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Her car breaks down in the desert on the way to Vegas.

"I don't have a man, sir."

"That's unfortunate. Someone as desirable as you should be well taken care of."

"Thank you, sir." She blushes and stammers. She shifts her weight from one foot to the other. Over the past 15 minutes, she's gone from a totally poised and professional woman to a giddy, embarrassed young girl.

Jane comes out of the dressing room in the purple dress. Alexandra snaps into a more professional posture. I quickly turn from Alexandra to Jane. The absurdity of the fact that I am trying to cheat on my mistress and I chuckle.

Jane looks hurt. "No, that wasn't about you. Just something I was thinking about. You look fantastic. Show me the back." Jane spins for me. "Perfect. We will take this one too." Jane smiles and goes back in for the last dress.

I turn to face Alexandra. I stare directly at her. She turns back into the giddy, flattered young girl. She keeps breaking eye contact to look down. I hold my stare. After a while her smile breaks, "What, sir? Is something wrong?"

"Not a single thing. I'm just imagining how a man could fully take care of you."

Her smile returns with a lot of blush. She shifts her weight and almost falls down.

Jane comes out in the black dress she picked out. She looks like a Saigon whore. The dress is a size to small with too short a skirt and her breasts falling out. "I don't think we will be taking this one."

Alexandra takes the other two dresses and heads to the register while Jane changes back into her clothes. I stay on the sofa and continue to stare at Alexandra across the store.

After Jane comes out, I go to the register to pay and Jane goes to a rack near the front of the store to look at some pants or something.

Alexandra tells me the total. I hand her my credit card. Her hand is shaking and it brushes against mine. She takes three tries to swipe it. As she hands it back to me, take her hand. She freezes with her mouth open. I say, "I want to see you again."

Still in shock, she slides a card across the counter with her other hand that she's already filled out with her phone number. "In case you have any issues with the dresses."

"Yes, of course. The dresses."

She smiles and finishes packing things up. Jane and I leave. We have a reservation at a hotel nearby. I almost call her Alexandra when I cum.

The next day, I sign up for one of those Google phone number things so I can text Alexandra without giving her my real number. We text back and forth. We agree to meet for dinner at a nice restaurant near the mall. I tell my wife I am going out with one of my friends who is moving out of town. She likely won't see him again so she won't be able to check my alibi.

Alexandra texts me a picture of her in two different dresses and asks which she should wear. Both are very nice and completely classy. I pick one. Then I go to the La Perla online catalog. I pick out a bra/panty/garter set. I text the link telling her I want her to wear that too. I Venmo her the money to pay for it. She replies, "Yes sir".

We go to dinner a few nights later. She calls me "sir" the whole night. I'm not sure if she knows my actual name. The conversation is lively and flirtatious but never sexual or suggestive. At the end of dinner, I mention that the hotel across the street has a great view of the lake. She says she never been.

"Would you like to see it?"

Without hesitation while quickly standing up from her seat, "Yes, sir."

We head over. Luckily someone made reservations in my name for a room with a view of the lake. I ask for some wine to be sent to the room.

We go up and admire the view for a few minutes. The wine arrives. She takes a sip then excuses herself to the bathroom. After a few minutes, she emerges in the lingerie I picked out, stockings, a thing gold necklace, and her high heels.

"Thank you for your gift, sir"

"Thank you" She's breathtaking.

She walks to me confidently. I order her to spin around. She complies and I drink her all in.

"How do you feel about being in a hote

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