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The plumber turns my house call into a wet fantasy.

He still felt that way himself when seeing it. At the door to leave he noticed she was hanging back and she raised a finger. He nodded and stepped out with the bags. A deep inhale in through the nose... then out. Looking at the busy folk he may never meet bustle about, he felt more in tune with reality. As if the meaning of it all was just all but too simple to be found.

Katherine emerged with a bag and winked. Back they went. On the way a patrol car slowed down and pulled over next to them. They looked curiously as a male officer stepped halfway out with an arm on the roof. It was Killian. They could see his gears turning as he looked at Spencer then his eyes went wide. Spencer nodded with a knowing grin.

"Spence! That is you!" Killian said closing the door and coming around the front of the car. He had moved up here to Nova Scotia from the New England area years and years ago, but his accent was still strong. "My God man I heard you were in some accident but... what happened to ya?"

"Lightning." Spencer replied. Katherine looked up at him.

"Light- like from the clouds? You serious? Well count your lucky stars you're still walkin'. How ya been? Been what... three years?"

"Things are okay." Spencer said. Katherine smiled. "How's Beatrice and Ronny?"

"Ah." Killian gave a grin and dismissive wave. "The woman's probably going through the damn catalogue again. She shops for the holidays year 'round y'know. Says she saves money that way. Beats me. Ronny's in a jazz band now and hardly has time for anything now he's in college."

"Good. At least he's productive."

"Yeah, yeah. Hey... by the way... Spence..." Killian looked serious and hesitant suddenly. "Was that you at the park around a week back? At the picnic table?" They looked at each other, then Spencer slowly shook his head.

"No. Wasn't me." Killian raised his chin, then gave a slow nod.

"Yeah. Course it wasn't. Sorry." His eyes were knowing, but he smiled and tipped his hat. "Be seein' ya around Spence. And a good day to you too miss!" He said with a raised hand, entering the car. It slowly rolled forward and over the hill as they continued. Katherine was eyeing him as they walked. Finally he looked down to her and raised his brows.

"You were struck by lightning?" She asked looking amazed but worried.

"Yes. Twice. Once while tracking a potential perp, and once when seeing you." He kept his face straight and forward. Then looked and noted her cheesed out expression. He stuck his tongue between his teeth with a wide smile and goosed her in the ribs with a thumb. She started giggling and soon they were back home.

The plastic bags rustled as they removed the contents, and he discovered she had bought booze as well as another pineapple. Spencer watched as she took some ice cubes from the freezer and some milk, whipping them up a white Russian each. The glasses tinked and things again felt so natural. Twenty four hours ago he was sweating and running through the streets investigating a possible assault or kidnapping of the woman he stalked. Now they had drinks and marshmallows. Go figure.

He watched her skip back to her laptop and soon some more active music was playing. Eighties style synthwave. Never could tell with this one. She hopped back in front of him and took another sip, let out a satisfied sigh, set the glass on the counter and dropped to her knees. Spencer watched her undo his belt and start playing with his package through his boxers. It grew fast as she placed kisses on the bulge while massaging his balls. Then with a tug he sprang free and she took it in her mouth. It felt hot and cold from the drink simultaneously. Her knees shuffled closer and she wrapped her arms under his legs up to buttocks. His jaw went slack as he watched her gag herself on his rigid flesh. His drink rest forgotten in his hand and he shut his eyes, feeling the back of her throat greeting his glans.

Katherine moaned, going full energy to have him release.

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