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She felt Tam's hand brush against her clit as it was being pulled away. Shutters of excitement loomed with in her. "What about the guy's," she said. "Well, I guess we had better go check on them," Tam replied.

Tam watched as Toni pulled the bikini bottoms up over her thighs. She felt a little embarrassed by what had just transpired, but not ashamed. She could tell that Toni was also feeling uncomfortable. "Hey, are we alright," she asked. "Yes," Toni exclaimed. She was also watching Tam fumble with getting her new suit on. "What kind of swim suit is that?" she asked. "A Wicked Weasel," Tam replied. "Damn thing sure is

little, and I am not very good at wrapping these strings yet," she said, holding up the ends of the suit which crossed in the back. "Here, let me help you," Toni said, as she grabbed the strings and pulled them around her back and crossed them. "Now bring them around to the front," she felt Toni's hands as she reached around her in a hugging fashion. "I can take it from here," she said. Toni watched as she pulled the little strings up over the erect nipples and then tied them around her neck. "They call that a swim suit," she exclaimed. "Well, I think that is what they call it," Tam laughed.

"Well, are you ready to make our grand entrance," Tam said, pointing to the door. "As ready as I'll ever be," Toni replied as she walked into the hallway.

As came down the hall they could see the guys sitting and laughing in the hot tub through the window. "I think they have forgotten about us," Toni said.

"We will just have to remind them who is in charge," Tam answered. She could see that the alcohol had definitely loosened them up. Bob and A.J. were sitting across from one another laughing and talking. She wondered what they were talking about. The conversation was going to be about her in just a few moments, if she had anything to say about it. They walked out on the patio and stood next to the hot tub. She could tell the guys approved as each at turned to look at them, but neither was speaking. They just had shit eating grins on their faces. "Say something nice" you morons, Toni laughed. A.J., reached out, still not saying a word and handed the two girls drinks. Bob was sitting there still smiling, looking at Tam as if she were the only woman in the world. It was the reaction she wanted. The two girls stepped into the hot water. Toni could see the look in their eyes.

Bob and A.J. were looking at them in a way which she was not accustomed to. She knew she was looking good, and really feeling sexy, but was she ready for an all out assault. Tam could see the fear or hesitation cross Toni's face. She reached out and put her arm around her neck and whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, you are not for them tonight." The words shocked her, but she didn't pull away. What did she mean, Toni thought. Does she think that I am for her only, or does she want the guys for her self. It was a thought that would be answered soon enough. She took a long drink from the glass and looked over at Tam. "What do you".....before she could finish the sentence Tam kissed her full on the mouth. She could feel Tam's tongue as it explored once again the inside of her mouth.

She pulled back some, just enough to talk. "Tam, what are doing, the guys .....," once again Tam had kissed her before she could finish. Tam broke the kiss off, and looked over at Bob and A.J., "Any objections," she queried. Bob and A.J., looked at one another, disbelief on their faces. "No," A.J. and Bob said in unison, as if they had spoken at the exact same time and tone. She looked back at Toni and ran her hand down the side of her face, letting it trail to her nipples.

"See, they don't mind," she purred.

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