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John, his fiancee and friends spend a hot weekend indoors.

He used all of his body weight on the screw handle to make sure the jaws were tight.

"I've seen that look before when your imagination was lubricated with just the right amount of wine," she commented trying to sound casual.

"What to you mean," he asked knowing she was firmly secured and could not move away from him or the bench.

"Those unguarded moments when I glanced at you and found you glazing at me like you were fantasizing about having me," she replied.

"Like when?" he asked with a mixture of curiosity and defensiveness.

"Most notably the night of the last pool party. Your eyes were so intense I could feel them on me before I ever looked to confirm it.

He remembered that night too. She was wearing a very skimpy black string bikini. The shoestring bow ties at the back of her neck and between her breasts begged to be pulled open as did the same knots high on each hip. She was barely covered by the four triangles of black material. One over each breast was wet and showed the contour of her erect nipples. The other two triangles were joined at a point between her legs almost covering the crack of her ass in the back and her sex flower in the front. There was no pubic hair. She hadn't been sure if the shiver that flowed through her body was due to the cool night air or his gaze.

He paused for a very long moment then nodded and said, "That's true. You're very perceptive."

"I've wondered about you too," she gushed. "I've had fantasies about us."

"Like what?" he asked in a small voice, his throat constricted with excitement.

"One of my favorites is where you handcuff me and cut my panties off."

"Pretty much like you are now, huh?" he answered.

"Ohgod, you're gonna do it, aren't you," she gasped at him. The thumb of her left hand was under the shoulder strap of the cutoff overalls. She pushed it toward him and said, "You'll have to help takes two hands to open the clasp." He was familiar with the spring bail and button arrangement and easily opened it. Her hand crossed her chest and offered him the remaining strap clasp. He made quick work of it. When he let go the bib flopped to her waist though the straps remained in place over her shoulders.

She used her free hand to open the buttons of her blouse. Then she shrugged her way out of it until it was hanging at her right elbow. Her pink-brown nipples were comfortably warm and in the shape of a cone, not a cone with protruding cylinder wanting to be warmed by sucking lips.

She whined as she fought with the copper-colored buttons of the cut-off overalls at her left hip. "Help me, help me with the other ones," she implored in a soprano voice. A few seconds later she stood nearly naked before him, her overalls about her ankles protected only by a lavender string bikini panty about her hips.

She let her free hand be guided by his hand and heard the harsh chatter of cold steel as he closed the free cuff around her left wrist. Now both her arms were in the iron grip of the vise.

"Is that it or is this just the beginning of some larger scenario?" he asked.

Her breath was coming hard and fast. She smiled and snorted a laugh of anxious excitement at him. "Just the beginning," she breathed as she anxiously shifted her weight from one leg to the other and back again. There was a dark stain of wetness in the center of her panty.

"Is that from your earlier excitement or about you and me," he asked touching the translucent wetness.

"Ahwhaaa, I showered and douched before I left the house...Uhhg, wanted to be fresh for you," she sang at him.

"Be still," he commanded, "I don't want to risk drawing a single drop of your blood." She obeyed and with two quick pulls of the razor knife he depantied her. "What happens next," he asked in a quivering voice.

"You...ahhh...take me to the patio, put me on the chase lounge and tie my hands to it over my head."

"And then...?" he grinned

" fuck me and tongue my clit till I scream," she said haltingly.

"And then...?" he asked again.

"And then you maaaa.

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