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How we became one of 'those kind' of families.

I stepped off the steamcrate and walked over to the back door, surprised to find it opening before I'd even reached it.

Evelyn was standing there waiting for me. "I heard you landing," she said in explanation. "Now tell me, where did he take you?"

I described the house and she beckoned the steamcrate pilot, handing him a small leather bag that jangled. "There's another bag like that if you take us back to where you just came from."

The pilot seemed reluctant but two more bags of money and we were airborne, flying back over the town. "What did he do to you?" she asked, having to raise her voice to make herself heard over the sounds of the engine.

"I cannot say in detail," I replied. "It is too embarrassing."

"I must know. Did he enter you?"

I nodded, feeling my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. I was confused. At the time it had felt so right but now beside Evelyn, it seemed sordid, not just illegal but also immoral. I refused to answer anymore of her questions but my silence told her everything she needed to know. We landed in the walled garden and she stormed up to the house, leaving me to trot after her.

Inside David was still asleep on the floor so she kicked him in the side, pulling the fusegun out as she did so. "No!" I cried, lunging for it as she flicked off the safety. David woke up and blinked up at the two of us, realising what was happening in seconds. He reached up and grabbed the barrel of the gun before Evelyn could stop him, yanking it free and twisting it in his hands until it faced the two of us.

"This was your plan all along?" he asked, glancing from me to Evelyn. "Fuck me then kill me?" He began to squeeze the trigger as Evelyn grabbed my hand.

"Run!" she screamed, yanking me away just as the fusegun fired. The blast hit the ceiling above us, the heat of the ray making my skin crawl as we sprinted along the hallway and back into the walled garden. We were on the steamcrate in seconds, the pilot blinking at us in shock. "Get this thing going!" Evelyn screamed.
"All right, hold your horses. It needs to warm up," the pilot replied.

"Come on!" I screamed as David appeared naked in the doorway with the fusegun in his hand. He fired it again but his aim was off, a tree behind us bursting into flame as the pilot screamed in terror.

"Oh my life!" he cried, yanking at a lever and sending us skywards. As we lifted into the air, David ran forwards and grabbed the railing, gripping it tightly and scowling up at Evelyn, the fusegun dangling behind him.

"Get him off here," the pilot said. "She can't take four. We'll all go down."

I kicked at David's hand as the steamcrate wobbled and shook, sinking like a stone as the pilot fought at the controls. Just as it looked as if we might slam into the ground it rose again, shaking left and right but slowly moving out over the cliff until we were above the harbour. David growled at me as I kicked his hand again, bringing his other arm up until the fusegun was pointing at me. He went to pull the trigger as Evelyn shoved his arm and the shot fired directly into the control panel.

The steamcrate plummeted down in seconds, plunging into the icy cold water of the harbour before any of us had a chance to react. I kicked hard for the surface and burst out above the waves a moment later, gasping for air. "Evelyn!" I cried, spitting out saltwater as I began to swim in circles. She appeared beside me a moment later and the two of us swam for the harbour wall, glancing back to see if David might appear.

His head broke the surface a moment later but he'd lost the fusegun. He screamed with rage at the sight of the two of us and began to swim after us just as the steamcrate pilot floated up beside him. "You broke my bloody crate!" the pilot shouted, diving on David and pulling him back under.

"Get off me!" David cried, trying to fight him off. "You'll drown us both."

I looked forwards in time to spot the ladder set into the harbour wall.

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