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It was just something that he did.

They stayed that way for a moment, their faces close enough to feel each other's breath. She swallowed and looked into his eyes, their bright blue color almost entrancing.

"Um. Adam. You can put me down now."

He blinked. "Right." He pulled her to her feet and set her upright, releasing his grip on her waist. "Sorry. Just wanted to, you know, make sure you were all right."

She found her mouth dry; suddenly wishing his lips were touching hers. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down to hers, her tongue sliding into his mouth. He grunted in surprise but eased into the kiss. She broke it as suddenly as it started and started walking toward the checkout, leaving him wondering what had just happened.

He turned and followed her, noticing a little more swing in her hips than before. A broad smile crossed his face and he hurried to catch up with her.

He turned into the main aisle right behind her where she caught him by surprise, dragging him into another kiss, this time with some added grinding of her hip into his crotch, making him moan into her mouth, her tongue tracing his lips. He put his free hand on her hip and pulled her closer, his tongue snaking out to meet hers.

"Whoa there, cowboy. Not here in the store. It's not that deserted." He smiled and looked around, seeing a few people in the aisle. She grinned and headed for the checkout, Adam right behind her being led by the hand.

They went through the checkout and paid, Adam grabbing the bags and carrying them out to the car. When he finished loading the bags into the trunk, he climbed into the car, his passenger already inside. He sat there for a minute and then turned and looked at her.

"What was that all about?"

"I don't know," she replied. "It just happened, I guess."

"Just happened. Okay. At least I know where I stand."

"So do I," she replied, a smirk on her face.


She reached out and grabbed his groin, his eyes widening. She moved her hand up and down causing him to groan. "Drive." He nodded and started the car, her hand still moving on the front of his pants. He pulled out of the lot and out onto the Gordon Freeway, retracing his drive.

She moved toward him and licked his ear, keeping the pressure on his crotch. She deftly undid the button on his jeans and slid her hand inside, feeling his hard cock inside, moaning into his ear.

Adam tried to keep his focus on the road, her actions making that difficult. It was made more difficult yet when she moved her head away from his ear and down under his arm and pulled his cock out and started sucking it quickly while he drive. Her head moved up and down on his knob, her fingers digging into his boxer briefs and fondling his balls.

He locked one of his arms straight on the steering wheel, trying to keep his eyes open, her wet mouth begging for his attention. He let the other move to her chest, feeling her large round breast through her shirt, making her moan onto his cock, sending a shudder through him.

Adam moved his fingers to find her nipple through her shirt and upon finding it, pinched it, her body shifting in response. He saw her other hand move and out of the corner of his eye, saw it disappear into her own pants. She wriggled against her fingers and the shifting of her body moved his cock inside her mouth against her teeth and the roof of her mouth.

He drove on, turning right where he turned left earlier and gasped as she took his entire penis into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat, his balls touching her cheek. She moved back up and bobbed furiously on his tip, stroking his shaft with her hand.

With everything going on, it didn't take long for him to orgasm and ejaculate into her mouth, filling it almost to overflowing with his seed. She kept her up and down motion going, sucking out everything he had and then swallowing it, the extra suction from her throat causing him to jerk.

Adam pulled the car onto the shoulder not worried since there was no traffic.

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