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Chapter 5.

The man and woman sat near one another. She couldn't control herself. She began licking his neck. She unzipped his fly, stuck his hand inside, grasped his penis on the outside of his underwear. The cab driver watched in the rearview mirror, chuckling to himself. The man saw the driver and gave him a look that said, 'If you want a tip, you'll keep your eyes on the fucking road.'

She whispered into the man's ear. "I want you to fuck me like a whore. I want to be your fucking whore." She continued to stroke his cock and could tell he liked this talk. "I want this cock in my mouth. I want you to fucking come all over my face."

As he listened to her, he could hardly control himself. Just this was close to making him come.

Then the cab pulled up to some shady looking hotel in a bad part of town. He zipped his fly, threw the driver $20 and they went inside. He had his arm around her. She continued to press her face into his neck.

"We need a room," he told the man behind the desk.

Disinterested, as if he'd seen this a million times, the attendant asked, "For how long?"

"A couple hours," the man said.

"Fifty bucks. Prepaid."

He put the money down. Took the key and then went to the elevator. Second floor. It smelled like cigarettes and stale beer. They found their room -- 204 -- and went in. It was dingy, gross. There was queen bed that looked 50 years old. The carpet was stained. The bathroom smelled of mildew.

She moved over to the bed, sat down, spread her legs. He moved toward her, unzipped his fly, took his cock out. She grabbed his ass, pulled him close to her.

She took his cock in her hand, lightly licked the foreskin, the most sensitive area. She teased it, flicking her tongue on it. Then she started sucking on the shaft of his penis, never putting the whole thing in her mouth. It drove him crazy. She slid her mouth up and down the shaft, like she was sucking on the side of a popsicle. Then, much to his surprise, she took her mouth off and spit on his cock. She started jerking him off in her hands, spitting on it a couple times. It was wet, and there was drool hanging off her hands and his cock, all very nasty.

"Do you like that?" she asked.

All he did was moan, and she continued to massage his shaft with her spit-moistened hands, licking the foreskin along the way. Then, finally, she put the whole thing in his mouth. Up and down, she sucked on his cock.

"You fucking whore," he said, "yeah, that feels good. That's going to make me cum."

When she sensed he was going to come, she took his cock out of her mouth and started jerking it again.

"I want you to come on me."

"Yeah, I want to."

"Come on my face. Come on my neck."

(She hoped he was smart enough not to come on the dress.)

She jerked on his cock and he began groaning loudly. She felt the hot cum spray on her tongue and her lips, and she moved it down to her neck and felt it spray some more on her necklace.

She looked up at him and saw his look of pleasure, as he saw her drenched in his cum. She rubbed her hands on the semen, wiped it off her neck and put it in her mouth. She couldn't believe she was doing it. It was like she was in somebody else's body, using someone else's mind, but as she licked his saltiness like it was candy, it got her more and more turned on.

"I fucking love your cum," she said.

He watched her wipe all his goo off herself and put it in her mouth, and it made him get erect all over again.

He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back on to the bed forcibly. He took her legs off the floor -- she still had her shoes on -- and spready them wide open. He grabbed the pantyhose just inside her right thigh and ripped at it. He ripped a hole in it, kept ripping until she had a hole that exposed her crotch.

He felt her underwear with his fingers, and they were sopping wet.

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