. Bandages were applied to where the skin had ruptured. They felt much better with the soothing ointment and the protection of the bandages.

"Now." James said, looking at me with a serious countenance. "You know what can happen to you. I don't even need a reason. Understood?"

"Yes, of course, sir." i said with enthusiasm. "You might just feel like giving a white boy a good tanning, and I would come running to receive it. Right, master?"

"That's right, Jacko." the master affirmed. "But sometimes there are rewards as well. For instance, you took your strapping well, as I told you. You might just get a reward for that. In fact, I'm sure of it."

James stood at his bedside and removed his pajama top.

"Kneel, boy." he said, and I instinctively fell to my knees. James's torso was sleek and trim; not so much muscular as beautifully toned. He tossed the top to me.

"Fold." he directed.

I busied myself with this task as my mind and loins swam in the warm waters of exquisite expectation of what would befall me. James moved to an easy chair by the window; the same window, I realized with a start, that I had hungrily peered through while James mounted and humped Stephanie in magnificent style. Oh, the memories!

Once at the window, which was curtained with gauzy fabric through which the light filtered, he turned to face me.

"Come." he commanded, and I crawled speedily to his feet.

"Jack, sometimes a reward can take the form of attending to my penis. It enjoys the attentions of a boy like yourself, and its standards are quite high. Are you ready to meet them?"

"Ready, sir!!" I croaked, my voice constricted with lust. Jesus, i thought, did I just go to heaven?

"But before you introduce yourself to it, Jack, you have to pass through a portal ,so to speak. you must demonstrate your dedication and your respect. For me and my penis."

"Please, master. Please let me show you!"

With this, James let his pajama bottoms slip to the floor. I nearly cried out. Such beauty! Such indescribable majesty. The cock swayed before him. This was a man, I thought. A real man. A man I could call master. James tossed the bottoms to me and I folded them. I placed them on my back and transported them to the bed where its counterpart lay, then scurried back on hands and knees.

"Soon, Jack, you will take this cock into your mouth and make love to it.

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