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A woman brings home a man from a night club.

He gets stiff, she smiles and stokes him with two hands.

She continues to give the handjob and flicks her tongue over the head of his hard dick. She hears another door slam. She goes back to work on the average sized but thick cock in her mouth. Shakira deepthroats him easily, hearing him start to moan.

Soon enough a second male is standing over her, his cock already erect. Shakira reaches over and starts to use her magic little hand on his dick. Still sucking on the other fat cock, she began to feel how long the other guy was. She worked his dick with her hand, jerking him off fast, while her face was being fucked.

They were both making noises now, her head and hands bobbed back and forth. "Oh baby I'm gonna cum right in your throat" Suddenly she felt a hot burst deep in her throat, followed by a loud moan by the man she was blowing. Shakira coughed a little and slid the dick out of her throat and into her mouth so that she could feel and taste the load he was shooting.

She felt his dick soften in her mouth and after a little more sucking he pulled it out. She used her tongue to catch the little bit of cum that had snuck out of her mouth and then gulped down his load. She finally turned to the other guy, her eyes opening wider seeing the length of this guy. It had to be ten inches long, but thin.

She lay down on her back, pulling the other man to his knees using his cock. Rubbing her own snatch a little she motioned for him to put it in. Her most recent lover began to push his cock inside of her. She gave a short gasp but proceeded to take the whole thing. Once inside he quickly began to pick up the pace.

Shakira starts to moan, feeling his long dick hit her in all the right spots. She loves the way it feels so deep inside her tiny little body. Sending her over the top, he starts to fuck her even harder. She starts to shake and scream underneath him, on the apex of an orgasm. He feels her cum start to soak his cock and smiles.

He climbs on top of her body now, Shakira squeezes her tits together and he starts to slide his meat in between her tits. Just watching her sexy body he starts to feel his cum build. Shakira sticks her tongue out and almost on cue a huge stream of white goo hits her chin and stretches across her face. This is followed by four more, hitting her in the face, covering her lips and her sunglasses.

He gets off of her. She takes off her sunglasses and licks the cum off of them. When she looks up she can see the rest of her men had arrived, watching her and stroking themselves. "Hi guys" Shakira says with a dabble of cum on her lower lip.

Her first satisfied customer was also ready for more and she found herself surrounded by the four men. One man pushed his very thick cock into her slippery pussy, while the other two newcomers went to either side of her. As she grabbed them both and started to jerk them off, she could feel how hard they were.

She loved to give handjobs and she was very good. She tried to control herself however because she wanted each and every one of these guys to fuck her good. The thick cock in her pussy was starting to feel unbelievable, feeling like she was going to cum again.

He kept pounding her, Shakira began to moan, feeling incredible pleasing these three men. Just then the first guy knelt over her with on knee on each side of her head. He placed his large balls into her mouth and flopped his dick across her face.

This turned her on further. She played with his balls on her tongue, she could taste his sweaty balls. All this caused her to cum again, all over the thick cock inside her. "Get your balls out of her mouth, I'm gonna blow all over her face."

She saw him get up and could feel her pussy become empty. Right in her face was a thick cock, spitting one gigantic shot of cum onto her toungue. Her hands occupied jerking off the other two fellows, he placed his cock in her mouth and jerked himself, making sure she got it all. A swirl around her mouth and she had swallowed one more big cumload.

She stopped her arms from pumping and s

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