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Submission promised.

Well, we decided they must be a gay couple and the young black must be the older white man's play toy.

They both strip naked. My wife was aghast at the size of the tool hanging low from the black man's crotch. Apparently she wasn't the only woman that noticed the monstrosity as we saw a redhead sitting near us with her husband pull her sunglasses down for a better look. She looked as though she was in a trance and couldn't tear her eyes away from the sight of such a well-hung man. The redhead looked to be in her early 40's, had short light red hair with a very nice set of breasts exposed to the sun. Her legs were toned and tanned. She must have been a little shy about getting totally nude though as she had kept her bikini bottoms on while sitting in her chair. We noticed she had a tattoo of what looked like some kind of flower on her left breast. It is always very sexy to see a mature woman with a tattoo. She was still intently staring at the black man's large long cock.

The older man sat in a beach chair facing the ocean but the black man strolled down the beach in all his glory, looking very proud of himself. We were confused when he stopped to talk with a few of the women sitting on the beach, most all of them white women. Well, maybe he wasn't gay after all, maybe Bi, but he was definitely interested in women. He slowly made his way back to his chair beside the older man and sat back enjoying the warmth of the sun.

We saw the redhead lean over to her husband and whisper something to him then she rose from her chair. She looked to be a little over 5 foot tall and had a very nice tan for a redhead. Her breasts stood nicely on her chest and she had very nice, well-defined pert nipples. She nonchalantly walked over to where the older white man and the young black man were sitting. First touching the young black man on the shoulder I guess so she wouldn't startle him when she spoke, she squat down beside him. I am not sure what she was saying but it was a brief chat as in only a few minutes she stood and the young black man stood also and joined her behind his chair. The redhead pointed behind us toward the path that led through the trees past the restrooms to the beach. He nodded his head and she took his hand as they walked by us in the direction she had pointed. My wife was overjoyed to get a close-up look at the weapon the black man was carrying. It was swinging from side to side over halfway down his thigh. It looked to be very thick as well as long.

The two of them disappeared behind the hedge of trees. We were pondering where they must have gone with all kinds of erotic scenarios running through or heads. We looked behind us often to see if they were returning from where ever they had gone. About 45 minutes had past and we had almost given up on them returning when the black man walked past us and returned to his chair. His dick looked even larger than before and had a wet sheen to it reflecting the bright sunlight. Looking toward the place where the redhead had been sitting we saw only her husband there, her chair vacant. We wondered where she might be when from the corner of our eye we saw her emerge from the path walking back to her husband. She was walking slowly, looking very relaxed with a very wide smile on her face. Almost falling back in her chair she leaned over and kissed her husband and said something to him. Then she reached her hand to the inside of one of her knees and slid her fingers up her thigh. Not believing what we were seeing, she put her fingers to her mouth and looked to be licking something off them. My wife whispered to me she would have loved to do what the redhead had done, but she didn't have the courage. I asked her what she meant and she gave me an odd look asking me if that was a rhetorical question.

We stayed a couple more hours drinking beer, looking at all the nude bodies, and discussing what had to have happened between the redhead and the young black man.

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