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Kimberly relishes her punishment; Mark treasures her.

"Heather, what the hell?" He cried out shocked. "Mom called." She stuttered. "The car won't start." Heather couldn't stop staring at her father's penis. He could see where her eyes was focused and quickly turned around.

As Heather went back outside she could smell Kelly's scent. "What did you do?" Heather asked her best friend. "I had a quick orgasm." Her friend said.

By the time they'd gotten the car back home it was late. No one was in the mood for a cook out.

Looking at the clock Larry knew it was time to get up. Jumping in the shower he jacked off, washed himself then dried off and threw on some sweat pants. Heading downstairs to the kitchen he started the coffee. He'd drank about half a cup when his daughter came into the room.

He'd just taken a drink and at her appearance spewed coffee all over the table. "What in the hell are you wearing?" He demanded. The robe she was wearing was a pale purple and had to be Kelly's. It might fit her 5" frame but didn't even remotely cover Heather's 5'9" frame.

"Kelly left it here. I need to do laundry before work and I thought you had already left." She told him. "Well obviously I haven't, so go put some clothes on." He told her as he could feel his cock start to harden.

Heather ignored her father's demand. She walked over to the refrigerator, opened the door, bent over and made like she was looking for something. "Would you like some scrambled eggs, Daddy?" She asked.

Larry could see his daughter's very wet, pink shaved pussy. His cock was throbbing in his pants demanding to be released. He groaned. "Heather, please put some clothes on."

Heather stood up thinking it's now or never. She untied the robe and as she turned around she let it drop to the floor. "There's no reason to masturbate to Kelly when you have me." She said.

Larry's mind was telling him to leave the kitchen but his eyes were soaking up his daughter's nudity. Fuck, she's gorgeous! That's all he could see. Her plump dusky nipples were hard from the chilly air inside the house.

Larry stood up ready to flee from the room. Heather walked over stopping in front of him and dropped to her knees. Her fingers worked fast at pulling his sweat pants down. His cock smacked her in the face before she took him into her mouth.

"This is so wrong." He whispered. Then she took him as far as she could without gagging. She was trying to mimic what she'd seen Kelly do with her boyfriends. She'd even seen her suck her older brother. Kelly didn't know Heather had seen that though.

Her dad was moaning and groaning as he ran his fingers through her hair. She must be doing something right. She would have smiled if her mouth wasn't full. "Oh fuck, Heather we shouldn't be doing this." He growled.

Larry pulled his cock from his daughter's mouth. Looking down at her she was so sexy with her lips all swollen and her sexy eyes glazed. Pulling her from the floor he kissed her. Not a father/daughter kiss but a lovers kiss. Their tongue's danced and battled while they could both feel his hardness between them.

He cupped one of her perfect tits, rubbing his finger over the hardened nipple. He bent his head sucking the puckered beauty into his mouth. Heather had her head thrown back as her dad lavished her breasts and nipples. She was so close to coming.

Larry brought his hand between his daughter's legs. He cupped her sex, pushed her legs further apart gently easing his index finger into her. "Oh fuck baby, you're so tight." He groaned as his fingers brought her to an orgasm he came to his senses.

"Fuck Heather, we can't do this! You're my daughter." He said trying to get away. She got tears in her eyes. "Daddy, I need you. I'm aching so bad. I need you to touch me, kiss me, lick me, suck me and fuck me. Don't you understand it has to be you because I love you. All these years I've watched Kelly with one guy then another, I can't do that. I only want to be with a man I love and trust. I was afraid you'd choose Kelly over me after what she did by the pool." She cried.

With her saying Larry knew he couldn't deny her much l

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