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He's gagged with scarf for criticizing wife's driving.

I really felt uncomfortable with that one, but knew I had to respond at least somewhat truthfully. "I wasn't sure what to make of it" I hesitated.

Ann walked toward me with the bowl of mixed fruit. "Did you enjoy the berry?" she asked.

"Yes", I replied.

"I thought so. How could you not? I enjoyed watching you enjoy it."

Ann carefully selected a nectarine slice and took a bite. She paused for a moment to chew.

"Mmmm, that is perfect." Ann purred as she plucked out another nectarine slice from the bowl. She had momentarily closed her eyes as she enjoyed the taste of the fruit, but now her gaze turned back on me, her presence almost too close and penetrating.

"What did you think of me feeding you the berry?" Ann asked again as she held the nectarine slice.

"I have to say, I thought it odd and a bit uncomfortable." I replied, feeling that I was at last being honest.

"I could tell you did" replied Ann, "but you ate the fruit anyway. I knew then that my instincts about you were correct." She paused, "Don't you think it was silly that you felt uncomfortable?" Ann continued. "It was a gesture from one person to another, to share a little piece of purity in a simple and pure manner. A way to connect with a person who looked warm, beautiful and that I wanted to know better."

"Yes, I suppose that is so" I replied, seated at the table, my eyes looking up, uncomfortably trying to return Ann's ever-steady gaze.

Ann's fingers lightly turned the nectarine slice, her smile now starting to return. She now stepped right in front of me, extended the slice to my lips and said, "Taste this."

Was this seduction? Was this a psychological test? I wasn't sure what to do, but I felt for once in my life, I was going to do the unscripted. I parted my lips and moved to take the bite.

As my head moved forward, Ann also slipped the fruit forward, leaving it set in the tip of her right index finger as the fruit entered my mouth. Again, she gave a soft brush on the underside of my lip as her finger left my mouth.

Ann set the bowl on the table and plucked out a grape, holding it between thumb and finger, seeming to contemplate. I chewed the delicious pulp and watched Ann, my mind racing between thoughts. Ann finally spoke.
"You are a beautiful woman Deborah."

My mind and heart jumped. So this was a seduction. Now what was I to do? I swallowed the nectarine.

"Thank you" was all I could reply.

"You're welcome" Ann replied in a bit firmer voice. "I just speak what is on my mind and I find you to be an attractive woman. Do you find me to be attractive as well? Please speak truthfully to me?"

Okay, I did find her attractive, but clearly this was going to be more than the typical, casual complement I might give to one of my female friends. I had to acknowledge Ann's thoughts on truth and I realized this was now indeed a test of truth and what was within my soul.

"Yes, you are a very beautiful woman" I replied.

Ann leaned in closer. "I didn't ask you if I was beautiful, did I? I asked if you find me attractive."

Ann held the grape by my lips. "Deborah, I want you to be truthful with me."

I nodded and looked back into her gaze.

"You've never had a romantic physical relationship with a woman, but you've thought about it. Is that correct?"

"Yes that is correct" came from my mouth, but my mind was beginning to go somewhere else. My knees felt weak as all those conflicts I'd felt toward same-sex relationships flew about me. Ann was gorgeous, confident and sexual and I realized that there was going to be little resistance should she pursue this further.

Ann leaned forward again until her lips were inches from mine.

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