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She got up to protest respectfully and he looked her up and down now that she was in better light; almost dropping the clip board.

Long legs. Tight short shorts. tight black top. Beautiful tits that he stared at momentarily. Long brown hair. Pleading eyes.

Putting her hands on the cold bars she looked in his eyes and said "I'm sorry. I'll be more careful. Honest!"

"Oh I'm sure you will be," He said sarcastically. "You know what they say about being in someone's shoes. Until your in them you won't understand how you made them feel."

"Yes sir."

He put the clipboard down and walked to the bars taking out a ring of keys and looked her in the eyes. Sweat started forming at the small of her back and her heart raced. He was so close. Inches. She grew wet between the legs. He was so handsome. Her heart fluttered with sudden feeling.

"What's your name, Officer?" She gulped.

He continues to look her deeply in the eyes, pausing in the dark; so close to a woman he knew he was already attracted to. He stayed calm, but in his head the wheels were turning.

"Karl." He said softly and firmly. His tone made her knees weak. It was perfectly sensual.

He let himself in the gate, looping the keys on the bars.

And he was on her. She was so taken aback she only froze, now against the cold wall opposite the bars. His lips were urgent on hers and his hand was at her breast, squeezing. The other stroked her thigh and she grinded her hips into his swelling dick.

Kim moaned. Long and throaty and loud and desperate.

He knew this bitch wanted him. Wanted to fuck.

He took his jacket and shirt off quickly and then started stripping her.

"Your wearing too many clothes for this kind of occasion."

"Yes Officer Karl. I'm sorry." she held lust in her voice and she needed it. Badly. To be yelling by the time he came in her pussy. Overflowing with his hot cum.

"You will be," He whispered loudly in her ear, his warm breath smelling of alcohol and mint.

He flipped her around and made her put both hands on the wall. He undid her bra with one swoop and it fell down her arms. Before it hit the floor he had one breast in each hand, his body pressing her against the cold wall. There was no where to go. She could feel his dick protruding outwards in his pants that were now coming off. His lips kissed the nape of her neck. She loved it. Kim loved it when he trailed one hand to her shorts. Peeling then off they fell.

"A little slut......"

"I'm sorry Officer....." She wanted him to approve of her so much. She knew she was attracted to him in her heart already. How long had she known him?

"You should know to wear panties during the day little girl."

He punished her by spreading her legs himself and rubbing her pussy gingerly his fingers were cold and sent bolts of pleasure through her. She moaned so loudly it echoed. His fingered were very soon covered in juice. She loved this more than she let on even.

"Please......Mmmm......" She grinded his hand and he stuck a finger in her hot wetness.

"Are you a virgin Miss?"

"Oh yes, Officer Karl," she whispered, every sense falling prey to his lust. She could not focus. Nothing could pull her away from such a man. Such a feeling. The feeling of his bare dick rubbing the back of her pussy. She grinded him enthusiastically, happy to be his young slut.

"Patience comes to those who wait Miss."


He spun her around again, pressed her against the wall and without mercy he stuck his long hard beautiful cock in her; taking her virginity.

She screamed for a short moment. Her sound echoed more than her moan before. He let himself stay in, motionless. Spreading her pussy out. Then she moaned. She was feeling the pleasure. He began thrusting. Slowly and gaining speed.

"How old are you?"

Her eyes were closed and the pleasure was so intense she could hardly answer. "19." Moaning, she couldn't believe this was happening; and neither could he.

"Your so tight and young.

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