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She lived the perfect life where is her dream.

I gave Gary an "A++" as he brought me to orgasm and then couldn't seem to get enough of it; brought me to a second orgasm as well. I told him he had a 'magic' tongue.

By the time that Gary started to bring me to another orgasm, it was time to move on to actual fucking. He was worried because he didn't have any condoms. I informed him I was on the pill, but that he should invest in condoms not only to prevent pregnancies, but sexually transmitted diseases.

I'm still not sure which lesson he enjoyed most; oral or intercourse. I taught him first in classic missionary and proceeded to "doggie". I asked him if he would care to try anal, but said 'no' so I didn't push him. After he came two more times, we were ready for some actual sleep. I cuddled up next to him laying my head onto his chest and feeling his hand caressing my shoulder.

When I woke it was well past noon, but I still felt tired. I was on my side and Gary was curled up against my back snoring lightly. I closed my eyes and smiled and went back to sleep.

I next woke with the pleasant sensation of having my breasts felt and sucked. I smiled at Gary and he smiled back at me. I decided that this was the Final Exam and would let him proceed on his own.

"Good Afternoon," smiled Gary as he reached over and held my face. He traced his fingers down to lightly stroke my jaw, shoulder and on down to my breast. He leaned over and kissed me deeply; our tongues tasting and probing bringing out desire in both of us.

He started to kiss and nuzzle his way down my neck while his fingers tweaked my nipples into a hardened engorged state. He leaned over and sucked my nipple into his hot mouth; I arched my back and ran my fingers through his hair. Gary quickly rolled between my legs and I felt his hard cock resting between my pussy.

He started to work alternately between both breasts and I was soon panting and moaning. He kissed his way down to the top of my mound and slipped his tongue in between my lips and flicked it across my hard clit. I opened my legs for him wider and felt as his mouth sucked my engorged lips and then his tongue slipped inside my hot wet slit. I was breathing quite hard and moaning; I was so close.

Gary rose up and slid his hard hot cock into me slowly. I became uncontrollable and wrapped my legs around his back to drive him into my throbbing pussy.

"Oh Gary, Fuck me hard!" I screamed and it was the last coherent thought I had.

Gary started to slam into me hard and my orgasm hit. I do remember starting to come back to reality when Gary came and starting pumping hot cum into me which sent me into a mini-orgasm. Gary was faster to recovering than I was; I was just enjoying the feeling of having his cock stuffed into my pussy.

Gary spent all Saturday and half of Sunday with me and then we parted company. I saw him a couple of times in passing that semester since our age groups ran in different crowds. He was more confident and easy going; talking with guys and girls. I smiled and turned to walk into my next building; gone was that shy boy I had first met.

* * * * *

I was downtown about seven years later doing mostly window shopping and killing a pleasant summer afternoon. I was wearing a light summer white dress with my three inch heels; looking into a window at a silk sheer powder blue dress. I smiled and thought, 'I bet my heels would be a perfect match to that dress'.

In the window I caught the reflection of a man in a business suit walking towards me; I stepped a little closer to the window so he could walk behind me. I was still contemplating on whether to go in and buy the dress when I noticed that the man had stopped behind me and was looking at me. I turned around and stared into Gary's face and started to smile.

He stepped forward before I could say anything and swept me into his arms and gave me a deep passionate kiss; which I returned in kind. When we broke off our kiss, we were both hugging and smiling.

"I'm in town for a friend's wedding and isn't it wonderful that

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