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A naive girl is taken advantage of by her teacher.

"Wow," he said. "Christi, you look great."

"Why thank you," she gushed. "So do you."

"Hmmm..." he said, "now the rest of it."

"The rest of what?"

"Well, you just spent two and a half hours of your time making me look and feel good," he said. "What did you see that YOU really wanted?"


"I mean it. I want to get you something. To say thank you. I feel better than I have my whole life. I'm ready to take on the world. Let me get you something too."

"I... wow. I hadn't really thought about it."

"Well, think about it now."

They worked back through the designer stores until Christi found herself lingering over one with gorgeous silk dresses in oriental patterns. It was one of the smaller shops and seemed to only have one woman on staff, who was terribly flustered trying to sort out a pile of inventory and deal with a stream of customers. Left largely to herself, Christi browsed to her heart's content and wound up taking eight or nine dresses back into the changing rooms. Gaurav waited outside the door.

After a few minutes, she opened the door and peeked out at him. "Pssst... Gaurav!" she whispered urgently. "Can you help me out here?"

He was surprised. "What?"

"Come in here. I can't get this on by myself."

He looked around nervously but the sole saleswoman was swamped at the front counter. He swallowed hard and ducked inside the changing room. Christi was halfway into a figure-hugging thigh-length red silk dress ; the zipper was in the back and she couldn't reach it.

"I can't get this zipped," she explained. "Can you pull it up?"

Gaurav swallowed and nodded and reached to help her. He froze at the sight or her equally red silk bra strap, then mastered himself enough to pull the zipper up to the top. She sighed and thanked him and turned around.

"So? What do you think?"

Gaurav had a hard time talking. The dress hugged every one of Christi's luscious curves in the best way possible. She had added black stiletto heels and her legs seemed to climb for miles before disappearing into the silk at the thigh. A cutout over her chest revealed her generous cleavage, but the collar closed over it at the throat. In the small changing room, this woman was close to him... so close....

"It's amazing..." he groaned.

"Really? You like it? Let me try another one. Unzip, please!"

Christi turned her back to him and Gaurav felt the curve of her ass brush against his crotch. He froze, wondering if she had felt the bulge behind his fly. He obediently pulled the zipper down, all the way down the long lumbar curve of her spine. Christi whipped herself out of the dress in no time and stood in front of him in her bra and panties, scarlet and divine. Gaurav started to sweat.

Christi reached for a blue dress in a similar cut to the red one and began to step into it when she glanced up. "I'm not sure which color is better but I - hey, are you OK?" she asked.

"Maybe you should just get them all," he said in a whisper.

"Get them all?" she asked. "That's a lot of money, Gaurav, I think I should try them on and pick the best one."

"The money's ok. Just get them all."

"Oh," Christi said, looking at him carefully. "Oh... I see. You're getting uncomfortable, aren't you?" He nodded. "And you're trying to be a gentleman?"

Christi liked this Indian guy. She hated that she was making him uncomfortable. If she had any sense she would put her clothes back on and let him go. But he was uncomfortable because she had power over him. And she couldn't help enjoying that feeling. She did not put her clothes back on, but instead stood in front of him, in the close confines of the changing room, in scarlet bra and panties and high heeled shoes. And nothing else but acres and acres of creamy skin.

"Gaurav," she said softly, stepping even closer to him, "there's something you should know.

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