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Michael and Miranda come to a new arrangement.

ction the size of a stallion!"

Laughter broke out throughout the room.

"Okay, Anteros. I told everyone and it is really nothing to be ashamed of, so get out and show everyone," ordered Rosella.

Anteros didn't move so she dragged him to the edge of the bath by his penis. This only served to make Anteros harder. She led him up the steps and showed his embarrassing situation to everyone. Anteros tried to hide his genitals with his hands, but Lydia and Rosella kept pulling his arms away.

Anteros was not normally shy about his body. He knew that he had an admirable physique. Many women had favorably commented on his build. The physical training that he and all able-bodied residents of the city received, kept them strong and fit. Anteros was tall, deep chested and broad shouldered. Although not fully filled out, he was already larger than many of the other men.

"Now bend over and put your hands on the bench," ordered Rosella. "Lydia owes you three strokes."

Anteros hesitated and looked at Rosella's face, raising his gaze from the ground for the first time since being pulled from the bath. He had no doubt that she was serious.

"And I owe you ten strokes, Anteros," Rosella added. "If you have not assumed your position in 5 seconds, I will have you bound and I will give you twenty strokes."

Anteros quickly bent over and received three humiliating and painful strokes across his wet butt. Then Rosella gave him ten more. All of this and his erection remained. Having twenty naked women in the room was not helping matters any. He stayed in position, not anxious to expose his hard penis to the crowd. At least in this position, only Lydia, sitting at the end of the bench, was able to look. And look she did.
Rosella spoke to him softly. "You do not need to be embarrassed by your penis, Anteros. You have a perfectly fine penis. What is happening to it is normal. You just need to be taught some self-control."

Anteros heard her words but did not heed them. He was feeling completely humiliated and didn't want to face the women behind him. He knew they were staring at his red striped behind. He glanced to Lydia, who was still staring, at his erection.

Her eyes were wide and the tip of her tongue lightly brushed across her upper lip. Anteros saw no sign of disgust as he had expected. Rather, she looked curious, even lustful. Her eyes met his and he thought he saw a hint of a smile.

Rosella continued speaking. "Stand up, turn around, and hold your head high, Anteros. The only thing you have done wrong is showing a lack of respect for Lydia and disobeying my order. I know that you did not intend to do either of these things. You have been punished and now you've been forgiven. Are you angry with Anteros, Lydia?"

"Not at all, Rosella," she answered. She looked directly into his eyes when she added; "I am flattered that he finds me so exciting."

Anteros was sure that he saw her smile this time. He stood upright, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. He slowly turned and exposed his erection to everyone. Every eye in the room was on him, some on his face, some on his genitals, but all on him.

He heard a woman near him say; "I think Anteros needs to spend the night at my house."

Rosella heard this too and answered, "All in good time. Anteros has a few things to learn first. I'm sure that soon he will handle his little sword as well as his large one."

This provoked more laughter. Anteros was still feeling humiliated, but was somewhat relieved that no one seemed to be upset by his embarrassing condition. In fact, they all seemed to be enjoying it.

"How old are you boy?" asked Rosella.

"I'm eighteen years, Mistress," answered Anteros with his head respectfully bowed. He didn't want to do anything to give Rosella an excuse to add to the humiliation he'd already been through.

"Anteros, cover yourself with a towel and come with me," instructed Rosella. "Lydia, you come along too."

As Rosella and Lydia dressed themselves in simple white gowns, Anteros wrapped a towel around him self and retrieved his clothing.

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