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A white gloved cougar in nylons, while panties & garter belt.

"I was just with another guy and he left a rather large deposit in me."

"Yea, you mentioned that."

"So I'm not exactly fresh down there. I mean most of it leaked out and I cleaned that up, but still..."

"Would you refuse to blow me if I had been with another woman this evening?"

"No; I guess not. But then I guess you would have washed most of her off of you. Why?"

"Well, to not eat you after you had been with another guy would be a little hypocritical wouldn't it? You cleaned up after him right?" Serious swinging parties and orgies aren't for the squeamish when it comes to sexual leftovers.

"I guess so. Want me to blow you?"

"How about just a little sixty-nine?"


We changed positions, so that I was on my back and she was on all fours, sort of, over me. She positioned that slick little pussy of hers right over my mouth and I went to work on it. Yes, there was the essence of another guy having been inside her, but I really didn't care. About then she went to work on my stiff cock - and surprised the hell out of me when she took the whole thing into her mouth and the tip of it into her throat! She really did deep throat well! Up and down she went, taking it all the way into her mouth, and only coming up for air now and then. It was like she was trying to get me to cum in her mouth or throat. I went to work on her hard and waiting clit, giving it a thorough tongue lashing. It was hard to hold off and not cum in her mouth while I was trying desperately to get her to cum on my face.

Fortunately, I won the race, if it ever was one in the first place. She started to moan more, pressed her pussy down more, and then finally let go and had what sounded and felt like a great cum - and a lasting one too. That was about all it took; I let loose with a jet of cum into her sucking mouth that had to have gone half way down her throat. It wasn't the biggest or most intense cum I've ever had, but there was something very exciting about unloading into my own sister's mouth! She seemed to be swallowing every bit of it too.

"Oh," she gasped as she came down from it, "that was good...real good." She continued to slowly stroke my cock with her hand now. "I think I like this incest stuff. Now let's see what other talents you have," she said as she got off of me.

"Well, you'll have to give me a few minutes to recover before you can find out."

"I know, but I always wondered what you were giving your girlfriends; they always seemed happy enough."

"And, I always wondered how you were in the sack too."

"You have? When did this start?" she asked seeming rather surprised.

"Oh, I don't know. About the time you got married I guess. And just when did you start wondering what I was like in bed?"

"Uh...about the time I was dating and you were in the Navy. You would come home in your uniform and I would get so hot! I thought you looked so sexy."

"Go for the guys in uniform do you?" I asked with a laugh.

"Not usually, but I thought you were really sexy."

I reached over and started playing with her nipple. "Ever get yourself off thinking about me in uniform and what it would be like to be in bed with me?"

"No, I just got good and hot."

"Got hot and horny and never did anything about it?" I teased. I thought she probably had, but girls won't admit to getting themselves off to anyone ever - not even on an anonymous survey. They do, they just won't ever admit it.

"Nope, never did."


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