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A train is run on Mary.

" You told me as we pulled our lips apart and you looked me in the face."

"Now?" I asked.

You nodded and repeated the statement. "Yes...I want you now."

"Okay...come on, let's find a place." I said as I grabbed your hand.

It was you that found it. A small patch of grass, surrounded by bushes, with a tree in the middle.

"Perfect." I said, as I pulled you down onto the grass.

Luckily this time of year was warm and that this part of the park seemed not to get too many passers by.

As you laid down on your back, I kissed your lips and trailed my fingertips over your dress and over your breasts. The nipples were erect and very large. You were getting very aroused, just like me.

"Hmmmmmmm, don't stop." You purred, as my fingers brushed your nipples and then traveled down over your navel.

"I don't think I could, even if I wanted to." I replied to you.

"Hang on." You said, as you reached around for your purse.

As if by magic, you pulled out a small tube of cream and then held up a condom and smiled at me.

"You think of everything." I said to you.

"I'm on top." You told me.

You stood up and worked your dress up over your hips and left it scrunched up like that. You passed me the cream, but held onto the condom.

"Ready?" Ready you asked, as you turned around and stood over my body.

"Yes." I managed to say, as I looked up and saw the back of your G-string going up the crack of your arse.

You slowly lowered yourself onto my body, facing my toes. With your dress up like that I could see the fine orbs of your bum. The cheeks fine and smooth and very much wanted as I gazed at them.

You did not lower yourself completely, but left me some room so that my arms would be able to work on your lovely rear.

I laid my hands on each of your cheeks and slowly pulled them apart. As I pulled them apart, one had the g-string as well. Gently pulling your bum towards me, my tongue began licking your crack. First up and then back, while stopping on its way to lick around your love hole. I could feel you shiver as I did this. So was I, but I was intoxicated by your smell and feel.

While this happened you undid my belt buckle and pants and the zip. I raised my hips so that you could move them down over my legs.

"What's this?" You stated, as you released my manhood from the confines of the underpants.

You bobbed your head down to give my cock a kiss and then take it into your mouth. Moving the shaft deep into your throat, as your lips and teeth worked it over.

I was lucky that I did not blow then and there.

As you sucked on me, I forced my tongue around and into your love hole, enjoying the taste. Even though you were now lubricated there, I reached for the cream and undid the cap. Putting some on my middle finger I ran it over your hole and then slowly pressed the finger into the hole. Sliding it in and out, up to the knuckle with ease.

"Hmmm." You said around a mouthful of cock.

You pulled your lips away from my cock and undid the packaging from around the condom. Pulling it out, you stretched it a little bit before leaning back down to kiss my cock and then slide it over me.

When it was on, you turned around and positioned yourself facing me. I put one hand on each cheek as you slowly lowered yourself down onto my shaft.

You only had to guide it a little bit and then it was in.

You reached behind your neck and undid the dress straps. As the fabric fell away, your breasts appeared. Round and firm. The nipples big and bold, just waiting to be sucked and touched.

I reached up and slowly trailed my fingers over the curve of your breasts and over your nipples.

They responded to my touch and so did you. You leaned down to kiss me as you rocked back and forth impaled on my erection.

Your lips were like a fire that had to be quenched. Your tongue was a raging lance as it met mine and they played for all it was worth.

I pulled you down harder, by your hips, as I thrusted harder into you.

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