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Married black doctor ensnares Blues musician.

Finally one of the girls who had helped her earlier told her to just go sleep.

She made her way down the hall, pulling pins from her hair, almost too tired to lift up her feet, when what she saw through an open doorway made her do a double take.

A lean, tan man.

With shaggy black hair.

And a circular patch of black skin at the base of his spine.

It couldn't be...

Curious, Aegina crept silently into the room to try and get a better look, afraid to disturb the man enjoying one of Pythia's prostitutes. But within a few steps, she could tell. The muscles flexing in his shoulders, the way his skin seemed to glimmer in the moonlight, the way that black spot seemed to pulse as he thrust into the woman underneath him...

Eiro closed his eyes, breathing in deeply. He could almost smell her, the alluring scent of her skin. Pulling back he thrust harder into the woman underneath him, finding a new energy. This prostitute, she tasted like all other women, but she had tasted sweet...

The room had gotten at least ten degrees hotter as she watch his movements. The dress itched uncomfortably at her breasts, making her twitch everytime the heavy cloth brushed against her. Aegina bit her lip as she continued to watch him. His long shaft pumped faster now into the convulsing prostitute. She had no doubt about what that woman was feeling, the slick ecstacy as he pounded away at her small frame...Aegina shuddered and clutched at the gather of fabric at her waist.

The black patch of skin on his back pulsed, forming a small mound before smoothing out again. It mesmerized Aegina, pulling her closer to his body. Her hand reached out, wanting to touch him, but she pulled back, gnawing on her bottom lip, afraid to break his concentration. Instead, she leaned over, inches away from him, inspecting the darkened patch. After all, she could always remember the feel of his skin against hers, the taste...

Her small pink tongue flicked out almost of its own will, running over and around that intriguing bit of flesh.


"You can come on out now, the big bad god is gone," Hera said to the empty air.

She sighed and once again waved away an image in her reflecting pool. Eros appeared right in front of her seated form, wings tucked back and hardened member inches away from her full lips.

"You called?"

One corner of her mouth lifted in an attempt to smile.

"I suppose I did." Her eyes fixed on the tan shaft in bobbing in front of her. "You're always ready, aren't you, Eros?"

He grinned broadly. "It does happen to be my specialty."

Hera glanced up, noticing again the gleam of his white teeth, before returning her gaze to his manhood. The veins that protruded along his member glowed faintly gold. "You know I haven't tasted true ambrosia in the longest time."

She licked her lips and leaned forward, capturing him with ease. Running her tongue along his length, she brought him further into her mouth. She pulled back, wrapping her lips around just the head of his cock and sucking fiercely. Eros' wings stretched and flexed as Hera's talented tongue worked him to the point of ecstasy. One hand gripped his backside, keeping him under control, with the other she fondled his heavy balls. Her head bobbed forward, burying her nose in curly hair of his crotch, forcing his cock down her throat. Clamping her lips tightly around his shaft, she pulled back. She kept it up, speeding up until he couldn't keep himself from gripping her head and fucking her mouth. An instant later his golden seed poured down her throat and she swallowed it greedily, teasing every last drop from him.


Eiro leaned his head back and shivered. "Aegina," he breathed. Her tongue froze as she heard him whisper.

"Wait...Aegina?" Eiro twisted as well as he could, flipping his shaggy hair out of his face, clearly shocked at her sudden appearance. She straightened, sheepish, hand covering her mouth.

"Aegina, what are you doing here?" he hissed, obviously restraining himself from yelling.


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