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Rose takes on her first "commission".

"You're spying on me. Take off all your clothes. You might be hiding something."

"Hiding what? You won't see anything from us except our 'you know what'!" Janilyn intoned.

"What are you gonna do with us?" Anvil asked.

"Hang you high and whip you up." His teeth gritted.

"Hey, no joke. If that's so, you're cruel to humanity. You're such a bad guy, hanging us girls who happened to view your soft as a noodle dick. Come on what heinous crime have we done to you?" Anvil sneered.

"Remove your jackets, you first?" he said pointing to Janilyn.

"Ok, just don't hang me. Right, Mr. er Gunslinger?" she said easily.

Janilyn removed her nice cropped jacket with notched lapel and woven with outdoor horses prints on front and back.

"Jacket only?"

"And the rest."

"Ok, that's easy."

He took a more relaxed pose and unbuckled his gun rig out of his hips and lay it on his side.

Janilyn unbuttoned her shirt top and a tomato red brassiere popped into view dilating squinty drifter's eyes a bit. Janilyn's body was full of sensuality, big-breasted and curves in the right places.

"You!' he pointed to Anvil. "Get them all off too."

"Why should I? I've done nothing wrong against you." Anvil was indignant.

He took a cigar and struck a matchstick on the sole of his boots as he watched Janilyn peeled off her tight jeans. Soon a stringed thong was exposed. She wore back her boots and hitched up her thong, which outlined her female asset.

Anvil stood pat on the ground without moving, hands folded across.

The squinty drifter shifted his gaze to Janilyn who looked incredibly sexy. She's 5'5" short of 2 inches to Anvil's height but a body that can raise even Lazarus. She looked at Anvil and winked at her as she undid her bra, her surprisingly firm and large breasts tumbling free to the afternoon light.

A satisfactory smile played across the man's lips.

"Come on over here," The squinty man called, tapping a space beside him.

"You won't spank me, would you?" she said edging her way next to him. Then she straddled down his hips; a hint of trimmed black hair was faintly visible through her thong front.

"Can I borrow your hat?" she asked her hand quick to get it from his head and put it on her brunette crowned hair.

"How's this Mr. High Plains Drifter?"

He grabbed her small waist and examined her boobs, her erect large nipples staring at him. Janilyn cupped his cheeks, turned his face to her and kissed his lips. It was a slow burning kiss, kinda exploratory and the man took her down crushing her bottom on his growing bulge.

Anvil turned around.

"I'm gonna leave you guys?"

"Hey, where you going?" Janilyn asked.

"Three's a crowd, ain't it kiddo?"

"No you're not going anywhere. At this time of day a lot of sidewinders will be out down there and you're gonna be lucky if you won't step any of them," the horseman said.

Anvil stopped on her tracks. Huh! Sidewinders! Snakes! But she adamantly ignored and moved on. The last time she saw one she nearly died.

"Suit yourself. They bite hard and can kill you in seconds flat," he warned.

"Anvil, don't leave please, just listen to the man," Janilyn pleaded.

Anvil heard a rattling sound on the grass as she'd gone her way down. She stopped, backed off a bit and looked nervously at the ground she was trudging on. Suddenly she had palpitations. The sight of a snake with its fangs showing was enough to give her a hell of a scare. Now she had second thoughts. She's really scared of snakes big or small. So she stalked back and along the way she could hear Janilyn's giggles.

Janilyn was already undoing the buttons of his trouser.

"Seen one of those sidewinders?" the man said his face breaking into a lethal grin for the first time.

"Wow, this is a killer!" Janilyn said as she extricated the man's cock from his trouser. She rubbed the length of it with her hand and it grew even larger.

Memories of her sexual encounter with the long ranger flooded into Anvil's thoughts. She licked her lips. Her eyes radiated sensuality.

"Hey don't j

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