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Wife's fling has unintended consequences.

Sue is not much of a drinker I had seen her get drunk on just two glasses of wine. I thought this as our host Dick handed Sue a tall glass filled with several different kinds of booze. I just let it go and was waiting to see what would happen as she worked on the drink.

Music sounded for speakers hidden in the planters around the pool deck. Several couples started to dance and I watched as our host took off with Sue to dance. I settled in on a nice lounge chair to enjoy my very stiff drink. Dick seen to be holding Sue very close as they danced. . Close enough for her to feel his erection rub her leg. From what I could see he was well endowed. I let my eyes fix on the yellow bikini from time to time and I soon had a full erection myself. I happen to notice several guys had erections and none seem to try to hide them so neither did I.

The pretty little maid came around and picked up my empty glass. I ask her who the yellow bikini was and she smile saying it was the daughter of our host. Her name was Becky; she was single and very sexy. My erection was standing out like a telephone pole and I saw the maid notice it. She smiled at me and winked. I smiled back and I was sure she had bent down far enough so I could see her bra-less tits were small but very firm. My eyes followed her tiny ass and she moved off with my empty glass. When I once more looked back out across the group I saw my wife walking toward the pool house with Dick's arm around her back.

I should say very low on her back in fact his hand was squarely on her tight firm ass. The sun had moved just enough so that now I could not see into the pool house from where I was. It seemed strange for Sue to allow this guy to rest his hand on her ass. But maybe the drink was starting to work. I thought it was about time for me to rescue Sue from our host. I got up and had to change the position of my erection in my tight swim trunks. I had only taken one step when I found myself blocked by a very beautiful Becky in the yellow bikini. She smiled at me and offered me her hand. I don't know what the hell I was doing. I took her hand pulling ever so gentle on it pulling her to me so close my erection pressed into her crotch.

Becky smiled up and said, " Wow, you wife is a lucky lady."

I said with out thinking. "She is with your father and if I know my wife he may have a tiger on his hands if she is drunk."

Becky was slowly grinding her hips into my fully hard cock. She said, " Oh, I think my Dad can handle her. He is fifty two but not over the hill."

I said, "Well why don't we go see what's going on in the pool house." She mumbled some thing that sounded like "This should be fun" as we headed for the glass enclosed room hand in hand. By the time we walked around the pool there were two other couples standing by the glass wall looking in. Becky and I enter through the glass door just in time to see her father drop his trunks to his knees. He cock was a good eight inches long and thick. The head was deep purple and long.

Sue was sitting in a wicker chair, her gorgeous tits exposed; her bikini top was no where in sight. Dick was standing up close holding his cock right in front of her open mouth. Sue reached up taking his balls in her hand while taking that long pointed cock head in her open mouth. I had never thought of my wife would fool around on me, but here she was sucking Dick's generous cock. Becky said, " Dad loves to have a beautiful woman suck his cock and your Sue is surly that." I heard what Becky was saying but my mind was filling with strange thoughts. I was not feeling rage or even surprise at what I was watching I was feeling something else all together.

It was a strange sense of arousal and an excitement of such intensity like nothing I had ever felt before.

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