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Scott Norton story continues!

No, none, but I'm so glad it was ok, I was worried in case it wasn't"

"Ok? It was bloody wonderful!" Jackie told Anne gratefully.

All three women were now smiling like Cheshire cats, the ice had been broken and the doubts cleared away.

"Oh, and by the way," Anne looked at Denise and then continued, "Jackie has a beautiful cunt, I just thought I'd save you asking!" "Oh, you could hear that down the 'phone, could you? Well I might have bloody known she would have, lucky bitch."

"Ignore her moans, I said she was jealous." Jackie cut in, to be rewarded by Denise sticking her tongue out at her. Then, looking at Anne, Jackie asked, "I know I enjoyed what you did, but did you enjoy doing it?"

"Oh, did I ever? Justin had got the hump 'cos he didn't get anything while we were there and wouldn't touch me afterwards, so I had to wait till I got home, but then I reckon I wore out two sets of batteries just thinking about it!"

"Yes, I was selfish, wasn't I? I never thought about your fun, I am sorry!"

"So you would return the favour then?" Denise was harking back to their earlier conversation, determined to get an answer from her friend.

Jackie was caught off guard for a moment, but then she said "Yes, I guess I would, in fact I think I'd like to!"

She stopped for a few seconds, then, "Anne, if you've never touched a woman before I guess nobody - female, that is - has done it to you?"

"Nobody." Anne replied, hoping she knew where this was heading.

"Then, if I was your first, will you be my first?"

"Oh yes please! Anytime you want!"

Jackie looked round at Denise. "Den, it would give me a hell of a kick if you'd watch us!"

"Always the bridesmaid, never the bride! But hadn't you better ask Anne about that, she may not fancy a spectator?"

"Oh, yes she would, I'm a closet exhibitionist as well as a closet bi!" Anne answered for herself. "There is just one condition though."

The other two looked at her expectantly.

"If one of us gets naked, we all get naked, ok Den?"

"I guess we'll all be naked then. Because I love to watch just like you two love showing off." Denise replied, turning to Jackie. "Oh, and Jackie!"

Jackie looked at her friend, eyebrows raised, wondering what was coming next!"

"Then I can check out for myself if your pussy really is beautiful!"

"Typical!" Said Jackie. "I guess the next question now is - when?"

"You know what we said earlier before Anne arrived, about talking about making you horny?" Denise asked

Jackie nodded.

"Well it still fucking well is, so how about right now?"

"Right now is just about as long as I can wait!" Anne was confirming her readiness.

Jackie looked at Anne, then at Denise, and then, suddenly realising that her heart was pounding with anticipation, she nodded agreement, rose from her seat and started towards the stairs! "Come along then girls, this way and don't take all day!"

"Ooohh, get her!" Said Anne in mock sarcasm, as the other two got up and followed.

"Sooner or later, I intend to!" Muttered Denise to herself.

Jackie reached the bedroom first, but then hesitated, wondering if she had the nerve to go through with it. She wanted badly to taste Anne, and to give her the pleasure that she'd received, but she wasn't sure if she knew how and the thought of messing up with Denise present was somewhat daunting. But then, all three of them were novices with their own sex and so who knew what was good and what was not! But even as she stood there wavering the others came in with Denise, up front as usual, demanding to know why Jackie hadn't started undressing!

"Because it would be impolite to start without you." She replied and began undoing the belt to her slacks. Once she had started it seemed that all doubts disappeared and the rest of her clothes came off without any hesitation, leaving her standing naked to watch Anne slipping out of her panties and Denise making a performance out of unclipping her bra. Very soon three naked women stood gazing at each others bodies with open desire, ragged breathing testifying to their arousal.

"Before we do anything else, c

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