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Brother and sister find love while rooming together.

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"I think that's too tight." Ty said, as he loosened the necktie that was tied in a blindold's fashion across Alice's eyes. She had only been in the door 5 minutes, after removing her coat, the only thing she could remember seeing was Ty's devious eyes as he looked her up and down. She was wearing a satin nighty that appeared maroon under the glow of several types of scented candles. He led the curious blindolded woman to the bed. Ty and Alice had made a deal in Ty's favor. As revenge for the games he had endured at Alice's hands, Ty was given one night to play his own games, he could pick the environment, the terms, what would be worn, the positions, and how many orgasms Alice would get. He was even able to pick the safeword she could use if she wanted to stop.

Standing behind her with his boxers rubbing smoothly against her nighty's material, Ty moved Alice's hair to undo the string around her neck and let her nighty drop to her heels. He turned her around and pushed her backwards onto the bed. In a stern voice, Ty asked Alice "Have you ever played hot and cold?".

With a smile Alice shook her head no, he smirked at the answer and went to the kitchen. Ty returned with two small cups and sat them down quietly. The contents of one cup was pre-heated water he had let cool from a boil, while the other was ice water he had let melt. He ran his tongue down Alice's body, from neck, to chest, to belly ring, while he dipped his finger in the hot water and circled the nipple of her left breast, he watched her chest rise with breath, he then stuck his finger in the cold water and ran it across the nipple of her right breast, as he not only heard her breath deep, but felt her nipple harden beneath his finger.

Ty variated temperatures for each nipple, and ran his fingers across her lips with hot or cold fingers until her senses were so misled that she became wet from confusion. Alice began to touch herself and he continued, he took a piece of ice and ran it across her breasts and stomach, she took a deep breath in, Ty asked the obvious question "Too Cold?" She nodded and affirmed it. With ice water still shining across her skin, he took the burning candle and dripped candle wax on the wet spots, she gripped the sheets and bit her lip as the sensations of the hot wax and cold ice ran through her body together, he then ran ice across these areas again.

When he finished she had rubbed her own glittering skin, almost surprised to feel temperatures normally as she once did. Looking at her body he asked her, "Have you ever played frozen grapes?"

With an entertained but confused expression, Alice answered no. Approaching her with a bag of frozen grapes, he removed her pantees and told her stick her tongue out, she hesitated, but did so, he placed a grape on her tongue to feed to her, she closed her mouth over it, as she finished the frozen grape, he moved another grape across her clit and she shivered as he pushed it inside her pussy. He began to stroke her clit with his tongue, feeling the cold rising from the grape inside her pussy. He held her breasts in his hands and licked wildly between her legs as her hand pushed against the headboard, her pussy grew warm under his tongue, and as he rubbed her clit with his thumb, she shook and followed his mouth with her body, he could taste the grape accompanied by her body's juices, telling him that the grape had melted and busted, she had came as well. With his tongue and finger he removed the grape and placed it in his mouth, with his lips now on hers, she opened her mouth to bite off a peice of the grape that was in between his teeth, breathing with sighs she chewed and smiled, he did the same. "Have you ever played what's in my mouth?"

She laughed, and again, replied "No".

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