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Dancing with danger.

Alana nearly fell when something locked around her calves. Metal had sprung from the ground to secure the people stood around her. This time when she reached for Kalen's hand he took it. Beneath Alana's feet a platform started to form. With a jerk, it started to rise towards an opening above their heads.

"We're really doing this?" Kalen nodded in response, but didn't speak. Alana tried to visualise T'arik's face. This was it. She might never see him again. Pushing the thought away, she looked up. The opening in the ship was approaching more quickly than Alana had expected. She took the opportunity to look at the planet she was leaving behind. She felt strangely sad.

As they entered the ship they were surrounded by darkness. Even after the fixtures around Alana's calves disappeared, no light appeared. A humming noise filled the air, and suddenly a bright red light illuminated two men. They were not stood near each other; in fact they didn't seem to know each other at all. The sound of booted footsteps filled the room though Alana could not see who they belonged to. Alana felt panic welling up inside her. She tried to cling to Kalen but he disengaged himself from her. The illuminated men were pulled from the group. Only after the sound of boots had faded did the lights come on.

Alana wanted to ask Kalen about the men, but one look at his face showed he was in no mood to talk. His wounds didn't look as bad as they had previously, and his exhaustion seemed to have been replaced with anger. He gripped Alana's arm and led her through the crowd. There were signs in several languages. Kalen followed them through white, bright corridors. Alana stumbled along behind him trying to keep up. It was at least five minutes of taking lifts and traipsing through rows of rooms before Kalen stopped before a door. The symbol on it matched the one around her neck. Kalen stroked the door with one finger, and it slid to the side. Alana cried out with delight.

There was a deep pool with beautiful turquoise water. Surrounding the pool were sun loungers with thick white cushions, and the ceiling looked like Earth's sky. The light had a mellow yellow tone to it. The room had stone archways that reminded Alana of Morocco. Through the arches were huge shuttered windows, and heavy, dark wooden doors. This was a riad just for them.

"Kalen, it's beautiful," Alana gushed.

"Yes," his tone was terse, "I requested something exotic, something from Earth."

"Thank you." Alana hung her head, ashamed.

"Undress." Kalen's tone was commanding, one that Alana hadn't heard before. She was confused, but did as she was told. Peeling herself out of her damp, smelly clothes, she watched Kalen watching her. His eyes were cold as he studied her. He walked around her, pulling at her arms, checking her over.

"Is that why you like him? He doesn't leave you bruised?" Kalen's spoke through gritted teeth. Alana didn't know how to answer. Instead, she bent and retrieved the earrings from a pocket in her tunic. She wasn't confined to grey anymore, so she might as well wear then. When Kalen saw that it was his gift that she was wearing, he gave her a tight lipped smile.

"Come, swim with me." Alana consented. She was eager to try the pool. It did seem strange that all of this was on a spaceship. Once in the water, Alana swam cautiously towards Kalen. She wasn't surprised when he wouldn't allow her to touch him. She wondered why he had been tactile with her before, but decided that it was through exhaustion, and a sense of relief at being alive. She guessed that now everything was ok, he had time to be angry.

"You know," Alana said, "he caused me more damage in a few days than you have since you were given me."

"How so?" Kalen sounded worn out.

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