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"The blouse is mine," Bridget spoke up, "welcome to New Zealand."

"Thanks," she looked past us, "okay, baggage to get my guitar and then I need to piss."

I didn't hear about Petra until we were driving away from the airport.

"She's leaving her husband."

"Petra? Why?"

"She didn't say," she fiddled with her watch, "but it's caused a split in the church, half of them want to burn her at the stake and the others want her to stay but I think she'll have to step down. The Baptist church might be more liberal but they don't tolerate divorced ministers, unless they're men of course and then it all gets swept under the fucking carpet."

"Chauvinism is alive and well then," Bridget commented.

"You bet," she replied, "but it took me by surprise, I really thought they had a happy marriage, just goes to show that appearances can be deceiving."

"I only met her husband once, that time at church."

"Oh, he's a nice enough guy, or at least I thought so," she replied, "but you never can tell, people hide a lot behind smiles and that's never more true than in Christian circles. At least non Christians can come out and say it to your face, we have to hide it behind bullshit and hope our haloes don't slip and choke us."

"Well if you feel like screaming fuck go ahead," Bridget chuckled.

"I might just do that," she replied, "my dad always says if your halo slips grow horns."

The next stop after we dropped Rowena's bags off was to Grub's house, it's not his real name but I've never found it out yet. He's a tall Samoan with tribal tattoos down his arms and a massive Afro hairdo but despite his fearsome appearance he's a gentle giant. The rest of the band consisted of two Maoris and three white New Zealanders, Daniel, Walter, Macka, George, and Harry, their drummer. Bridget handed over a sum of money to Walter and then left me alone with them while she went to check on the catering arrangements and pick up the key for the hall.

There was a part of me that kind of thought this couldn't possibly happen but thankfully they were all musos, and as anyone can testify, musos just connect with a common language, music. They spent the next two hours going over the song list Bridget had picked out and there was only one song Rowena hadn't played before, ABBA's Hey Hey Helen.

"I've tried to get the boys to play ABBA but they're all too squeamish."

"So what happens if this gets on You Tube?" Grub asked.

"Oh, they might fire me and get a new singer."

We spent an hour or so after that just strolling around town before Rowena had to get back to Bridget's joint to prepare for the night and in typical style went for crimped hair and an outfit that was inspired by Agnetha F__ltskog from ABBA. Leather trousers and a frilly white blouse, but she kept the snakeskin boots and when Bridget asked her what kind of snake it was she grinned.

"A dead one," she flicked at her hair, "my sister wants me to go full vegan like her but I'd have to throw out half my wardrobe."

The party was held at a local scout hall hired out for the occasion and decorated with a mixture of European and Maori items. The crowd that came to celebrate Bridget's birthday was also mixed, it's the way of things in this part of the world, you either learn to get along with each other or live a very lonely, isolated life.

Rowena's a talented singer and I'm not saying that because I'm prejudiced, she'd only rehearsed with the band for a few hours but she had the crowd jumping about on the dance floor to songs that Bridget had preselected. Most of them were old eighties and nineties songs but a few like Hey Hey Helen were from the seventies and All Along the Watchtower is definitely sixties. I was outside having a fag when Rowena was singing that song and it was there I had a hint of Petra's possible motive for ending her marriage when I bumped into Alicia. She was sitting nursing a can and judging by the smell and the slightly glazed look in her eyes she'd just had a joint.

"So, your girlfriend came over after all," she gave

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