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Lisa (Jessica) gets the first taste of freedom, will it last

My kiss was abruptly ended when a set of wide, tanned ass cheeks settled over my face-- who they belonged to didn't matter. I had to have ass, and now. My lips were fully consumed by the warmth of a delicious vagina... My mouth opened as far as it could possibly go as I drank in this feast of feminine delight. I slipped my arms out from under a body to wrap around the waist of this woman, locking her in for my nourishment that was so necessary to survive. So much activity was on all sides of me... I was lost...

I tried to focus my efforts on my partner's ass now, taking prolonged, wiping strokes of my tongue along the crack of the ass... Ripples of pleasure washed across the spherical cheeks as my tongue found it's dark, tangy treasure... I lifted my head with all of my might to bury my face in the flesh, squashing the cheeks to my face with urgency... I felt my feet being swallowed into some mouths... My thighs undergoing a bustle of kisses and kind-hearted caresses... How I wish I could have seen what this orgy must have looked life from a distance. The aroma of perspiration and sex filled my nostrils... there was simply too much.

My frame was then motioned over as someone straddled my back. A demanding set of teeth clamped themselves upon my neck, causing me to yelp in a mixture of pain and pleasure. I tried to left my arms to touch my lover, but my wrists were quickly brought to the ground. All I could tell was that someone was thrusting their groin against my back and ass... a muscular, sweaty arm soon rolled around my neck, locking me into the fold of their arm as a divine spectacle was soon brought into view... two of the most delicious cheeks were displayed before me... wide, full, and ready to be swallowed by my famished mouth. It was my African's ample ass that lay exposed to me now, and my involuntary nature soon brought my face against it's magnificent, full texture. Eyes sealed shut, my mouth parted as I lazily kissed her left cheek. Saliva drooled out of my mouth upon the flesh as long, tedious kisses coated the cheek. The wonderful feeling of ass pressing my face arrested my thoughts... it was a sensation that I was growing used to. Wild, primitive and lustful acts of frivolous desire turned me into nothing more than a animal. There was no thought given to consequence or outcome... I was now a bloodthirsty beast wanting to mate.

The lips still bound to my raw neck, I could hear growing moans of anticipation just inches away. It was Fiona mounted upon me.... I could never forget that tone in her voice. How could I have? All that mattered was this plump, delicious ass in front of me-- begging for it to be devoured whole. My lips pulled at a mouthful of ass flesh, just as I would a beautiful breast... Just as I was beginning to relish the taste, I felt Fiona fumbling with something behind me. She soon eased back down upon me as I felt a thick, protruding bulge press against my ass.

"We'll see how much you love ass now, woman." She hissed into my ear.

I tried to move about, yet felt my frame locked securely to the rugged ground. Her strong hands gripped my hips, spreading my globes apart as I felt a slippery nub glide between the cleavage of my conquered ass. My mouth broke it's seal from the African's flesh, amazed by what I was feeling for the first time. I soon realized that Fiona must have put on a strap-on... Knowing there was no possible way I could resist her demand, I relaxed my backside... I had never had anal intercourse with anyone before today, not even with my ex since he deemed it an 'unnatural' act between people. Yet I had always been deeply intrigued by it for some reason... it seemed natural... beautiful. And as Fiona motioned her plastic cock forward, all those thoughts quickly vanished as I accepted her passionate intrusion.

Her powerful arm came about once more, clutching my neck as her mouth huffed against my ear.

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