Sunbathing High Quality XXX

Cara gets taught a lesson from T.J.

The entire length was forced down her throat and began to explode. Christina felt the hot jism hit the back of her mouth and the entrance to her throat. Her tongue went crazy trying to lap the length of the cock in her mouth.

"Man look at that! Your cum is oozing outta her mouth and drooling down to her chin. Yeah man. Pump it to her. Fill her with your spunk. Man she be eating it up."

And Christina was indeed. She was still in the throws of the last of her orgasm and was drinking as much of the cum this man could offer. She could feel the overflow oozing from the corners of her mouth and drooling down to her chin. In her minds eye she could see the fresh cum mingling with the sticky remnants that had been shot all over her face just a short time ago. Slowly, the cock was removed from her mouth. Christina exercised her jaw trying to return some sort of normal movement to it.

"OK man let's move the bitch over here. It's time to play hard!"

Christina felt herself being pulled from the chair and walked towards her right. They soon stopped and she felt the knife sliding between her wrists and easily slicing through the duct tape. As soon as her wrists were free from the tape, she felt one arm being raised and a restraint being buckled to her wrist. This was quickly followed by her other wrist being raised and restrained. Her legs were spread as far as she could possibly slide them and they too were restrained. She was now standing before her captors, spread eagle, completely vulnerable, completely open to their onslaught.

"Look at her man. Her cunt juice is running down her thighs. Her nipples are rock hard. Our cum is all over her face. Man, it don't get much better than this. Let's have some fun now while we wait on the ransom reply."

Christina felt the sudden strike of a light flogger across her buttocks. Then another, then another. With each strike of the flogger, she at first tried to twist her body to escape the blows. However, her body soon began to betray her again. In a few minutes of flogging, she felt herself pressing back into the blows. Her ass was being pushed out and up as much as she could in this spread eagle position. Somehow the pain was turning to pleasure. Light whimpers of pleasure were beginning to flow from her lips. The light blows were now replaced with the heavy dull thud of a suede flogger. After about 10 blows of the heavy flogger, a gloved hand roughly massaged her ass cheeks. This was followed by another 10 blows. Again the gloved hand roughly massaged her ass cheeks. However, a gloved finger was now worked into her ass. This caused her to at first lunge forward. But as the finger worked in deeper, her hips began to push back.

"OK man, get that butt plug ready. Work it in her ass, open her up. We gonna fuck that tight ass tonight."

Christina felt a lubed tip of the butt plug pushed against her ass. Slowly it began to twist and slide inward. As the widest part pressed against her sphincter, she instinctively pushed back, allowing it to pop in.

"Man, ain't never seen a bitch take it like that. Damn man. Her ass just opened up and swallowed that plug whole. She's gonna fuck us good with that ass."

Again Christina felt the heavy flogger land across her buttocks. Occasionally the thongs of the flogger would land on the base of the butt plug. The sensation sent chills up and down her spine. After 10 blows, again the gloved hand worked her buttocks. However, it also traveled down and pushed and twisted the butt plug even deeper. Christina began to moan as her building pleasure began to again betray her.
"Hey man. Her cunt's really flowing again. Look at how her thighs look like rivers."

She felt a tongue slip across her clit and into her pussy. It was just too much. Instantly, Christina began to cum.

"Damn man, this bitch is cumming on your face. Man you just barely touched that cunt and BOOM."

Still, the second man has yet to say a word.

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