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Coach seeks success on and off the field.

" Moans escaped her thought as she did so, tasting her honey on his cock, his salty cum shooting into her mouth. Oh, how she wanted to do it again.

They got dressed and went back to the bar. He was unable to keep his hands off her for long. Massaging and brushing anywhere and everywhere. Tons of alcohol later, and pretending to be as drunk as he was, they left the bar. She led him to the park nearby, and took over. Kissing him, hands wandering, nails gently scratching down his stomach. He was hard again. Constance opened his pants and played with him. Her lips began moving from his down to his neck. Licking and sucking. Her eyes flashed yellow and her fangs appeared. It felt like a light nibble when they penetrated. Straight into the jugular. Ecstasy and pleasure that a mortal could never know. Equally as good as the sex, but exquisite in its own way. David never felt a thing. He just drifted into sleep to never wake up again. She left his body there, laying against the tree. She even zipped up his pants and watched as her bite marks disappeared. No trace. Like she was never there. Constance began walking back to her car. Smiling at the passerby's, thinking "be careful, there are monsters in the dark."

She barely made it across the park when something grabbed her arm and spun her around. Another vampire. He was tall, well muscled, bald head, and almond skin. His dark eyes burned into hers. "Any one could have seen you. What were you thinking?" He shook her. "Answer me!"

"Who are you and what business is it of yours?" she demanded, yanking her arm away.

"My name is Grant, and yours?" he challenged back.

"Constance. And I enjoy the thrill of the risk of being caught. Now go away." She turned and started to walk away.

At that he scoffed. No one walked away from him. Ever. He grabbed her again. Constance struggled and fought, trying to get out of his grasp, but it was to no avail. The only thing she accomplished was to tear his wife beater. He was older and stronger than she. Where was he dragging her? She didn't like this, but the more she tried to get away, the harder he held onto her. Just outside of town there were woods, and he was headed that way. Terror ripped through her body. She wasn't going to die like this. No one touched her without her permission. Grant finally got sick of trying to hold onto her, so he pulled rope out of his pocket and tied her hands together. Throwing her over his shoulder, she could kick and struggle all she wanted.

Within minutes they were in the woods just outside of town. His hand brushed her cheek, traced the line of her jaw, and slid down to her thought. It landed right between her collar bones. He could feel her warm sexy pulse. The pulse caused by mortal blood in her veins. He was so turned on by this damn cock tease. It was time to execute his plan. He rushed in to kiss her lips, tender at first, but then the fangs came out in his excitement. He kissed her so hard he made the blood run. The cuts healed instantly and he licked up the stray blood. Constance normally loved this kind of treatment, that raw passionate hunger, the animalistic need for blood and sex. She made herself forget that he had kidnapped her. She kissed back, equally as hungry. The rope popped as she broke it. She allowed her fangs to come out and eyes to turn piercing yellow like a cat's.

His hand slid up to her tits and gently massaged them. She promptly removed them, but allowed them to massage her back, nails scratching her skin. He moved away from her mouth, kissing his way down to her neck. The room exploded as his teeth broke her skin, blood flowing like wine into his mouth. Constance closed her eyes and rocked, enjoying this feeling. Oh, god, he was taking too much. She had to stop him. Constance tried gently at first to pull him off, but he was latched on with all his strength. Now she panicked. She struggled and fought, but he had already taken too much. There wasn't enough strength left to resist.

Grant felt Constance go limp in his arms.

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