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He meets his future addiction.

The color highlighted Lisa's blue eyes and the shirt revealed her bountiful cleavage. It fell mid-thigh and the side slits showed off Lisa's sexy legs. This conservative dresser enjoyed feeling sexy in private.

Karen could sense Lisa's apprehension as the girl entered the room. Lisa was both relieved and disappointed to see Karen wrapped in a towel. Lisa chided herself for secretly hoping to get a glimpse of her naked body. Karen smiled at her new friend and took the shirt. Before Lisa could turn to leave, Karen stepped forward and embraced her.

"Thank you so much," Karen said. Lisa was surprised, but returned the embrace. It was comforting to have this confident, beautiful woman holding her and Lisa enjoyed the moist heat from Karen's body. Then, without a word, Karen stepped back and dropped the towel. Lisa's mouth dropped as she stared openly at the beauty before her. Karen's nipples were so stiff and pointed Lisa thought they must surely hurt. But what really stunned her was Karen's bare pussy. Lisa knew that some girls kept theirs trimmed, but she had never seen one bare or this close. Karen almost laughed at the incredulously look before her.

"Your...your, uh, vagina...," Lisa stammered. "It's...uh, I mean, it's uh..."

"Oh, yes, dear," Karen said as she lightly rubbed over her bare mound. "I love the feeling of a bare pussy. I feel so sexy and my husband just loves to kiss it. Don't you keep yours trimmed?"

Lisa looked up at Karen, shocked at her language and openness. "I, uh, no...I just...I had heard about this, but have just never seen one before." Lisa looked down at the bulbous lips and was amazed at how pretty they looked and at Karen's boldness in touching herself. "Lisa," Karen said. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. And it's so smooth. You can touch it if you like."

Lisa stepped back at Karen's suggestion. She really wanted to feel it, but could never imagine herself ever touching another woman in such an intimate way. Even this sexy, assertive woman.

"Oh, no," Lisa stammered. "I, I couldn't do that." As Lisa began to turn away, Karen took the girl's right hand and looked straight her eyes. "Lisa," Karen commanded. "Touch it." Karen brought the girl's hand forward until the tips touched her mound. Lisa looked shyly into Karen's eyes, held by the firm command. She felt electricity fire through her as her finger tips met the smooth skin of Karen's pubic mound. She could not help herself as Karen lowered Lisa's hand to her labia. On its own accord, Lisa's hand began to rub lightly around the smooth lips as Karen's hand slid up the blonde's forearm. "Ummm, yes," Karen encouraged. "That's nice. Don't you like the way it feels?"

Lisa had never felt anything like this. It was as smooth and soft as baby flesh, very appealing. As she looked into Karen's eyes, she could feel the heat and moisture of the other woman's arousal. "It is nice," Lisa admitted. Karen's hand moved up Lisa's sleeve and down the notched collar. Her hand lightly pressed down on the top of Lisa's full breast and over the protruding nipple. "I think it feels as smooth as this satin shirt," Karen stated. "I'd love to see what your pussy looks like. Let's have a look." And with that Karen undid the buttons of Lisa's blouse and let it fall open. Karen caught her breathe as she took in Lisa's full breasts. The tits were full and round with just a little sag, very different from her own. Karen wanted to reach out and feel the weight, but chose not to push it.

Lisa's face turned beat red as she felt her top fall open and her nipples harden. Her hand never left Karen's pussy. She knew she should stop what she was doing, but could not take her hand away from the silky smooth mound.

"Oh, your panties are very pretty, Lisa. You have such a beautiful body; I don't know why you don't show it off more. Now, show me your pussy."

Lisa was mesmerized by the woman's directness and embarrassed by her compliments.

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