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do you want?"

She was trying to find her words. Words were always her friend - she was never at a loss for them. Even all her essays in school were marked 'wordy'. But now - feeling this man's power so close to her - now she couldn't find any. She stared at his lips wanting to taste him. She looked in his eyes again hoping he would read in to it her want. He still stared, unmoving. He wasn't going to make this easy for her.

"Leeza...." He said.

All thoughts of professionalism left her body. All she wanted was him. To be taken by him.

"Take me," she said. "Right here, right now. That's what I want." She didn't even know what she was asking.

His eyes smiled before it reached his lips. Before she knew it though his mouth was on hers - taking. She responded to him with everything she had. Up until that point, his mouth was the only part of him that was touching her. She didn't even know what to do with her hands. As if reading her mind, he lifted them over her head, pushed his knee between her legs and pushed upwards right to that spot that has been throbbing since she saw him, and held her hands tightly over her head.

She never felt like this. Why was it that a simple act of having your hands trapped over her head made it feel like she was surrendering herself to him? His kiss became more powerful and possessive. He released her mouth and whispered, "Is THIS what you want, Leeza?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned. "Yesssss. More please."

"Yes, always more," he said with a hint of arrogance in his voice.

She didn't care. She just wanted it not to end. How long has it been? A while since she's been with a man - never with someone like him though. His thigh moved firmly in to her most sensitive area.

"Keep your hands up here. Do you understand?" He asked looking in to her eyes. She nodded - again without words. He bent his mouth and through her blouse ever so softly took her nipple in his mouth. Hearing her gasp in pleasure, he took the other one. She was writhing on his knee, pushing down in to it. The light touch to her nipples made her ache for more - more - more of his mouth, his touch, his everything.

"Harderrrrr, please," she begged. "Suck them harder!"

He rewarded her and sucked the left nipple deep in his mouth -through her blouse. She struggled to keep her arms over her head. She struggled to stand, yet his thigh kept moving around sending her closer and closer to ecstasy, keeping her upright and climbing. She wanted the build to wash over her body - waited for it, knowing it was soon. As if he knew her body better than she did, he wasn't allowing it; he kept her right at that edge. She was a big bundle of edgy nerves only thinking of that one climax that was just out of reach.

He unbuttoned one pearl button at a time kissing down her chest as he did so keeping that thigh doing magical things never letting her slip from that edge. He took her hands down long enough to remove the blouse and he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was too wrapped up in her pleasure to care that she was in the conference room in just her lingerie.

She went to unbutton his shirt and he took her hands and said, "Keep them behind your back." But he did remove it himself, revealing a broad chest with just the right amount of hair. Then he removed his knee from her and she felt immediately empty. He undid his pants revealing a very aroused cock under burgundy silk boxer shorts. She couldn't help but stare and want. God did she want. No - she needed... she craved...she HAD to have him.

He took one of her hands from behind her back up to his face.

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