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Nursing Melanie gets wet at the beach.

That slut in the mirror had eyes that begged for more; they begged for her pussy to be used and pounded, and they begged for her body to be exposed. In that moment, Madison seriously considered stripping off her clothes and taking nude pictures for a half second, but was getting too much pleasure out of her masturbation and from the pictures she had already uploaded to drive her to actually do it.

Looking at the pictures of her first album, she accidentally clicked on one, and her mouth fell open when she saw that 133 people had viewed it already. That was way more exposure than she got on Facebook, at least that she knew of, and more than she really expected to get here. "Oh god, 133 people looking at me in my bikini," she whispered as she thrust her fingers as deep as possible inside her pussy and pinching her clit. "I wish they were all here watching me," she continued. "And I wish they would find 133 more, and I want them to repost me so that everyone on that site, everyone, oh yes, everyone..."

She had rolled over on her side now, overcome by an impending orgasm, her right foot in the air as she continually pounded her throbbing pussy and massaged and pinched her clit. "...everyone to look at me, Madison the Facebook slut! I need everyone on that site to see me, oh yes, I need everyone!"

It was all Madison could do not to scream as she convulsed on the floor as an orgasm ripped through her body. "Oh, oh, everyone!" She whisper-moaned as she shook. The organ continued for what seemed like minutes, Madison's right leg, which was in the air, was shaking violently, and she bucked her hips and pulled her fingers out of her pussy and pulled her panties into the gap between her pussy lips, the rough fabrics stimulating her and causing the effects and the pleasure of her krgasm to linger. It eventually subsided, leaving Madison to perform her ritual of licking and sucking all her juices out of her hand while continuing to pleasure herself with her other.

Still extremely aroused, Madison reached for her dildo the instant she could no longer taste her juices on her hand. She brought the dildo to her lips, teasing it with her tongue. She licked it playfully and smiled in the mirror before pushing it into her mouth, pushing until she hit a wall at the back of her throat. Taking it out, she smiled in the mirror before pushing it as far in as she could. She almost gagged as she felt the humiliation of forcing herself to deepthroat a dildo, and of watching herself as she did it. She liked sucking cock, but deepthroating a dildo was more humiliating for some reason.

If she stopped to think about it, it was probably because there was an obvious reason girls suck cock, even if they don't get any enjoyment from it themselves - because the guys always love it. There was no guy here to love it, just a piece of rubber and plastic with no feelings and no sex drive. Yet here she was, making herself gag on this piece of rubber and plastic, and only for her own humiliation. The only goal she had was to make herself look and feel more slutty and humiliated, because for some inexplicable reason it aroused her. Here she was, forcing herself to take a fake cock as far down her throat as she could stand, and making herself feel all the feelings that resulted from it, and she wasn't even doing it to please someone, she was doing it purely to feel those feelings.

Again she thrusted the dildo into the back of her throat, quickly removing it and seeing that it was a slimy mess covered with saliva and mucus. "Oh yeah," she whispered, "make it messy, I love being a dumb whore and fucking my own mouth rough!" She plunged it into her throat again, tilting her head up and watching the mirror as she pumped it in and out, in and out of her throat.

Using force now, she turned her mouth into just another hole to be used as she violently forced the dildo down, deeper, farther than she had just moments ago.

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