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A muscle bear chub encounters a former student.

I climbed out of bed, fumbled around in the dark for my cigarette lighter. It didn't help much. I felt my way across the room to the lamp, turned the valve, lit it.

The soft mewing started again, I ignored that, walked back to my bed. I was actually looking up at the roof to see where the water was coming from as I pulled the covers back. Looking down, I went cold with shock.


I looked down at myself, I was bloody. The front of my underwear, my thighs, was soaked in blood!

Frightened, I fumbled my way out the door and down the hallway to the bathroom, cursing my stupidity for not bringing a flashlight. The entire house was pitch black, I had to feel my way all the way due to the not yet familiar surroundings, the bit of light from the flame just made shadows.

I managed to get the bathroom lamp lit, pulled my underwear down, looking for the cut where the blood was coming from.

There wasn't one.

I inspected my genitals, stomach, even lifted my testicles and looked.


Then that mewing sound began again just outside the bathroom. There seemed to be a motion past the open door, right where the light from the lamp reached. I looked but nothing was there. It came back as I looked away. A shudder, then a chill went through me.

I washed myself in the cold water, thinking I needed to figure out the heating system for that. Crazy to think of that right then but I did. I left the lamps lit, went back to my bedroom and dressed. As I passed into the hall the hairs on my legs seemed to flare out, from a blast of cold air or a draft or something. My watch read 4 AM. Outside, I climbed into my truck, locked the doors.

Someone was screwing with me!

It had to be that. Probably they had been living out here, and were pissed at my sbowing up.

No other explanation, but I didn't want to confront them in the fucking dark.

Attempting to start the truck, it groaned and clicked a few times, that was it. Frightened now, I reached under the seat, felt the handle of my pistol, pulled it out. Somehow that made me feel better, safe, although I didn't have a fucking clue what I was going to shoot at.

The sun was shining in my eyes when I woke up, still clutching the pistol. Again the attempt to start the truck, it fired right up, another surprise. Off down the road to town I went.

I wasn't driving slow, either.

I was going to find that goddamn mewing noise, figure this shit out. Maybe when whoever the asshole was showed up and got a butt full of Rottwieller he would change his mind about things.

Besides being a bit scared, I was pissed off.

I had passed a kennel that sold animals about 30 miles down the highway from the little store. No one could miss the sign, it was ten feet tall, read, "Donnie's quality pets" in huge letters. A dog could probably root out the source of the noise. Besides, I needed company. Man, did I need company.

Spooked was a good word.

I pulled into the lot, had to wait a half hour for them to open.

Some guy showed up, unlocked the front door, turned and grinned at me. His ears stuck straight out and he was missing most of his teeth. The top of his head was bald, the hair around his ears was long, almost down to his shoulders. Hell, he looked spooky, too. I was just thinking this was swell when he invited me in with that same stupid grin. The place was spotless, even the cages were spotless. The place didn't even smell like animals.

I wandered up and down the row of cages, looking for a huge mean fucking dog with slathering fangs.

Nothing really struck my fancy, then a little brindle female pit bull caught my eye, gave me a whimper. She sat there with those silly looking droopy eyes those animals have, and made complete eye contact with me. I stopped, held out my fingers close to the cage, she knew a way out of there when she saw it and licked my hand. Her cute little stub of a tail pointed straight up and wagged frantically.

"Cat goes with this'n." the guy said.


"Yea, them's buddies."


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