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He innocently offers his body to his gay friend.

Darius was now immediately behind her, shirtless, and wearing only snugly fitted boxers. He gently rested himself against her rear as she managed the sink. Amanda's eyes shot open in panic as she realized what he was doing.

"Darius!" Amanda shouted in a whisper. "My husband is right there!"

"Brent!" Darius voice boomed, loudly, across the apartment. Amanda's eyes immediately shot over to her husband, wondering how he would react to seeing the now shirtless host so close to his wife. 'Let's see just how much of the teasing you can handle.' Amanda thought to herself.


"He's out, Sugar. He wont be waking up for hours." Darius added, casually.

Amanda was stunned, but could only continue to wash the dishes, unsure of how to react otherwise. Her heart was now beating a mile a minute, impossibly excited to have Darius so close to her, but frozen as to what was appropriate.

Suddenly his large hands began to massage her shoulders, her neck. More chills immediately began to course through Amanda's body, his touch was intoxicating, almost - otherworldly. She savored it, and Darius could sense her enjoyment.

Her tension eased and she slowly placed the plate she was rinsing down on the counter, eyes closing in pleasure.

"Let's head into my bedroom. I'll give you a real massage." It was a whisper, but his words cut to her very core.

She was shaken, but aroused - scared, but excited. Could she possibly accept? Despite all the bedroom talk her and Brent were toying with over the last month, there's no way it should ever be brought to life. Right?

'No. That's the wine even letting you consider it.' Amanda thought, reminding herself to stay strong.

"I don't think - I'm not sure Brent would be okay with that." Amanda replied, legitimately not sure if he would or not.

Darius replied, still exploring her back, shoulders, and neck. He finally laid the truth of the matter on the table, "I think he would Amanda." Suddenly Darius leaned down, his breath causing goosebumps on her neck. He whispered, "Let's go to my room and get naked."

Amanda's mind was blown away by the proposition finally coming to life. Her thoughts fumbled, clawing for reality to come back to her. She instinctively turned around, offering Darius one last futile attempt to stop nature from taking its course, "What if Brent wakes up?" Her mind was scrambling for excuses.

Darius leaned down, and kissed her.

The electricity immediately shot through them both simultaneously. Amanda felt his large lips engulfing hers, soft and delicious. The goosebumps now exploded across her body, and her womanhood immediately warmed and dampened. Beneath her bra, her nipples were hardening, large breasts desperate for his touch.

Slowly, he pulled away. Their lips parted, but she could still taste him.

"He won't wake up Sugar. He's crashed out." Darius replied.

"What if he does?" Amanda repeated, shaking in excitement, fear, arousal.

Darius kissed her again, this time smashing his hardening cock into her tummy. She immediately surrendered to the warmth and hardness of his manhood pressing into her body. Darius continued, "If he does, he can stay out here and listen to us fuck."

Amanda gasped, and their tongues interlocked again in a passionate kiss.

She was on his bed, delirious. She looked to the right, and saw her top, and her skirt, laying haphazardly on his bedroom floor. She looked to her left, noticing how sexy her body looked in his closet mirror, unable to believe she was actually here. She then looked towards the foot of the bed, and saw her new lover begin to peel down his boxers.

The wetness on her panties began to spread as she watched inch after inch of his impossibly big cock come into view.

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