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Aunt Valerie's seduction plan starts.

"We have a hole the size of the American debt in our account. Escorting services are for rich people."

"Ok, that's not really my problem. That's another red line for me."

"One month." Ana said.


"I can see the same person again but I'll have to wait one month, so there will be no emotional attachment." She imitated Dan voice when she said emotional attachment. "It's only sex, you know."

"Six months."

"One month, take it or leave it."

"Ok. And no one we know."

"Goes without saying."

"No one in the office you've been fantasizing about, no one that might even remotely know us. Oh, and I want my name on the house deed. I want half."

Ana laughed with little mirth. "As if."

"You know what, maybe your parents bought you this big house but I sure as hell worked my ass over the years so that it would be lacking nothing. The house, you and the kids. Vacations, clothes, bills, cars, everything here has some of my sweat on it. And you know what?" He rose and Ana saw in his eyes some of the fire that belonged to the man she once fell in love with. "Yesterday I found out that sixteen years of sweat arn't worth shit and I could find myself on my ass in the street. That at 38 I'll have to start my life again from scratch. I won't let that happen."

"You want equality?"

"I don't want to be dependent on your charity, not after yesterday."

"Excellent. That goes all the way. It's good thing you've finally decided to make it to your thirties, love." She shook his hand. "Frankly I thought you'd never mature past your teens but if you're ready to make some grown up choices-"

"What do you mean?"

"If everything in this partnership is on the table I want a real change."

"Go on."

"The bank manager called today, we are on the brink of financial disaster. I had to take a killer rate loan to cover our overdraft."

"I'm sorry about the four hundred dollar, won't happen again."

"Four hundred and fifty." Ana rose, searched through his pants he left on the bedroom floor when he showered, pulled out his platinum credit card and folded it.

"Hey!" Dan shouted.

"That's one. Until you prove you're an adult, I'll be the only person here carrying a credit card. And don't think you can order another, I'll be monitoring the account. I cancelled our gym membership plus my tennis club membership, that's two."

"You didn't have to cancel your membership." Dan had the decency to look embarrassed.

"Mom will let me have her old spinning bike and we have a pool and a treadmill. Gym is luxury, we're poor."


"I already told Yona that she need not come next Thursday and I paid Salim what we owe him and thanked him but I told him we can't afford him anymore. That's three."

"So no cleaning woman and no gardener. Ok."

"I've cancelled our cables and ISP membership. "

"You did what?" Dan eyes widened. "I need that so my programming skills won't rust."

"You mean your skills at shooting imaginary people at imaginary games? Grow up, Dan. I never saw you honing your programming skills on our computer. It was always an excuse to buy new and expensive stuff for your stupid games. If you want to Google, I have internet at the office. Oh, I've canceled your IPhone surfing membership too. That's four."

"This is crazy."

"Welcome to adulthood."

"So you will let me have half the house?"

"Thirty percent. The kids get thirty percent and I get the rest. If we do separate I'll buy your share and you can buy a decent apartment with the money. But you'll have to work for it, hard."

"What do you mean?"

"I'm tired of working nine hours every day only to come back to a house where the real work begins. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework, driving to basketball practice, showers, bed making, dishes, I'm alone in this fight, you're like a spectator. This slave wants out."

"Ok, so I'll pull my share."

"You'll do more than that.

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