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New guy continues to be dominated.

I started by rubbing her ankles. Then I worked on her calves a bit. Then back to her ankles, before returning to her calves. I could feel her calves loosening up. I asked her how it felt and she responded with, "mmmm."

I went back to her ankles, then started massage the balls of her feet, and then her toes. Then she said, "you better stop that or you'll get me turned on." I kept doing it and decided to mess with her head a bit. After working on her feet a little more, I went back to the ankles, then to the calves. Then slowly worked up the calves and started massaging her upper legs. Her next comment threw me a little. "I can't believe this... my brother is making me horny." I wasn't sure what to do, but decided to see where she would stop me at.

I worked my hands over her very short shorts and massaged her but for a moment... "mmmmmm." Then I straddled her legs and began massaging her back. I worked her shoulders then came down her back and worked from her spine down her sides. I kept getting closer and closer to her breasts. I was finally rubbing the edges of them, then she lifted up a little. Now it was my turn to be horny. I slid both hands under her and gave a them a gently squeeze. I pulled my hands make and went to massaging her back again.

Slowly I worked my hands down the center of her back until I was at the edge of her shirt. I massaged her with my hands against her flesh. I worked up to her bra then unfastened it. Next I was down to massage her breasts again. This time there was some nipple play and I heard her breathing fast.

I withdrew from under her shirt and started rubbing her tight little ass. After a very short while I began running my fingers down her butt and over the back side of her pussy. I felt her squeeze her butt tight when I first touched her there. I slid my finger under the bottom of her shorts leg and inside her panties. "No... don't... please," she whispered. I stopped, but didn't remove finger from inside her panties. I started rubbing her ass again with my free hand. After a very short bit I began to slide my finger further inside her panties and found her anal opening. I gently rub her whole. She gave a short shiver. I slid my finger on down and rubbed just the outside of her pussy hole. She gave a very soft, low moan. I gave a gentle squeeze on her ass as I pulled my finger out of her panties. Then I took both hands and pulled one of the shorts and panty legs to one side. I moved down and started to put my face nearer. As soon as my head was close she started to tighten her buttocks. Then she went limp and spread her legs as wide as she could.

I was shocked at both of us. With me for getting ready to eat my sister and for her letting me. As soon as I had my tongue make contact with her flesh, I went straight for her butthole. I licked around the edges just before slightly penetrating that opening. I only went in just a little ways. Then I licked my way up just a touch and started licking inside her pussy. Less than a minute after that she started to push my head away. I pulled back. She rolled over and started to pull her shorts and panties off. I helped and then went down on her properly.

After I had been eating her for several minutes she said, "we need to stop before we go any further." I stopped and looked up at her. I asked her if she really wanted to stop. She said that people would talk. I told her that no one would ever know. It was not uncommon for us to visit each other 2 or 3 times a week.

She looked at me for a moment, thinking through what I had said and deciding what she though about it.

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