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Night Elf shares passion with her lover and his pack.

A hard gulp forced down her throat.

She sighed, opening the door and walked outside to her boyfriend's car to hang over his window and said. "Hey babe, I decide to do some overtime, so come back in 4 hrs." It sounded like a cheater's lie but she had no choice she thought. She did not want to hurt him. He smiled and said, "Ok, love ya." And with a kiss, he was off. As she headed back with her head hung low, feeling like crap, she grabbed the door and pulled it, and saw him on the other side.

A smug smirked across his face. "Good girl" she heard him say, which enraged her.

"Look I'm doing this so you can keep your damn mouth shut. I love my boyfriend and I don't want to hurt him!" she said almost straight in his eyes. "That felt right," she thought.

"Whatever lets you sleep at night," he said grabbing her arm and guiding her out the door.

"He doesn't believe me," she thought.

He opens her door and said, "Get in." With a hesitant jolt, she slowly climbs in as he closes the door behind her. He gets in and starts the car looking at her one last time. She cursed herself the entire ride there. He parked in an apartment parking lot and guided her to his place. He opened the door and allowed her in first.

Part of her was excited to be in this place, but the smart side of her is screaming, "This is blackmail! He is using me!"

Her mind conflicted with its self. The thoughts were interrupted with the slam of the door. She turned fast and saw him stand there, arms crossed, head tilted and oh so sexy. He took a deep breath and walked off to the side, throwing his keys on the table he scanned through his mail he picked up from the mailbox on their way up here. She stood stiff and distant, trying to anticipate his next move. He walks in the kitchen, ignoring her. "He's taunting me," she thought. She began to get irrigated. "What do you want from me?" she asked almost yelling. He poked his head out from the wall, not looking too pleased.

"I never allowed you to speak," he said and went back to what he was doing.

"Allow?" she asked in an irritated voice. She could hear him chuckle. She huffed and just stood there trying to figure out how to get out of this. He came out with a glass in his hand.

"Here," he said. Instinctively her hand reached out but her mind was flushed with thoughts.

"Um." No thank," she said for some reason politely.

"What, you don't trust me?" he asked in a sinister smirk.

"Uh no actually I don't." said a little ruder. He eyebrow tweaked a bit and the smile dropped he raised his head high to show dominance. She never realized how much tall and bigger he really was. His eyes were just as intimidating. She felt small and weak. He took the glass and placed it on the table, and stood there. She saw as his eyes scanned her up and down and it made her uncomfortable. She turned around facing away from him. She felt his hand placed in the middle of her back pushing her to a room. She shook in fear when she saw his bed in a very boring room. He closed the door behind him. The air was thin and the room grew smaller. Her mind couldn't stay on just one thought, making her realize that she was freaking out.

"Sit," he said and her knees buckled under her to sit on his bed. Softer than she thought it would be. She looked around to calm the storms that raged in her mind. This man she crushed on for so long and now she's in his room. Her eye caught movement in his direction and she watched as he unbuttoned his maintenance blue shirt slowly.
"Too slow" she thought. He flipped it off his shoulders. The storms in her mind drew quiet, her eye fixed on him. The grip in her hands began to hurt. Her heart could have burst through her chest at any second. He walked to her and placed his hands on the bed, on both sides of her waist, forcing him to bend over towards her. Face to face, his gorgon eyes pierced through her once more. Her jaw trembled in great fear.

"Hmmm? There's that fear again. You have no reason to be afraid, yet," he smiled.

"Gee, how comforting.' she said which was meant for a thought.


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