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Date becomes much more.

Ying used her tongue to slather the head of Michele's penis and her lips sucked on her silky shaft. Ying got into a steady rhythm coordinating her breathing whilst sucking on Michele's erect phallus, using her tongue at the same time to tease her.

Ying could sense that Michele was close to climax; she groaned louder and vigorously thrusted her erection in and out of Ying's mouth. Ying looked up at Michele who was looking down at her. They smiled at each other and Michele moaned as Ying sucked and slathered at her lover's throbbing member.

Ying felt Michele's climax approaching and then she felt Michele's cock spasm and discharge into her mouth. Ying swallowed Michele's ejaculate as it erupted from her convulsing organ. Michele's semen tasted warm and sweet to Ying.

Ying moved her free hand up Michele's body and stroked Michele's breast, gently milking the last of Michele's seed with her tongue as she suckled the glans of Michele's penis and flicked at her nipple.

Michele was still amazed at how much she loved having real breasts and how much she loved having them played with.

When Ying had drained the last of Michele's issue; Michele pulled her up the bed and cuddled her; kissing her and stroking her breasts.

"I wish there was something I could do to satisfy you Ying," Michele sighed.

"Your satisfaction is all I need at the moment my love," Ying replied.

"But as soon as my cunt's healed you better be prepared to use this thing on me constantly or I'll be going elsewhere," Ying chuckled and grabbed Michele by the cock.

"You better not girly!" Michele smiled and pulled Ying to her.

"When are we going Michele?" Ying looked questioningly at Michele.

"The guy is delivering our new passports tomorrow. We leave the day after," Michele replied.

"Good! I want to see this fucking England you keep raving on about," Ying grinned.


Ying was amazed at the opulence of the Club Class cabin.

As the aeroplane rolled down the runway Ying took Michele's hand in hers.

"Michele, you paid for my surgery and now you are paying for me to come to the UK. I can't believe you are doing all this for me," she sighed.

"I love you Ying. You know that right?" Michele leaned over and kissed her lover.

"I love you too Michele. But this is like a fairytale," Ying smiled.

"Yeah well it's just beginning babe," Michele replied.

The plane levelled out and the girls ordered cocktails. The two gorgeous tanned girls dressed in mini-dresses and high-heels attracted plenty of attention. When they started to kiss and tenderly caress each other they attracted even more. After a nice dinner and a few drinks Michele and Ying pulled the complimentary blankets over themselves and fell asleep.

When the bell chimed to awaken the passengers prior to landing the two girls awoke and took turns going to the toilet to freshen up. Michele fixed her makeup, brushed her teeth and brushed her hair. She rummaged around in the gusset of her tights and found the small envelope she had secreted there. She swallowed her daily hormone regime and dropped the empty envelope in the trash. She had more secreted in her luggage. She was unsure if bringing female hormones into the country was illegal but she figured it would be without a prescription.

After checking herself out in the mirror she took a deep breath and returned to her seat.

"Ok Ying. Our passports should be fine; I paid enough for them. Just act cool when we go though immigration. I'll be passing through returning UK citizens and you will be passing through foreign visitors. Remember, you are coming to the UK to visit me for a holiday ok?" Michele said.

In 1975 passport control and emigration was a breeze. This was years before the Lockerbie bombing and decades before the war on terror.

Michele was subject to scrutiny by the customs officer but only because she was gorgeous; he gave her passport a cursory glance, his main interest was her breasts, cute behind, and those long legs that seemed to go on forev

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