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A story from Debbie's college partying days.

We parted and in true Heather style she said "Well I guess we didn't have to fight over the bed after all."

I gave her a soft punch in the arm and announced I had to have a shower from all the dancing. Heather moved off to clean up the room while I went into the shower. I turned the water on and stripped out of my clothes which reeked of smoke and spilled beer. I stepped into the shower and struggled to get the paper off the bar before it got too wet. I lathered and turned into the water. It rained down across my throat and over my breasts.

Suddenly I was surprised by a body brushing against my back, I jumped. Heather ran her hands up my arms and onto my shoulders. She kissed my shoulder and I shuddered at the touch. She pulled my wet hair away from neck and kissed the nape. Her body began to press against mine and I felt her breasts crush against my back. "Give me the soap." she whispered. Heather held her hand out and I obliged.

She stepped back and began to run the soap bar over my shoulders and down my back. Her hands slowly washed over my ass and across my hips. She reached around and passed the soap from one hand to the other across my stomach which forced her stepped close to me again. Her soapy hands went up either side until they rested under my breasts. The air caught in my throat and I tightened my stomach as her fingers rolled up over my mounds and around my erect nipples. She lathered my breasts in circle motions and gently squeezed each tit. She kissed my shoulder and ear. Across my belly, her fingers traveled. Past my navel until they reached my damp pubic hair. One hand went to the side and grasped my hip while the other traveled slowly over my pussy. My legs parted and her hand slid between them. She reached quite far as I felt her fingers pass near my anus but then traveled forward and applied a little pressure.

My wings parted at her touch and she slid one finger their length until it rested over my clit. My knees were weak. She rubbed and played with my clit until it was hard. Her soapy hand slid further down and played with my wings. One finger slipped in and penetrated my hole quickly. I gasped with surprise. She moved her finger in and out quite quickly but not deeply while her thumb pressed hard against my clit. I felt light headed and I needed a break. "My turn." I whispered.

Heather released me and I turned in her arms. Our lips met again and we wrestled with our tongues. She squeezed my ass cheeks and pressed me hard against her. I brushed her now wet hair off her chest and bent to kiss her nipples. They were extremely large compared to mine, although she wore only a size large bra than me. I ran my tongue around its bumpy surface, teasing the nipple that stood erect in the centre. In a swift motion, my lips jumped onto her nipple and sucked hard. I swear I heard Heather say something about being a bitch. I sucked the nipple and surrounding area into my mouth, and rolled my tongue around and around. I squeezed both breasts with my hands and ran my thumb over her left nipple.

I knelt down in the shower, the water cascading over my back. I pushed my face into her trim, damp pussy. My hands ran up and down her smooth legs. Heather lifted one foot up onto the tub ledge and pushed my head between her legs. I immediately grabbed a mouthful of her soft skin and sucked hard. My tongue darted out and spread her apart. She was wet from more than the shower and a lapped up her sex juices. Heather pushed her hips forward and her clit begged for some attention. While my tongue swirled around her pink clit, my left hand stole between her legs and I wiggled two fingers into her cunt slowly. Over the pounding of the water on my back, I heard Heather gasp. I few seconds of that and Heather said that was enough, the shower was over.

I climbed but up to my feet and we kissed deeply again.

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