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Flights delayed, she lets older man help her.

She reached for the knob, and found the door locked, she knocked... after a few moments, and getting no answer, she pulled the extra key to his apartment from her purse, and unlocked the door and went in.

Pat walked into the apartment, she called out to him, and got no answer. She looked around, found that he wasn't there, and when she got to the kitchen, she found a note telling her that he would be home shortly, as he had run to the store for some things for dinner. Pat decided to just sit in the recliner and relax, after the long day at work, and her little bit of reminiscing, she needed to just sit and compose herself. Pat sat back, and started to think about why, while walking to his apartment, did she think about that first time, what was it about that day that was so different, so exciting, that while walking, she almost relived that afternoon. As she sat there, more of what transpired came back to her...

He had been licking and kissing her legs, moving from the foot upwards. While he was doing that, Pat had been playing with her nipples, the only spot on her upper body that he had completely ignored earlier. And as she pulled, twisted, and flicked her nipples, he was getting closer to her pussy. Still not yet touching her there, still not placing his hands on her, but kissing and licking and nipping at her thighs, and all around her pussy.. she never felt this hot, this wet.. she could feel her wetness between her legs, could feel the sheet beneath her getting soaked with her juices. She was so very close, oh so close... She felt that if he were to touch her, or even gently blow on her lips, she would cum, she new he was teasing her, she knew she was about to cum..

And suddenly, she felt his breath, it was warm and moist, it was right above her clit, she raised her hips, and connected with his mouth, and she started to orgasm, it hit her like a ton of bricks. She raised up more, and felt his tongue, it flicked out over her clit, it snaked down into the valley between her lips, it snaked in-between those puffy, blood engorged lips to find and seek out the wetness, to lick up her wetness, so he could swallow her juices. His tongue licked up and down, deeper and deeper, then back out and around her clit. He kept licking, and then sucking on her clit, then more licking in her furrow. He was drinking up every bit of moisture he could find, and every time he pulled his tongue out of her, he would flick her clit. Pat was cumming, and again and again... it didn't stop, she was panting and spinning, her mind awash with pleasure, and she couldn't stop cumming.. it felt like she was about to pass out, and suddenly, his finger entered her, and one final orgasm washed over her and she passed out..

Pat realized that she was sitting there in the recliner, her hand drenched with her wetness, her panties stretched over her hand and her jeans wide open, she was sitting there masturbating, thinking about that afternoon. As she opened her eyes, she saw him standing there in front of her, a smile on his face, the look of lust in his eyes, and she could feel the blood rush to her face in embarrassment.. Here she was a 48 year old woman, fully dressed, her hand down the front of her pants, and masturbating in someone else's apartment, and now here he was standing there, having watched her, and obviously enjoyed watching her pleasure herself.

She pulled her hand out of her panties, and he leaned over, and took it by the wrist, and licked every bit of her wetness from the fingers.

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