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Raven wasn't much of a wine drinker but for some reason she was loving it tonight.

The drunkenness excited her and made her think increasingly bold thoughts. Mid way through her third glass she proposed that they take their party outside -- to the hot tub.

They took the wine with them as they jumped in. The cool night air was chilly and feeling a little damp. Raven tried rather unsuccessfully to avoid staring at Liz's chest.

Her bikini top was bulging with her magnificent breasts. Raven emptied the contents of her glass and a single gulp and said " I wish I had boobs like yours Liz. They're so nice." She burped blushed and giggled in succession.

"Aww thanks babe, but their really not all that great. I mean yeah their big. Bigger than average for sure, but they still have their drawbacks. I mean I'd much rather have smaller ones myself, but more round, like yours".

Raven raised an eyebrow at this, "Really? Whats a drawback of having such a fantastic rack? "

"Oh, much much more than you'd think. Early back problems for one. Plus when I'm old they'll sag and hang and I most certainly won't want to be showing them off"

Liz had leaned in close and now she and Raven were nearly touching. "Yep, I think if I had my choice I'd definitely go for something smaller."

At this point Liz reached out and slowly began to move Raven's bikini top aside exposing one pert breast, the nipple of which was hard and and stiff. Raven was short of breath and felt the incredible weight of the moment.

Just then it began to pour cold spring rain. The girls looked up and began to laugh and giggle until a lightening bolt struck and they were sent running inside.

All the lights in the house were off, the power must have gone out in the storm just as it had nearly a week before.

Raven toweled off while Liz went and got some candles from the kitchen she lit a few and then glanced over at Raven dry but with wet black hair still dripping.

"Oh doll, you're shivering. We better get you outta those wet clothes and warm you on up. You might actually get sick" She winked at this and suddenly Raven was as horny as she'd ever been in her eighteen years.

She took off her bathing suit and let it crumple on the floor, When Liz came over to wrap her in a fresher towel Raven made her move. She fake stumbled into Liz's waiting arms and fell into her, feeling her ample breasts push against her own flesh.

When Liz reached in to stabilize her Raven went in for the real thing -- a full on, mouth to mouth kiss. She tasted the rainwater and wine on Liz's lips. Instead of pulling away Liz surprised her by kissing back, she backed away slightly but only so as to open her mouth wider and give a more passionate kiss.

Liz's hot tongue danced over Raven's own and soon they were locked in an intense tongue sucking make out session. Liz tilted the younger girl's head back and stared into her green eyes as she worked her magic. Liz Robinson was an amazing kisser, she honestly believed that one kiss was all it would take to make anyone hers forever. It had worked on Bob and she hadn't even given that a full effort. Raven let out soft moans of excitement and lust.

Liz was loving every second of this. Even Raven's spit tasted sweet. Standing over the smaller girl and gazing down into her beautiful face was so stimulating she was tempted to take her to the floor and do her right there on the living room carpet.

The faint light from the candles enhanced the glow of pale white skin, perfect and inviting. Liz wanted to taste every single inch of the body before her.

The older woman fought the urge to get down on her knees and bury her face in Raven's nearly virgin sex. No, that would come just a little later. Liz knew that in taking her time she would greatly improve the experience for both of them, so with some reservation she broke the embrace of the long sensual kiss.

When she did this Raven made a sound of mmmhmm's and tried to move in once more, sticking her small tongue out hungrily trying to part Liz's

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