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Josh took action, one of his slaves had to pay.

George and Margrethe followed, but at a rather more leisurely pace, stopping every so often to embrace, each kiss and caress fuelling their mounting excitement. By the time George arrived to unzip the awning and get the loungers out from where they were stowed beneath the tent, Anne was already on her knees on the grass, deep-throating Jan's shaft, and feverishly sliding her fingers between her engorged lips into her sopping wet cunt. This sight of his wife in lost in the throes of unbridled lust turned him on even more, and his cock started to throb and twitch in time with his racing pulse.

While his back was turned, Margrethe, unable to wait any longer, had lain down on the grass beside Anne, and was lasciviously holding her pussy lips apart like a common whore. "Come and fuck me now George," she said, "forget the chairs, and come and put that magnificent weapon into my hot little hole. Look how wet I am."

George needed no further prompting, and taking his place between Margrethe's thighs, plunged his cock deep into her in one swift thrust, and started fucking her with short, savage strokes. Taking George's cue, Jan pulled out of Anne's mouth, and pushing her back onto the ground to lie beside his wife, was soon matching George thrust for thrust, filling Anne with exquisite sensations beyond anything she had ever known before. She was beyond thought, lost in a world of utter bliss, orgasm after orgasm washing over her in waves, each peak higher than the last, mounting to crescendo of ineffable rapture.

George was aroused in a way he had never experienced before. It seemed that it in shedding his clothes he had also broken free of the inhibitions of thousands of years of civilisation. For the first time in his life he was set free to enjoy his sexuality in a new and transcendent way. Everything that had gone before seemed pallid and insipid by comparison to this illicit and dangerous pleasure, which shattered all the petty rules of respectable behaviour., and the sensations coursing through his body seemed almost primal in their intensity.

Seeing the faraway look in his eyes, Margrethe pulled him roughly down until his weight was resting on her breasts, "Stop thinking George," she cried out, "and let yourself be carried away on a tide of lust. Just fuck me until I scream. I want to feel used. Fuck me harder, fill me with your hot cum, I want to feel it trickling down my arse-hole," and she sucked his tongue hungrily into her mouth in a kiss of urgent desire, wrapping her legs around his back to pull him deeper into her hot wet hole.

The crudeness of her words stimulated George to increase the urgency and rhythm of his thrusts, savagely possessing the tight cunt enveloping his shaft in raw animal passion, while the vision of his wife with another man's cock buried in her cunt, moaning and crying in wanton abandon, merely amplified his excitement.

The climax of this orgy of rampant sexual passion was explosive in its ferocity. George and Jan ejaculated in unison, grunting and groaning in ecstasy, as their cocks erupted in huge torrents of liquid fire deep into the pulsating cunts of each other's wife. For the next ten minutes or so, all that anyone looking in in this scene of delicious debauchery would have seen, was a heaving mass of tangled naked flesh, like something out of Boccaccio's Decameron, where the exhausted couples had collapsed, overwhelmed by the intensity of their individual mind-blowing orgasms.

Eventually the heap of flesh started to disentangle, as one by one a body extricated itself, to collapse lethargically on a lounger, still glowing in the aftermath of orgasmic euphoria.

Margrethe cuddled up beside Anne, and kissed her gently on the lips. "Mijn lieve, dat was so heet," she murmured, uw man heeft een mooie lul,"

[Margrethe cuddled up beside Anne, and kissed her gently on the lips. "My dear, it was so hot," she murmured, your husband has a nice dick."]

Anne had never thought of another woman in a sexual way, but there

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