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More things are revealed as time passed them.

Firm and toned my hands pressed against every inch enjoying her now. She was busy shampooing her hair and then rinsing it out moving in front of me smooth and supple. Every time she moved a little or bent forwards that gorgeous firm rear grazed my rock hard shaft teasing me even more.

She turned her head a little a playful smile on her face watching me. My hands moved back up to cup her breasts squeezing. Then I was just trailing my lips across her shoulders until I captured her mouth, that light brush of lips first, before I went back for more. Deeper and harder nibbling on her lips and feeling her tongue flick out to tease mine playfully.

I enjoyed that, enjoyed the taste of her. But it only made me want more. I broke back a little still holding those firm breasts and let one hand drift down sliding along her taut toned belly.

"So I think if were here, we need to make sure you're clean all over." I murmured letting my eyes run down over her.

"Oh yeah? What did you have in mind then?" She replied back her voice light and teasing.

"Something like this maybe. I like to make sure I do a good thorough job of things." I teased her again letting my fingers move down lower across her belly down between her thighs just to stroke lightly against her entrance. I drew my opposite hand from her breast around to her shoulder slowly sliding my way down along her back running my fingers along her spine until I could brush her hip and then find the firm swell of her pert behind.

I squeezed and groaned almost simultaneously, my erection throbbing again at the touch of her slick wet flesh. She must have felt it. The teasing minx pressed back rubbing that firm derri__re against me so I was just sliding myself between her cheeks. My fingers were lightly exploring her. I traced across her entrance caressing the bare lips of her sex and parted them a little just delving inside.

In front of me she gave a shocked excited gasp pushing back again at my touch. She was slick and wet there to, liquid heat on my fingers as I edged one gently inside exploring. "Some attention needed here perhaps?" I teased her softly leaning in to nibble on her earlobe. I caressed her, stroking my thumb up and down until I could circle and brush her clit.

"Maybe you need to go down for a better look?" She teased me rocking back again for a moment looking at me sideways over one shoulder. I delved inside her a little deeper my fingers exploring that slick heat of her stroking in and out while I just growled with hunger. I could do that. I wanted that.

I kissed her shoulder and started sliding down planting kisses along her spine until I reached the small of her back. I carried on down until I was presented with her gorgeous firm ass. I couldn't resist a little bite, hard enough to leave a mark while she gave a shocked gasp above me. She leaned forward resting her upper body against the polished tiles of the shower. The sight of her bare breasts squashed against it even more tempting.

But it served the purpose of lowering herself a little and pushing her hips back towards me. As she parted her legs a little as well she gave me all the room I needed to enjoy her fully. I dived in, one hand on her hip the other still stroking and caressing her clit. Only now I could taste her. "Oh god, yes that's it." She hissed above me reaching around her hand in my hair holding me against her.

I placed mouth over her sex and started hungrily sliding my tongue over her lips using my fingers to open her up and slide inside. The taste of her was like nectar on my mouth. I groaned and pushed harder, deeper, licking and sucking hungrily. She was hot and wet, so wet. Above me I could hear her panting and moaning. Her body straining as I feasted on it. She cried out for me urging me on as my tongue slithered inside her delving deep licking up every drop of her juices as it spilled from her.

I wanted to drive her crazy, wanted to taste her excitement and make her explode all over me.

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