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Mom pretends to ignore what's in her cunt.

Her impatience was getting the best of her. The second they got to the room, she was asking about her surprise. He pulled a small box out of the bag and handed it to her.

She opened it and gasped. It was a heart pendant encrusted with diamonds and amethysts the exact shade of her dress.

"How did you know?" She asked.

"I had some people let me know what you bought today. Here, let me help you with it." He put the white gold chain around her neck. The pendant hung just at the top of her breasts, drawing attention to her ample cleavage. She quickly went to the bathroom to look in the mirror.

"It's perfect," she said hugging him and covering his face with kisses.

"Let me get in the shower," he said pulling away from her, "then we can go to dinner."

Reluctantly she let him go off to the shower as she went to the kitchen to mix them some drinks. She could hear the water and imagined him lathering himself up, his cock becoming semi-erect as he washed it. God she was horny. Well she had to do something about it she thought as she wandered to the bedroom.

She heard the water stop and waited in anticipation for him to walk in. It only took a few moments, he walked in, towel wrapped around his waist another in his hands drying his hair. He stopped cold in his tracks the second he saw her.

"That's not an outfit that will get me out the door to dinner," he said.

"It's not supposed to," she explained. "It's supposed to get you hard so I can show my appreciation for my gift."

"Well it worked." The bra and panties were simple yet elegant. She lay on the chaise in the bedroom, the panties cut high on her leg, the bra thrusting her breasts up creating a shelf of cleavage for her new pendant. That they were same lilac color as the dress just added to their sensuousness.

"So why don't you bring your hard cock over here then?"

He walked to her and, in one swift motion, she pulled the towel off him. His semi-erect penis bobbed in front of her and she quickly took it in her mouth. He grew while she held him in her mouth her tongue swirling over his sensitive tip. She didn't have to shift position at all, as she drew her lips back and forth across his shaft.

She moved her hand to stroke the base as she covered the head with kisses and licks. His knees buckled as she sucked his whole length into her mouth. She could feel him getting close and pulled his hard on out of her mouth. "Why don't we switch places?" She suggested.

He sat on the chaise. She pushed his knees apart and kneeled between his legs. Her hand massaged his shaft while she licked and teased his nipples. With agonizing slowness, she kissed her way back to his groin. Her lips slid up one side and down the other. He reached down to fondle her breasts as she took him back in her mouth. It wasn't doing much to sate her lust but he was certainly enjoying it.

His hands left her breasts and went to her head. He pulled her mouth onto his shaft as she sucked deeply, her tongue swirling around as she sucked up to the head then back down to the base. He pushed her hair out of the way and watched her lips glide up and down his cock, her cheek bulging with his girth.

"Baby, I'm getting close," he said, his voice thick with lust.

"I know," she said licking the head and shaft before filling her mouth with his meat.

"I mean really close."

She didn't answer him; her head just kept bobbing up and down in his lap meeting the thrust of his hips. Her hand encircled the base of his cock, fingers massaging his testicles until his cock twitched between her lips, filling her mouth as she milked every last drop out of him.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and disappeared to the bathroom. After recuperating for several minutes, he made his way to the bathroom to find her putting away her toothbrush and getting out her lipstick to freshen it.

"Go get dressed, I'm starving," she said.

He slid up behind her.

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