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Does spicing up the action come with consequences?


His accent was certainly not English.

"I am Anthony Andrews, sir. I think you must be my nephew Robert."

"How did you... Yes. I'm Robert Andrews."

"I am pleased to meet you Anthony. This is one of my ladies, Asha."

Anthony executed a creditable bow to Asha. She bobbed a curtsey to him.

"Do you know anything about cricket, Mr Andrews?" Asha asked directly.

"Cricket? What? Why?"

"Asha was far too blunt, Anthony. We are here to try to find a suitable site for a cricket pitch. We don't know enough about cricket so we have invited some people who do know more to help."

"We do play cricket in New South Wales. I don't. I haven't got time, or I hadn't. Sorry, I'm not much help about cricket, Anthony and Asha."

"Never mind, Robert. We've nearly finished here and were going back to the house shortly. Do you have any luggage?"

"Yes. The chaise is waiting on the road. It brought me from the station but the driver told me you were here, not at home."

"Then we'll join you. The others can come back in our carriage. Asha? Could you tell them and come to join us?"

"Of course, Anthony."

"She runs your errands?"

"They all do. I'm not as mobile as I used to be. You'll meet them all tonight, Robert, including my new wife Sumitra."

"I will be delighted, Anthony."

I could see the trace of a grin on his face.

"I'm sure you will be, as they will be to see you. My household is well known."

"So well known that I even knew about it in New South Wales, Anthony."

"That did surprise me when James told me."

"James? He's here?"

"Yes, Robert. He's the young man at the far end of the field talking to the gentleman in the turban. He'll join us at the house."

"With respect, Anthony, I have come to see James. He's my closest living relation except you. I wanted to see what he's like."

"Your closest? You have no children, Robert?"

"Unlike you, Anthony, no. The driver Alfred was very willing to impart all he knew about the Andrews household. Twenty-five children and fifteen wives? I'm impressed." Robert laughed. "Even if officially you have only one wife, the locals seem to think you have fifteen. They're proud of you as a local celebrity. They also seem to like and respect you. Whether that's for your wealth or your household? I think it is both."

"Wealth? I think you are richer than I am, Robert. Is that a gold nugget on your fob chain?"

"Yes. I'm probably richer. I don't know. I have a much larger estate than you and unusually for New South Wales I own it outright including the mineral rights. My father was a very astute businessman as long as you didn't enquire too closely about his dealings. Apart from the land I own the three gold mines on it. Last year we produced more gold than ever."

"Gold as well as land? Land I can understand, but gold? That seems like a licence to coin your own money."

"It is. I can't spend it all. I have no children to leave it to, not even..."


"No bastards. Unlike you, I can't father bastards. That's one unfortunate inheritance from my father. I didn't know but he passed on an infection that means I can't have children. Hence my interest in James, my closest young relation."

"You're not?"

"I am. If I find him at all acceptable I want to take him to Australia and make him my heir. What do you think of him?"

"A pleasant young man. My household are very impressed with him. He seems a sensible young gentleman. I think he wants my financial help with something but we haven't discussed it yet. A couple of my women have given me hints. I suspect he might want to purchase an Army commission."
"The Army? That would be a waste. The Empire could be at war with Russia soon and he could die in action. Then he couldn't inherit from you or from me."

"He won't inherit from me anyway. My will sets up a trust for my wife/wives and children. They'll need support once I've gone."

"That sounds sensible, more sensible than cricket."

"We hope the cricket pitch will benefit the villagers. Asha also wants dams on the river to reduce winter flooding."

"Dams? I have many dams on my property.

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