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It was their first orgy.

I'm also massaging her big sensitive tits that she somehow keeps hidden behind clothes. She's curvy in a corporate kind of way. Muted sexiness that doesn't threaten women, but keeps men wondering about what's under her curved covered body parts.

Finally she "MMMMMM's."

"C'mon baby, a quickie, right here, now," I state.

Her nipples are getting harder and she has a hand on my ass.

"Ok", she says, "but I want to watch my video as you fuck me."

That video must be porn for her. As long as I get to fuck her in her office, with a little bit of danger of getting caught to spice it up, what do I care?

She puts the disc in and presses play. Fast forwarding up to just before she comes on stage to do the short intro.

She takes off her fancy patterned black pantihose and quickly puts her black Manolo Blahnik leather pumps back on her curvy brown legs.

"Fuck me hard and fast baby!" she tells me.

She bends over the desk and her face is very close to the LCD screen, where she is speaking on the podium.

I lift her silky colorful dress up over her mocha dimpled round ass that rests on her shapely legs. My cock gets hard quick. I rub her ample ass with my hands and then rub my pink cock on it. It's such soft and plush butt.

My cock goes into her dark ass crack as I reach around and feel for her shaved pussy. To my surprise she's already wet. Very wet.

I finger her hole and then lightly stroke her clit in circles. She MMMM's even more.

One finger then another quickly slide into her well lubed cunt. My thumb is working her clit. She gets wetter still.

I love the feel of wet pussy.

My other hand starts stroking my cock while I look at her big brown ass. I love that big brown cellulite covered ass.

What is it about big brown asses I love so much?....Hell if I know. I just do!

And I love fucking her brown ass. I feel like I own her when her ass is impaled by my hard pink cock. She's mine and she loves it.

But today is a quickie pussy fuck!

She arches her back and her bald pussy is ready for easy entry. So I enter, hard and fast. She puts a hand in her mouth to keep from "MMMM" too loud.

The famous celebrity stands up to applause and begins speaking.

She MMMM's more. Even though I'm penetrating her from behind, I can tell she's staring at him on the screen.

I start slamming right away, listening to my pelvis slapping into her rubbery ass. Her stretch marks all seem to point to her beautiful black, very black puckered asshole.

Pussy aroma enters my nostrils, and I swear my cock grows another 2 inches!

I grab her hair and pull hard, forcing her backward onto my cock. The squishing sounds get louder.

She MMMM's loud as the celeb gets some light applause for some clever shit he said.

Since her chair is right behind me, I grab her hips and we both sit down on her chair. My cock still buried deep in her wet, wet pussy.

She starts bouncing on my cock at a very fast rate. Her hands still on the desk. It feels like heaven to me. And her too.

Hell, any time my cock is in her pussy without a condom it feels great.

Final big applause for the celeb, and she cums in the biggest orgasm she's ever had with me. Body arching and hands grabbing her desk.

And sounds I've never heard from her.

I stand us up and bend her over the desk again. Still impaled within her.

"OOOhhhh, Tiger." she faintly whispers.

Fuck Tiger, that slutty guy, I think. And get angry.

I slap her ass hard, she yelps a bit.

"What's that for?" she turns her head and asks.

"For fucking Tiger while I fuck you" I snarl.

Whap! I slap her ass hard again. "Owwww!"

" Shut up the fuck up, bitch!" I say through clenched teeth.

I pull my cock out of her pussy. It's glistening wet. And put it on her very black asshole. And push my pink rod in, not gently.

"No, not here, uhhhh, not in my office, slow down, let me rela....owwww!" she whimpered.

I pushed my still wet dick deeper into her ass.

Fuck Tiger. Fuck her. I started pumping hard as I could.

Stopping, with my cock deep in her ass, I grabbed her hair and roughly pulled up her

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