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Blonde housewife gives her all to a young black stud.

He kissed me hard with his tongue probing in and out of my mouth.

I could feel how soaked my pussy is getting and so needing as we kissed. I could feel how excited he was. My hands were place on his hard cock and I started to caress him even though he had jeans on. He was so hard. More and more it was getting interesting for his hands went under my shirt feeling my breast's as my nipples were getting hard from his touch. I let out a soft moan and then he stopped again.

I was getting kind of frustrated at this point I wanted to fuck him right then and there but he wanted to go to his place. He drove as his hand caressed my leg. To keep me excited. We finally reached his house. Getting out of the car, we walked to his house. Leading me to the door and letting me in.

I looked around his house. He took his coat off and he grabs me and pulled me closer. He looked deep in my eyes and said "Are u ready for me" as I tried to speak he came down and kissed me hard. Ok I was almost on the floor with his kiss. I was feeling all shaky and so weak at his kiss. I could feel him lifting my shirt off my hands reaching up in the air. He slipped it off. I then began to help him out of his shirt. As he undone my bra. My nipples were fully erect. His hand started to caress them as he kissed me. He then picked me up and led me to the bedroom. He put me down and started to take his jeans off. I slipped out of my skirt. He said, "Wait" I want to take your panties off. I looked at him and said; "Ok" I saw his hard cock come out of his jeans. I started getting excited. I started breath heavier.

His hands started moving along side of my thighs. My panties started to fall down. I step out of them. He told me to sit on the edge of the bed as I did he kneeled down and took his hands and separated my legs. My pussy all wet and open I could feel the light air touching me. He began to lower his face down.

He started to lick me slowly as his tongue traced the outside of my pussy lips "Mmm" this felt so good, his tongue then began to move on my clit "Mmm" I moaned as he continued. My clit so erect he said, "Baby u are so wet and I can taste your sweet juices," I didn't say anything, I wanted him to continue.

I was in heaven for this man knows how to eat pussy very well, as he kept going I could feel his tongue around my love hole for he stuck it in real quick. In and out he moved it, going so slowly. Spreading my legs wider and leaning back with legs up a little he continued. I started moaning louder and saying "yes" baby lick me... "Oh yes"" I started to cum, I moaned louder as I filled his mouth with my pussy juice. He looked up at me with a smile. My legs were all weak and shaky. He then said to me "I am not done yet" I was like "Oh My God".

He came up to me kissed me and I could taste my juices on his lips and I liked it. I reach down and took his cock. I started stroking it up and down "Mmm" his pre cum was cumin out of his head. I then began to rub it all over his hard shaft. I looked at him he had his eyes closed I went down and took my tongue and traced it around the head of his cock, flickering it with my tongue. I started to suck him "only his head though" Harder and harder I suck him good. Taking my hand, I started to tug at his balls. Then I guided his cock in more. Started to suck him harder and faster. My tongue moving up and down on his shaft. I started to suck him. He started to pull away and said "Ok baby enough" I want to please u more,".

I look at him amazed. I then said, "Ok" He leaned me over and slid me over to the middle of the bed. I laid on my back as he came over closer. He then started sucking on my nipples. His tongue moving all around my nipples as my body began feeling all hot again.

His hand started to move to my pussy.

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