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Gymnast's injury brings her closer to her father

"Have you seen Steve yet" Mike said.

"No, we only know of him through our girlfriend, Kalli. She should be here tonight, but I haven't seen her yet" said Shelly.

"Great, Kalli can join us later" Mike replied.

Mike left them momentarily to round up some friends and Steve if he could find him.

Returning, Mike, his arms around both girls, led them all to another room.

Steve was nowhere to be found

The room was large and reasonably spartan. The decoration however was superb. There were mattresses on the floor and tables around the room holding a selection of sex toys and lubricants. The lighting had been dimmed and the sound of thumping dance music ensued, seemingly to set the rhythm for the mass fucking. The sound level was loud but such that everyone could make themselves heard.

The girls put their handbags to one side. Sophie unzipped her short red mini skirt, revealing her thong and fully displaying her black seamed stockings. She stood proudly in her ultra high heels and see-thorough top.

Not to be out done Shelly took off her mini dress and stood in thong, corset, stockings and her black patent 6 inch stilettos.

The two women looked at each other momentarily not knowing exactly where to start.

"Lick our cunts" Sophie demanded.

The guys were still taking in the sight of the two gorgeous sluts before them, in a kind of stunned amazement. Sophie's order brought them out of their daze and they stripped as quickly as possible. This was made slightly more difficult with their huge erect cocks. Each of the men could be described as 'fit' and obviously worked out. Both Sophie and Shelly were not disappointed.

The girls edged back against the wall, their high heels stretched their leg muscles, their suspenders pulled tight and hence tightening their sheer stockings. Steve came to Sophie. She was in a hurry, Steve wasn't. He kissed her gorgeous red shiny lips. Sophie responded with her tongue. He began to unbutton her lacy blouse, button by button. After the fourth button he pulled her top open to expose her gorgeous breasts supported by her quarter cup bra. He stooped to suck on her red lipsticked nipples, sucking them up hard.

Mike knelt, spread Sophie's legs and thong and with his tongue and fingers began working on her hairless cunt.

At first Sophie looked down as mike worked on her cunt and clit. She could see his thick hard cock and knew that was coming soon, but then the uncontrollable pleasure began to hit home and her head went back in ecstasy. Mike was about to bring his hand around to finger her arse, but she was so horny she came in about 30 seconds, screaming obscenities. She shook with her first orgasm.

Shelly wasn't far behind.


They so needed to get that first orgasm out the way. Now it was game on. The girls certainly didn't need any more foreplay, they needed something much bigger inside of them.

"We need our holes fucked!" One of the girls exclaimed.

The guys looked at each other, not knowing who was going to do what. Shelly organized them.

One guy laid on the mattress his huge cock standing up ready to be speared, Shelly didn't disappoint. Now thong-less, she climbed on the huge cock and reamed it hard into her cunt.

"I need one in my arse" she exclaimed. "Lub me."

One of the guys obliged, using some nearby lubricant. He worked the lub into her rosebud and it gaped as he drove his fingers in and out. Finally he drove his thick cock hard into her arse and up as far as it would go.

Sophie briefly looked on. This was what they had practiced for.

As if she wasn't horny enough, the sight of her sister taking two cocks simultaneously into her cunt and arse, dressed like a slut in black seamed stockings, a corset, 6 inch high heels and proudly showing off her tits, was too much to bear.

If her sister could do it, she could do it better.

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