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Two girls holiday at one's country estate - Some incest.

Her front was off limits.

Again with the weird hot and cold shifts. This lady seemed to be a paradox. She got hot quickly, then totally cold even faster. She seemed to freak out whenever I started getting close to penetration or even undressing her.

I figured it was the old problem of tease and commitment. There was some touching that night but that was about it. Every time I tried to take her clothes off, she would pull away. Then she would look at me as if I was supposed to know what was going on. I felt like an idiot. We even talked about it. She said I just needed to be in the right place with her. But she couldn't tell me where that place was. I didn't know it at the time but she was being literal.

This same MO went on for a couple of weeks. I began to take it as a personal challenge. In any case, it was a good break from Tracy who just teased me in an almost platonic way. At least Angela was teasing me in a SEXUAL way. But this wasn't the classic tease. There were times she was getting REALLY hot. I was sure she wasn't faking it. Or if she was, she was faking it really well. I could tell she wanted it. And she wanted it bad! So how would I get her comfortable? I had a feeling that once I managed that, it would be worth the effort. I was right.

After about the third or fourth date, we were at her house and I decided to take off early. This did the trick. As I opened the door to leave, she gave me this really hot kiss and wouldn't let go. She didn't want me to leave. I started playing with her ass as I was standing there. She started breathing hard again. This was good. I unzipped her pants in the front and popped the snap open. She didn't resist.

Next I moved both hands around her ass inside her panties. This was working. She was pushing her ass back against my fingers opening herself up to me. With one arm I held her tight so she couldn't wiggle away. With the other hand I moved down the crack of her ass. As my finger slid across the pucker, she went wild. Then I pushed my fingers farther down and slid all the way into her cunt from the back. She was soaked.

The door was still open, so I kicked it closed. I didn't want to break the moment. She started to roll away but I held on. I got my fingers back into her from behind. Then I felt her relax in my arms. She started humping my fingers. I had my thumb against her asshole and massaged it for added effect. She was making little grunting sounds. All of a sudden, she screamed and came, convulsing in my arms. We fell down on the carpet with my fingers still in her.

I didn't want her to cool off. I grabbed her pants and pulled them off but just dropped mine to my ankles. I wasn't taking any chances. I fell between her legs and reached down to slide it in. She was very wet everywhere. I just barely got the head in and was ready to drive home when I felt her hands around my cock. She was holding me from getting any farther in! Bizarre!

She moaned, "Wait..."

So what the hell? We had already talked about disease and rubbers. No problems, she was on the pill and this was before AIDS was popular. What was this about? She held on to my cock and kept rubbing it up and down her slit from her asshole to her clit and back again. I would wait until she got it at the right angle and then try to push through her hand. Once it almost went in because her hand was slippery, but she scooted back and said, "You're dangerous."

I laughed and rolled off her.

"I'm dangerous?" I yelled, "What about YOU?"

She had such a forlorn look. And then she whispered, "Don't give up on me."

I moved to kiss her, but she just turned her back to me and we were in the spoon position with her wet and naked ass against my cock.

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