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A BDSM fantasy.

She started for the refrigerator but stopped short. She went back to the window and looked at Wanda as she was walking away. She was wearing a dark blue skirt and light blue blouse. Kami started to think, could LonelyOne be Wanda?

Thinking back to the afternoon, she recalled talking to Wanda and remembered the blouse and skirt, and her nervousness about her package. Kami quickly poured her drink and went out to the front room and peered out the window. Soon she saw Wanda coming down the street on the other side of the street. Kami watched her reach the end of the block, cross the street, walk by and back into her house.

Kami raced back upstairs to her room. From Kami's bedroom, she could see Wanda's house. She watched as Wanda entered the front bedroom and sat down at the desk. Within seconds, Kami received a message from LonelyOne, "Mistress, I am back from my walk."

Kami could not believe that her 34 year old neighbor was becoming her submissive. Kami wanted to make sure of the identity of LonelyOne and typed, "Put your collar back on and go to your window and slowly unbutton your blouse and take it off, then take your skirt off and stand there for 15 seconds. Let me know when you are done."

Wanda was again filled with nervousness and trepidation. She knew that the two high school kids next door had the bedrooms that faced her home. She hoped they were not in their rooms tonight.

Feeling very excited, her heart pounding, she walked over to her window. She looked over at the windows facing hers. The light was on in the kitchen and family room downstairs but no one in sight. She turned her gaze to the two upper windows. She saw faint lights in both windows but did not see anyone. She dismissed the lights and figured the lights were computer monitors left on.

With a deep breath, Wanda started to slowly unbutton the only two buttons on her blouse that were still fastened. She slipped the blouse off and started on her skirt. She unfastened the button and unzipped it. She slowly let it slide down her legs. She stood there in her bra and panties and counted to fifteen.

Kami watched from the side of the window behind the curtain. She watched Wanda approach the window and pause. She spotted the collar and now knew for sure that Wanda and LonelyOne were the same person. Her thoughts now turned to wondering if Wanda would go through with her instructions and undress in the window.

It seemed like a long time, but Wanda unbuttoned her blouse. Kami watched as Wanda finished taking her blouse and skirt off and then stood in the window for 15 seconds. She watched as Wanda left the window and waited for her IM.

Wanda sent her message to ShyGurl that she finished her instructions. Kami wanted to see how far she could get Wanda to go in her first session. "Take your bra and thong off." Wanda quickly unfastened her bra and took it off. She slipped off her thong and sat in her chair with only her pumps on. "I have finished taking my bra and thong off Mistress."

Kami wanted to extend her control and asked, "How badly torn are your pantyhose? Can you put them back on?" Wanda searched for the pantyhose and picked them up. They were badly torn. "I can try and put them back on Mistress." "Do it then."

Wanda slipped her pumps off and gingerly put the pantyhose back on. Most of the thighs were gaping holes as was the crotch, but the waistband was still intact and would keep the pantyhose from falling off.

Wanda looked down at the pantyhose and saw the gaping holes and shreds of the nylon hanging down. She lustily thought of herself being ravished with her present look being the results of her attack. Again she was reminded of the aching between her legs and how horny this woman was making her feel.

Wanda sat back down and told Kami she had her pantyhose back on. "Now pet, get up and hang your bra and thong in the window. Then stand there for 15 seconds and return to me."

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