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Daughter needs her temperature taken the proper way.

Nope, I am ready to hit the road, Nancy thinks to herself as she steps out the door and make her way across town to Jeb Jackson's place.

Arriving at Jeb's place Nancy feels a bit out of place. The last time she was over here Bob was at her side and they were coming to comfort Jeb when the news of the terrible crash which killed Laura was less then an hour old. She could still remember how nervous she was that day and somehow it made her nervous again as she stepped onto the front porch and bent down to search for the key Jeb told her would be under his front mat.

Sure enough the key was right where Jeb had promised it would be and in seconds Nancy was inside Jeb and Laura's home.

"Hello." Nancy called out as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

No answer.

Nancy hangs her coat and purse on the coat rack beside the front door and surveys the front room looking for a launching point for her attack on the work ahead of her. In minutes Nancy is in her element as she begins picking up various and sundry articles lying about the room. Carrying the dirty clothes into the laundry room, the dirty dishes into the kitchen and placing the trash into the large black plastic trash bag she found in what was obviously Laura's cleaning supply cupboard under the kitchen sink.

With the laundry going and the dishwasher doing its best against what seemed like 4 or 5 day old dried caked on food debris on plates and utensils, Nancy turned her attention to the floors, first vacuuming the carpet, then mopping the vinyl floors and finally dusting what appeared to be at least a weeks worth of dust.

Nancy stopped for a moment to survey the work performed and smiled to herself, pleased with what she had accomplished. Glancing at her watch, it was 2 pm.

"Buzzzzzzzzzz" The sound startled Nancy. Oh that must be the dryer she thought to herself. Moving into the laundry room and removing the load from the dryer and replacing it with a load from the washer she grabbed the laundry basket and headed into the master bedroom to fold the load in there.

Opening up the door to the Master bedroom Nancy could tell by its nearly immaculate state that Jeb had not been in her since his wife died. It almost seemed like she was intruding into a sacred shrine as she walked into the room. Noting the order of things in the room Nancy was sure she was right, everything was put away and placed properly not slightly askew as a man would do. She sat on the end of the bed and began folding underwear, tee shirts, and pairing up socks first, then went over to the closet to look for hangers for the hanging clothes.

Quickly finding the hangers she needed Nancy makes short work of the hanging clothes and places them into the closet then begins opening dresser drawers to put Jeb's undergarments away. As she opens the first drawer she finds Laura's underwear drawer, but as she begins to close it back in as a strange object catches her eye.

Nancy stops dead in her tracks, never in her entire life has she seen anything like this before. Hesitantly she reaches out to touch the object and recoils backward as her fingertips touch the soft, almost skin-like phallus lying in Laura's drawer. A thought runs through her mind to close the drawer but something inside her won't let her shut the drawer.

There she stood transfixed by what was the largest dildo Nancy had ever seen. The thing looked so huge! And it had BALLS!!! Again Nancy reached out and gently stroked the fleshy feeling surface of the dildo but this time she didn't recoil backwards. She allowed the pads of her fingers to run over its length feeling what appeared to be life-like veins running just underneath what could only be called its skin.
Slowly Nancy encased the dildo in her hand amazed at how little of it she could encircle.

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