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Girl plans to use her pheromones on the hockey team.

I've never been inside her apartment because I didn't feel safe being anywhere alone with her. Without a doubt, she would try something with me and I don't know how many times I can say no before she leaves me.

Nodding slowly, I looked down in utter defeat. That grin spreading like wildfire across Rose's face, she grabbed my arm "Oh stop acting like it's so bad! It'll be fun". Like that, we headed for the towering building across the street.

In the apartment building...

With a few rough jerks, she got her door to open with a loud crack. Already, this wasn't looking to be a 'fun' night. I stepped in the room and was pleasantly surprised with it. Despite her dozens of posters on the walls of games and music, the room was neat and tidy. She pushed me into the room for a few more steps when I heard the door shut behind us and locking. I turned to face her. Now I was alone with her in a locked room. My body shook slightly with the thought of what she would do, backing away from her slightly. She turned and began to walk for me with that same look in her eyes. Then, she shocked me.

Her hands gripped my waist gently and she pulled me into a tender hug, brushing her cheek against mine. "I know what you're thinking, baby. But I'm better than that...I told you that I would wait until you're ready, no matter how long that takes". Trembling in her soft embrace, I felt a tear swelling in my one eye. I felt so bad for doing that to her because in truth, I didn't think I would ever give her what she wanted. Too afraid that she wouldn't accept me for the disgusting thing I was. Soon, my tears started to flow freely down my cheeks and I nuzzled into her neck for some comfort. She could tell that I was crying even though she didn't know the reason. Everything else faded but the worry she felt for me, hugging me tightly and shushing my cries. Her hands ran up and down my back softly "Please don't cry, Eve. I love you...".

My heart skipped a beat as she said those words. Shakily looking up at her, a smile tugged at my lips before fading again. Now I felt more guilty than ever. I'd deceived her into loving someone that's been lying to her since the beginning. She captured my lips in a long and sensual kiss, each second bringing forth another stream of tears. I couldn't take it any longer!

I lifted my hands up to her chest and shoved her away from me as hard as I could which really wasn't that strong. Still, it got her off me. I went stumbling backwards onto her couch, still sobbing into my hands. Rose had her back on the door as she stared at me with a hard expression, not one of anger but worry. "Eve, what's wrong?" she stepped forward and knelt down in front of the couch to pull my hands away from my face. "Baby, you can trust me with anything. Please, just stop crying". The fact that I couldn't talk only made it harder for her. I lowered my hands and stared into her bright green hues for a long time. We remained like that, just sharing a gaze with each other. When I finally gave in to her. If I kept this a secret from her for any longer then it would only hurt her more in the end. Sucking in a deep inhale, I took her hand and stood up to guide us to the bathroom. That was the breaking point in our relationship. If she didn't accept this part of me then it would be the end of us but I couldn't lie to her anymore either. It wouldn't be fair...

The bathroom door shut behind us and I walked to the furthest side to face her.

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