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Sometimes it is hard to say thank you.

.." she said going over to him. Wordlessly she unzipped his fly as he watched wide eyed. She pulled out his cock which was already half hard and started to pump it.

Wordlessly he guided his hands to her ample tits feeling them through her blouse as she jerked him off. When she felt his cock was too dry she spat into her hands and kept pumping him mechanically, not even letting him kiss her. Her mission this time was to milk his cock with the promise of more later on.

"Oh shit!" he said as he unleashed his load. She aimed it with a calculated effort so it splashed her skirt and blouse and kept pumping until he finished. Then she blotted herself off with some paper towels and put on her long coat going outside to hail a cab home.

When she got home she allowed me to jerk off as she told me every detail of what went on including how big his cock was. She said it was even bigger and thicker than Henry's. "It was so big that even fully hard it kind of bent a bit due to gravity. But his load was huge!" she added in a bit too happily, "I can see why he knocked up his secretary, it was like a fire hose spurting everywhere," she said showing me the stains on the clothing that I would have to bring to the dry-cleaners.

Over the next few weeks she just worked long hours and was as distant as she could be while still maintaining a working relationship, driving him crazy after the night she gave him the hand job. Many in the office thought that he had done something to her and there would be yet another lawsuit in the air. This was just what she wanted, so nobody would think anything was going on; especially when she had to make a business trip with him, which unlike some of the others he had taken with his other past secretaries would be for actual business.

My wife had me help her pack for the trip, first the usual business clothes and her cell phone and lap top and charges. Then there were the other things like sexy underwear and several packs of big sized rubbers. "If not for him maybe for someone else," she said teasing me.

Before she left she made that joke, or was it a threat that the house better be clean or she was going to send me to sissy-maid boot camp where I'd get some real cleaning.

In truth there was such a thing as I found out through her friend Karen who was really into the whole cuckold lifestyle. A friend of hers, Ms. Lee ran it, it was rumored that the first man she broke into this lifestyle was her own husband. Karen actually looked at my wife and told her that Lee was even stricter than she was when it came to dominating men.

Making a mental note to keep the place spotless I drove Mindy to the airport. She waved to me and went into the terminal. As I pulled away I caught a glimpse of a guy coming up to her, was it him? I felt like I had just passed my wife off to someone else. She texted me when they landed.

Every night she called me to let me know everything was okay and that she was also teasing the shit out of him. She decided to not sleep with him during the trip as it might be too risky at work.

I picked her up at the airport and we drove straight home. Once inside the house she had me strip as she took off her panties and hose only and had me lick her shaved and pierced pussy while she told me the details. She played with her tits thought her white blouse which was both sexy and frustrating at the same time.

"While we waited for the car service to call us to come down to the lobby John and I were discussing the details for what to do when we got back concerning the trip and the meetings we had attended when he tried to grab my tits telling me I was driving him crazy being so cold to him after the night I had given him that hand-job. I brushed him off and he got a bit nervous probably because of all the sexual harassment charges he had been up against."

My wife then told him that she was married and did not do such things, he backed off some more, then she told him while looking down at that

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