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Looking beneath the surface.

The first was of her perfectly made up face, the next with her sitting with her hands chastely in her lap. He then asked her to stand before a gorgeous decorative screen near Li Su's fireplace. She smilingly complied as he took a front shot of her. She turned and gave him a shot of her left profile and obliged his request for a shot of her right profile showcasing her lower leg through the partially unbuttoned slit.

He was pleasantly surprised when she asked him to wait as she bent over and unbuttoned another button. Having learned from Li Su the implication of the buttons being undone, he expected her to stop when her dress opened slightly above her knee. But she continued, loosening one button after another revealing more and more of her toned thigh as she extended her emerging leg. She stopped only when what appeared to be a bow on the hip of her panties was clearly in view.

She then stood proudly at full height, thrust her chest forward and extended her shapely leg. "How's this?" she asked. Kirk took in the sight from the floor up - wedge slippers ... small feet ... perfectly manicured red toenails ... slender ankles .. shapely calf ... well toned tan thigh ...

"Perfect!" Kirk replied and thought to himself "She's damn sure not as traditional or shy as her daughter thinks!" She stared at Kirk's groin which tented his slacks over his hard cock's reaction to her unexpected display. Her stare was unblinking as he walked to her side. "You are a beautiful lady!" he whispered as he bent to kiss her cheek. She turned her face quickly and caused their lips to brush. Instead of backing away, she molded herself against his hard cock, guided his hand to her now exposed hip and opened her mouth in invitation to his tongue.

She slowly rolled her hips against his rock hard cock as their tongues dueled inside her warm and enticing mouth. She drew away slightly and looked up into his eyes as her hand snaked between them grabbing his hard on. "Are you going to give me this? It's the gift I really want and need! Li Su said it was OK if you gave it to me for my birthday!"

A lot of thoughts flashed through Kirk's mind but saying no to her request was not one of them. Without giving her a verbal response, he lifted her into his arms and walked towards her bedroom. Passing through the doorway let them both take in their 'soon to be lovers' reflection in the large mirror next to the bed.

He gently lay her on her back and her legs instinctively opened. As her dress fell away from her athletic legs, Kirk got a full view of a tiny red thong with hand tied bows on each hip. She was so sopping wet that it stuck to her even as he loosened the knots. She lifted her hips as he pulled it away revealing a lush black silky bush tinged with flecks of gray.

He stepped back and quickly stripped down to his silk briefs which displayed a large wet spot over the head of his cock. She gasped aloud as he quickly shed them realizing that her daughter hadn't manipulated the pictures of it.

He knelt on the bed to help her out of her dress but she stopped him. "No! In Chinese tradition you must put your cock in me first time while I have the dress on!" Eager to please her, and honestly himself too, he began stroking the head of his cock up and down her nether lips to make sure she was wet and could accommodate his size. "Hurry! Don't make me wait any longer! I've been looking at your picture a lot and I need the real thing! I want picture of your cock in me too!"
Not wanting to hurt her, Kirk slowly placed his thick mushroom between her wet slick lips.

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