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Night Elf shares passion with her lover and his pack.

"Hey Alex, you ready for the workout?" Thomas said.

"Um, yeah," I said eyeing the two other guys. They both seemed in their 30s, and both were well built. Not body builders but definitely regulars at the gym. I thought I recognized one, but I wasn't sure.

Thomas took me through another one of his workouts. This one was rough. I worked harder than I had before.

I didn't realize how much harder I worked until the workout was done. My arms felt like jelly. I felt weak and drained. But it felt wonderful.

We went back to the lockers, and Thomas was happy to see I had picked the right locker. He pulled out two keys and unlocked both lockers.

We striped down and Thomas grabbed towels. I loved seeing him naked and definitely ogled him, which he couldn't let go.

"You like what you see don't you?" Thomas asked.

I could only respond truthfully, "Yeah."

"Better than any girl I bet."

"Um, I don't know about that," I finally mustered after staring at his naked, muscular form.

"Oh really? You have some special girl?" Thomas asked. He had lifted up his leg to rest on the bench. His large cock and balls were swinging freely in front of him. My eyes were glued to them.

Without thinking I said, "Yeah."

"Oh really? You have a girlfriend huh?"

This snapped me out of my thoughts.

"What? Um," I started.

"That's fine. I hope she likes all your new changes," Thomas said eyeing my now bare cock and balls.

I blushed. I totally forgot that I had shaved everything that morning.

I stood naked in front of him and suddenly felt more naked than I ever felt. Thomas reached out and fondled my bare balls.

His touch immediately got me hard. He had never touched me before. His fingers were rough against my smooth skin. They felt manly compared to my now smooth cock and balls.

Thomas took notice of his effect on me. He teased me for a second longer then headed towards the sauna.

I sighed a breath of relief. If Thomas had played with my cock any longer I think I would have blown my load.

Thomas had left with a towel, but when I looked for one for me, there wasn't any!

Shit! I thought to myself. I immediately lost my hardon and I suddenly felt the cool air around my bare balls. My cock and balls shrunk back into my body, making them look smaller than normal.

I looked around but all the towels were gone. Shit again. I heaved another sigh then headed to the sauna.

Thomas was already lounging on a bench. He had his towel draped around him and a second towel sitting next to him.

"Hey, sorry it looks like I grabbed your towel," Thomas said laughing. I walked over to him. By cock and balls were finally warming up.

Thomas motioned to the space between his legs. I walked over there. Thomas dropped the towel on the bench between his feet. I guess that was my cue. I knelt down on the towel, my face looking directly at his crotch.

"Lick just my balls for now," Thomas instructed.

I looked at him as he pulled the towel up a little. I looked back at his low hanging balls and dove my face under the towel. It settled over my head as I stuck out my tongue.

I wasn't positive what to do so I just started licking directly at his ball.

"Woah, what are you doing?" Thomas said placing his hand on my head. "Tease a little first. Start between my balls and thighs."

"Sorry," I mumbled. I went back to licking the sweat from between his thighs and balls.

"That's it boy. That feels good," Thomas moaned. Spurred by his moans, I switched to the other side. I kept licking the salty sweat, smelling his musk. The smell was intoxicating and even stronger under the towel. The smell of sex filled my mind being trapped under the towel.

I was getting so horny under the towel. My cock was rock hard and, I assumed, leaking precum. My hands were getting sweaty resting on my knees. I accidentally slipped and fell face first into Thomas's balls.

"Fuck!" Thomas bellowed.

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