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My secretary's new collar.

At least not on Fridays. You enjoyed that blowjob better than any you ever had in your life. It doesn't matter it was a man who looks like a woman."

Cheryl stood and lifter her skirt and fished out her cock which was starting to get a bit hard. John went white and couldn't speak. The camera flashed a couple more times as the two girls laughed. The girl with the camera was Sue and the other one was Tammy.

Tammy looked at Cheryl and said, "You bitch. I never thought you would win. My god I can't believe how many cocks I'm going to have to suck. Do you know how many guys we lined up? You fucking bitch. I thought you were gay and wanted to lose. I can't believe you picked up a guy in the afternoon in a porno theatre and brought him home for a blowjob."

Cheryl was laughing and looked at John to tell him thanks for helping her win a bet. It seems that Cheryl had bet her lesbian neighbours she could do this.

The girls would line up a group of men for oral sex and the loser would satisfy all the men in the group while the winner watched. The girls got to choose how many men. And from their expressions they had a lot. Sue was now talking low to Tammy saying she couldn't do it. She had never sucked a cock and hated men.

She wanted to punish Cheryl because she was really a man but it wasn't funny now that it would be her and Tammy on their knees naked sucking cocks all night. Tammy told her not to worry. "Suck it up. We might have a good time. I have a plan."

Tammy then outlined her plan to all talking directly to John who was sitting there naked and in shock. Tammy asked John if he was serious about having her and Sue join him. John looked at these two gorgeous lesbians and said that he was. Tammy told him she had been with men before and that Sue could learn fast.

They would spend the rest of the night after the bet and all day tomorrow fucking him if he would help with their payment of the bet. No one would ever know and with him there it would go one third faster and be one third fewer cocks to suck.

Cheryl thought it was a great idea and told him he wanted new experiences. Here was a chance to do it all. A little gay cocksucking, fucking two women at once, breaking in a virgin pussy (Sue had never been with a man), and watching two lesbians going at it. They would give him the pictures they had just took and copies of all the pictures they would take.

John was starting to get hard and Tammy began stroking him. Sue stood off to the side shyly saying it sounded like a good plan to her and he would be her first.

Cheryl said "I wasn't so bad now was I sugar?" John knew it was going to fulfill every fantasy he ever had and then some. John agreed to it but said he was still shy and not sure about being in front of all these guys doing that.

Tammy outlined how the bet was to be paid off. They would all be naked. Cheryl would be dressed and watching as well as conducting the ceremonies.

They could not use their hands, only mouths. The men could cum on their faces, bodies or in their mouths. Tammy explained all the men had been tested safe and many were married men looking for a safe avenue. Because of John's few sex partners and he would only receive, they weren't as concerned with his status.

The losers would wear blindfolds and headphones taped to their heads playing music so the men would be anonymous and could discuss them freely. They would each receive man after man without a break until everyone was completely satisfied.

They would wear knee pads and be allowed to stretch a bit before each cock. Cheryl would let them know when it was over. Then they would take a shower together and head back to the lesbian's apartment for the night and tomorrow.

John was nervous but when Sue said it sounded okay to her, he decided to go with it. They were both virgins and if she could do it he could.

Besides, no one here knew who he was and the men would never recognize him with all that stuff on his eyes and ears.

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