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Everything escalates with me, Marco and Brooke.

They chatted as they casually walked arm in arm through the casino. They paused at the roulette table and Thomas gave her a hundred dollar chip and told her to play it.

She smiled and chuckled as she told him, "I think I will play the black nine and see if I can get lucky." They laughed as the wheel spun, the ball clicked as it tumbled about in the wheel. The ball finally came to rest on the red 10. CJ again took Thomas's arm and smiled as she told him, "Well... I hope my luck improves tonight."

Thomas laughed and told her, "Oh well... I think you can do better than a black nine... let's go see if we can change your luck." He put his hand on her back and led her towards the elevator. The elevator door opened and several others got on with them. Thomas pulled her to him and kissed her lightly as they rode the elevator to the fifteenth floor.

He opened the door and CJ smiled at him as she walked into his large suite. She laid her small bag on a table just inside the door looked around at the lavish room as she walked to the window to take in the view of the strip, lit up with all the lights from all the casino marquees.

The suite was large and one wall had floor to ceiling windows that over looked the sculptured lake in front of the casino. She chuckled as she told him, "Your room is much bigger than mine."

He smiled as he laughed and said, "Well... the boss does have his privileges."

Thomas came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and they stood and looked out the window. She laid her head back against his chest and Thomas started to lightly nibble on her ear. She lightly whimpered when he lightly bite her ear lobe.

He unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off her shoulders as he told her, "I have been admiring your breasts all night." Thomas folded her jacket and laid it neatly over the bar stool.

Thomas dropped several ice cubes into glasses and opened a bottle of Whyte & Mackay and filled the glasses half full. As she turned to him she watched as he opened a prescription bottle and tapped two blue pills in his palm and popped them in his mouth, then took a sip of his scotch to wash them down.

Thomas handed CJ her scotch and followed her as she walked back to the window, sipping her drink. He walked up behind CJ as she gazed out at the lights on the strip; he set his drink on the desk next to the window. He held her waist as he bent to kiss her neck. She moaned as she leaned back into him just as a water ballet suddenly shot high into the air from the lake below.

He cupped her breasts in his large hands, and she gasped as he roughly squeezed them. Thomas slowly unbuttoned her blouse as he continued to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear, then slid his hand slide inside her blouse and he caressed her lace covered breast. He opened her blouse exposing her breasts; her tiny pink nipples peeked through the ivory lace as she stood in front of the window. He took her drink and set it down and then slipped her blouse off her shoulders and tossed it on the sofa.

She turned and they kissed, his lips pressing hard against hers, she moaned as his tongue slipped inside her mouth and she lightly caressed it as she gently sucked on it. She tingled as she felt his hand slowly slide up her bare back, and he skillfully unhooked her brassier. He pulled the brassier from her shoulders as he stepped back and slide the brassier from her arms and tossed it next to her blouse.

He moaned as he looked at her, "Umm... such lovely breast."

CJ smiled, pleased that he liked her small breast. She took a sip of her scotch as she turned to watch the water ballet.

CJ stood in front of the window, her arms hiding her breast. They looked out from the fifteenth floor window admiring the water display with all the lights of Las Vegas strip behind it. Thomas pulled her back against him. CJ shivered as she felt his hand slide up her bare back, his fingers slipped into her hair and she whimpered as his fingers tighten.

Thomas pulled her head back and kissed her, his lips pressed

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