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Tina is examined by security guard.

James pulled on the lapel of the jacket and asked, "Whose jacket is this?"

Katie knew this part of the game. "Yours Master!" she replied in a clear voice.

The knife slipped between her skin and the cloth of the jacket, effortlessly slicing from shoulder to wrist, up one arm then the other. James pulled it free of her and threw it into the crowd.

"Whose dress is this?"

"Yours Master!"

The knife was slipped into the neckline of the dress and slowly pulled down, its razor sharp edge sliding through the material as if it wasn't there. Being low cut and strapless the dress fell behind her as it was cut. First exposing her breasts, then her smooth belly and finally, as it slid to the floor, her lace garter belt, stockings and white panties.

As James walked behind her to remove the dress (it wouldn't do to trip on it!) a movement off the stage caught Katie's eye. Looking up at one of the large screens mounted around the room she saw herself. Arms high, legs wide, her breasts moving with her breathing, nipples hard.

From behind her she heard, "Whose stockings are these?"

Without even thinking she answered, "Yours Master!"

This time the edge of the knife wasn't turned outward. James carefully pressed it hard enough against her legs to cut though the fine silk but not break her skin. Katie held very still, knowing how sharp that knife was and how hard James must be concentrating right now. She closed her eyes and focused on breathing slowly and smoothly. She felt the knife move several times across each calf then progress higher up her legs. The edge of the knife stroked slowly across her thighs, moving from the outsides and working inward. She could feel the slight burn of the knife's edge against her skin, then the coolness of the air as the silk parted.

When she felt the knife move further up her leg to press between her nether lips, she held her breath. She knew she was wide open down there now, and could feel the sharp edge of the knife through the silk of her panties as it traveled though her crease, pressing not quite hard enough to cut the silk there. The knife then passed slowly up her body, across her belly, then ribs to come to rest under her right breast. His control of the pressure was such that the sharp edge left a reddened welt, but didn't cut her soft skin.

"Whose body is this?" His voice echoed loudly in the room as all watched and waited for what would happen

"Yours Master!" she replied taking a quick breath.

The knife moved from under the right breast to the left, around each in turn, circling with its trail of fire. It then slid up between her breasts, across her collarbones and stopped, the sharp edge of the blade now pressing against her neck.

The room was deathly silent as his amplified whisper rolled across the crowd, "And whose life is this?"

The game had never gone this far before, but she knew just how to answer. "It is yours my Lord, my Master!"

She felt the knife draw slowly across her neck, leaving a hot burning trail in its wake. The pain brought forth a rush of juices between her legs, as she felt the slow trickle of blood from her neck where he had very carefully just broken the skin.

The blade was withdrawn and his whisper, for her and only her rang in her ear, "That was perfect! Damn, woman, I love you!"

She opened her eyes when she heard the "thunk" of the knife being driven into one of the uprights holding her. He had rammed the tip of the knife deep into the wood well above her head. He gave her a quick smile and a wink as he turned to the table with the rest of the "toys". There he made a show of picking up each and "testing" it before setting it back down as if he couldn't decide which to use next. She knew what he was really doing was allowing her time to catch her breath and gather herself after the intense start.

As the stage turned, she again caught sight of herself in one of the overhead screens mounted around the room.

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