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Student Teacher is invited to a different kind of school.

"Knock, knock," she said with a giggle.

He dropped his head to reveal his frustration and drooped his shoulders to exhale his boredom.

"No Olivia. No more knock, knock jokes," he said looking up at her over his glasses.

With her knees parted enough to still flash him a triangular peek at her panties, he thought of all the times she deliberately flashed him her panties while sitting directly in front of him in the front row of his class. Difficult for him to concentrate on his lecture, one day, she sat in front of him without shame, without embarrassment, without modesty, without decency and morality, and without wearing her panties. Having to lecture his class from his chair, he had to remain seated not to show his obvious erection. It took all the self-control he possessed not to stare between her opened legs.

Nothing new, with the secret sexual lust he had for her, he always had a boner when she was in his class. He had to look to the other side of the room not to stare at the tops of her shapely thighs and her exposed, trimmed, dark brown pussy. If only she'd bend over in front of him, he'd love to see her naked ass. If only she'd fill his eyes with her naked ass in the way she was filling his line of sight with her naked pussy, he'd be a happy man.

He'd love nothing better than to fall between her knees to finger her pussy while kissing her and feeling her big breasts through her blouse and bra. He wished he could lick her to an orgasm before standing before her for her to suck his cock. Then, when ready to cum, he'd pull her up to him and bend her over to give her anal sex her doggie style. He'd love nothing better than to fuck her in her beautiful, round, firm, shapely ass. He'd love nothing more than to fill her anal cavity with all of him.

That fateful day he asked her to lunch. That fateful day, they had sex in his apartment. That fateful day when he felt her ass, squeezed her ass, and licked her ass, she rebuffed him when he tried to seduce her anally. Too much too soon, he figured she'd have anal sex with him another time but she never did. He figured she'd give her ass to him once they were married but years later, he's still waiting. It's apparent to him now that she'll never willingly submit her ass to him. Only, he's not the type of man to force her. How could he force his wife, the woman he loves, to do something that she willing cannot do?

"I promise you, this one is really funny," she said.

She was always so excited to tell him her joke and he was always so tortured to hear her joke.

"Please, I beg you. No more knock, knock jokes."

A small victory, or so he thought, he reached for his crossword puzzle again to immerse himself in the meaning of words by filling in his little boxes.
"Okay," she said thinking. "A rabbi, a priest, and a nun are in a boat about to have anal sex," she said.

Wanting to scream his insanity, he hid his face in his newspaper.

"God help me," he said gritting his teeth and clenching his fists. "No more rabbis, priest, and nuns. Just as the last one hundred rabbis, priest, and nun jokes weren't funny, I'm sure this rabbi, priest, and nun is not funny either."

Yet, not giving up, staying true to herself and to her calling to be a comedienne, she persevered.

"Okay," she said thinking. "Forget about the rabbi, priest, and nun. Forget I even mentioned a rabbi, a priest, and a nun. Erase a rabbi, a priest, and a nun from your mind. I'll never mention a rabbi, priest, and nun again," she said laughing.

"Good," he said.

"An American Indian, a black man, and a Jewish Princess are in a boat and about to have anal sex," she said with a giggle with what she was about to say next.

He put his newspaper down in his lap to look at his wife.

"I'm begging you Olivia.

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