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Fate, effort and love bring a Mom and Son together.

She rubbed her smooth skin against John's legs as she seized his gluteus maximus with her hands and worked her lips over the tip of his member. John seized her magnificent mane with both hands and let her tender trap accept his foul-smelling, evil penis.

Jan let her tongue caress and undulate against his shaft. The distended penis stroked Jan's palate. John was circumcised. Sometimes Jan wished that there were some foreskin for her to enjoy sucking and teasing. John made up for this shortfall by his girth and length. Already Jan could taste the pre-orgasmic clear fluid oozing from his one-eyed snake. She purred with contentment. Her lips and tongue worked in perfect harmony to excite the deepest emotions and feelings. John pulled her hair aside to look at her face. Jan was in ecstasy as John was feeling his masculine muscles flex.

John's virility fascinated Jan. She also admired his dedication as a neo-Luddite, risking prison and braving the dark forces of the AI collective. She slid one hand down to her hypogastric triangle and into her juicy vagina. Her honey nectar was thick and warm. Thumb, then fingers, moistened themselves and coated the outer pussy lips. Then she smeared oils of submission on her palm. One had held John's buttocks while the moistened forefinger glided into his anus on a film of cream. She located his prostrate and began the message. Back and forth her mouth sucked his engorged member while passionate puckered pouty pink lips ran wantonly over irregular veins with lascivious abandon. He was nearly his climax. Jan wished that she could enjoy a simultaneous orgasms, but lips didn't have the same erotic pull as her privates.

John tossed his head back and saw the sky turn blood red. He heard the peal of thunder followed by the flash of lightening and felt the earth shutter and shake beneath his feet. Jan's sleek, smooth breasts robustly rubbed his hairy legs and her nipples came to a standing attention. Hot, wet spurts of cum erupted as molten lava breaking forth from an imprisoning lava dome. Built-up frustrations melted away with each throb of John's lecherous, licentious heart. He felt his angry and fury abate as he hallucinated about slave girls bound and ravished. He could smell the scented candle wax and the pungent odor of animal tallow ravishment lamps in some torrid alcove. It was a true d__j__ vu for John. Jan continued to massage John's prostrate while sucking all the harder on his cock. She let her hand glide gracefully from his hirsute derriere and rub his testicles, ensuring the continuing flow of semen to his prostrate via an energized epididymis. John came for almost five glorious minutes.

This fellatio occurred in the second bedroom. The slave girl Cathy did not witness the oral gratification. Jan had hoped that John would now be more disposed to gathering the desired devices for Cathy. The two cleaned up and got dressed. After a prolonged silence John spoke.

"I have changed, Jan," he pronounced. "No longer the radical neo-Luddite, now [I'm] just a pussy-whipped sycophant."

"Not true, John," Jan disagreed. "The world has changed. Your assaults on the androids made the AI collective re-tool them. Now they have Titanium alloy skeletons and are nearly invincible. No one could have foreseen that event."

"So now you're saying that all my effort only enhanced their cause?" John retorted sarcastically.

"Not necessarily so," Jan contradicted. "They are much more expensive now and no longer regarded as invincible domestics or body guards. The hit-and-run on Harry Kariotte's sharon-series android made that impression to the masses."

"That was a success," John admitted. "But it was also a Pyrrhic victory. We lost the edge and the initiative. So far nothing has driven back the hegemony of the AI collective."

"Why not fight fire with fire?" Jan suggested.

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