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Good morning, starshine, the earth is our home!

"Did you sleep much?"

"A little Mistress," she said.

"Good. I trust that you learnt your lesson last night and that we won't have any further trouble at toilet time?" Samantha said as she sat down on the breakfast bar.

"I did Mistress, and there will not be any more trouble. On that subject do you think I could be permitted to pee mistress, my bladder feels extremely full."

"Ah yes, yet again I'm forgetting myself. I have set the belt up to allow automatic toilet breaks without me having to authorize them. When you are dismissed like today you can run off and get yourself sorted out." Samantha smiled.

Jessica thanked her and headed off to relieve herself. When she got back Samantha had her PDA in her hand, and was smiling at something. Jessica eyed her nervously, that smile on Samantha's face spelt trouble for her.

"I know the last couple of days has been tough Jessica, but today I intend to show you some of the perks of this job so you can get some perspective."

Jessica smiled. "This morning was a perk Mistress!" she said cheekily.

Samantha smiled back, "That wasn't a perk, but I'm glad you enjoy doing it! Anyway, as I said when we get to the office I'll show you some of the perks of the job, unfortunately before then I have to be mean to you again."

Jessica looked at Samantha with a sad expression on her face.

"It's nothing you have done this time slave, it's something that you need to go through. A rite of passage of some sorts." Samantha said and she showed Jessica the display of the PDA.

'Ready for phase one calibration - proceed?'

"What's phase one calibration Mistress?" Jessica said enquiringly.

Samantha smiled wickedly and pressed the button. Jessica gulped nervously expecting the worst to happen. Perhaps an electric shock or something but instead the two intruders locked inside of her started gently moving inside of her, little by little. The clit vibrator started up as the dildos almost seemed to thrust inside her and Jessica was soon panting in pleasure as the belt expertly exploited her most sensitive spots.

Jessica fell to her knees in pleasure, grinning and moaning as her orgasm approached, the feeling building inside of her was larger than anything she'd experience, the events of the last few days had built up to one gigantic event.

Just as Jessica approached the point of no return, the belt shut down and Jessica howled in frustration.

"So close, please, just a little more!" she yelled.

Samantha bent down on the floor and stroked her head gently. Jessica looked up at her face to see that wicked grin on her face.

"It's not going to let me cum is it Mistress," she said knowing the answer.

With a slightly sorrowed expression Samantha shook her head confirming Jessica's fear.

"No slave, it's not. The belt will routinely bring you back to this point over the next few hours, sometimes with everything like that, sometimes just with one of the devices but it will not let you cum." Samantha said.

"h-h-how?" Jessica stammered.

"How does it know?" Samantha asked. "That's a very good question. Sensi will be able to fill you in on the details as her it's her Master that makes the belts. It's something to do with heart rate monitoring combined with sensors in the belt measuring electric current in the vaginal walls or some techno babble like that."

Jessica sighed, the wondrous feeling fading into yet more pent up sexual frustration, and couldn't help laughing.

"What's so funny slave?" Samantha asked.

"I know one thing Mistress, if you do let me cum we might need to have a bucket close by to catch the river that's going to explode from me!"

Samantha laughed and helped Jessica up.

"Time to get dressed slave, follow me." and the two women headed into the main bedroom.

Excitedly Jessica helped Samantha get changed that morning, something she learnt would also fit into the new morning routine along with the wake up service she gave Samantha that morning.

As she pulled a stocking up Samantha's smooth leg she felt the clit vibr

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