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Victoria wear skimpy clothes the first warm day of spring.

My halter was in the way. I couldn't grasp my nipples the way I wanted, so I quickly stood to strip myself naked. They both looked up at me - with Benjie's eyes devouring my glowing, olive body - and Claudia reached for my hand, pulling me to her as she rose and fell, and slipped her tongue into my mouth to worm its way to my tonsils. Benjie then took the opportunity to caress my aching tits, a bit roughly but with obvious appreciation. He groaned, opening his lips slightly to indicate that he wanted to taste my nipples, and I grunted in my throat, and nearly screamed, when he sucked first one into his mouth - hard - then the other, laving each with copious amounts of saliva. I was afire, and my hips began hunching forward automatically to show their instinctive desire. With not too much coaching needed, Claudia helped me straddle Benjie's chest so that my cunt was directly in front of his mouth, with my knees spread on the top of the cushion against which he was leaning.

I crept forward and Benjie's long tongue snaked its way into my dripping slit, causing me to groan loudly, "Ooooooaaaaaannngh!" as its flat surface licked upward past my clit. I raised up a bit more, and arched my hips upward to admit his tongue fully into my cunt. I reached down and grasped fists full of his thick, wavy hair and began to grind my mound against his upper lip with slow, upward sweeps, feeling dreamy, tingling flows in my vagina with each somnolent thrust. I could hear his tongue working in me, and could feel him swallow the flood of juices I was pouring into his mouth. And I could hear my own animal sounds, whimpering and grunting deeply as I pushed on: "Ohhhmmn...ohhhmmn...ohhhmmn...ohhhmmn...ohhhmmn."

I could also feel - and hear - Claudia's body seeking pleasure as she rose and fell behind me on her brother's stiff cock. Her hands had first caressed my trembling bottom, wandered over my hips, then fingered my anus with my own juices. Her baby-soft fingers had traced up my waist around to my heaving breasts, which she was now kneading softly, almost in perfect tempo with the pulses in my groin. The thumb and forefinger on each of her hands were gently pulling my nipples out, stretching the blood-filled tips slightly until I thought they'd pop off, once again in impeccable time with the cyclical surges occurring within me.

The Ecstasy had enlivened every millimeter of my skin. I tingled everywhere, from the soles of my feet to the crown of my head. I felt goose bumps all over, causing each microscopic body hair to stand erect as if I were chilled...yet I was dripping with perspiration. I could feel not only my blood, but all of the mysterious fluids in my body, flowing together in one torrent, threatening to burst the dam provided by my thin skin. The salty sweat from our straining frames, the saliva, and the smelly, tangy nectar leaking from Claudia and me, melded to provide a slippery balm, as our three bodies slapped together in a single rhythmic ballet. And every droplet of liquid, it seemed, carried with it a separate charge of its own electricity...each increasing in intensity as - at least, I - slowly approached the pinnacle of a massive, unforgettable orgasm.

I sensed Claudia hesitating behind me, then felt the sofa cushion shift, as she pulled off of her brother's cock and knelt behind me. Suddenly she probed my ass with the tip of her tongue, and kept pushing its wider-growing, muscular length into my colon until I felt she was in my belly. Wiggling it around like an invading serpent, I felt the previously gradual rising tide toward climax change to a sudden rush, and I exploded, screaming, "Aaaaghh...yeeeeahhh! God! Dammmmn! Awww, fuuuuck! I'm...cuuuummminnngg! Bennnnjieee! Clauuuuudi...! Aaaawww, squeeeeeze my...tiiiiiiits! Eeeeat meeee! Fuuuuck! Yeeeeaahhh! Cummm...cummm...oooohhh...oooohhh!"

I collapsed over Benjie's head, moaning and whispering his name over and

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