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She arrives at his place.

Bev just smiled at her and explained, "don't be silly I'm not upset with you, it was an accident, so dry your eyes and order me another coffee, and tell me why you're really crying."

Bev wanted to be reconnected with Susan's hands. For probably most other women, they might not have noticed the extra moments it took for Susan to remove her hands, but Bev certainly noticed! Once Susan's hands were on Bev's body, Bev had been hyper-sensitive to the erotic touches she was receiving from Susan.

When Susan came back to Bev's table, her tiredness and fate were about to tease her more! Her second trip and crash into Bev was just too much to bear. Bev heard Susan's shriek as she tripped and the coffee flew out of her hands and spilt all over Bev again.

Bev just couldn't believe it as she felt her warm coffee seep through her shirt, she wondered what had happened to her; could it really happen again? And until the smell of her coffee hit her nostrils again, she hadn't believed it could be possible. Susan was mortified; this coffee would surely be a lot hotter, and would be burning Bev's gorgeous body.

Now how could that happen? No, no, no, how could she be doing this, Susan was almost beside herself with self loathing. She must do something to make sure Bev wasn't hurt.

What they both didn't know was that day there was a new coffee maker behind the counter who had been making semi-hot coffees all day; while they might get away with it in a big shopping centre such horribly warm coffee would have created a catastrophe on a real caf__.

And then suddenly Susan had more napkins in her hand and was dabbing them on Bev's dirtied and coffee drenched shirt. Bev's breasts couldn't stand all the attention that they were receiving from Susan attempts to assist in cleaning up the mess Susan had made of Bev's shirt.

Suddenly something inside Susan's mind succulently clicked on, and Susan noticed that Bev's nipples were poking out. Those nipples she had fantasised about, they were very visible under the wet shirt that Bev had on. It made her stop and stare at Bev.

Susan was astounded when Bev smiled just said to her, "please don't stop, I need you to get as much of that coffee off as you can, and I need my top as dry as possible after you have dunked me in coffees."

That just delighted Susan! It told Susan so many things, the secret was no longer a secret, but it was safe secret with her. She wanted to use this insight to her advantage, to have more fun, her mind was racing; was this what Bev really needed and wanted? Bev's body language was definitely saying it was.

Smiling to herself, Susan picked up another napkin and quickly looked around the room. After the initial second commotion in the cafe, the few patrons now in the cafe had again focused on their own space, leaving Susan and Bev to entertain themselves in their own special world. Susan positioned herself so others wouldn't be able to see what she was doing.

Then very deliberately Susan dabbed at Bev's shirt again, but this time she made sure she paid particular attention to Bev's nipples. As Susan looked at Bev's face it told the story of what Bev was feeling. There was a serine look of delight, something approaching a demanding lustful look; it told her that Bev required more of her attention, and Bev's face reflected a body craving attention and a smouldering fire lay evident even on her public face.

Susan wasn't sure how long she could keep up the charade before others in the cafe would see the real purpose of her attention to the front of Bev's shirt. Surely a little while longer was worth the risk! Bev said nothing, so Susan continued her gentle assault on Bev's sexualised nipples and breasts.

To cover herself, Susan began by distracting those who might think they were seeing more than was publicly acceptable.

Susan said in a clear unemotional voice, "Oh my, I'm so sorry, let me clean that up for you, let me make sure it doesn't stain! I think I missed a bit over there.

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