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Elunara’s entire visit to Darnassus

"And Mr. Gorgeous. "She said while she looked him over. Adam had put on a cream colored silk shirt with black dress pants. Since it was warm, he had left several buttons open on the shirt, and also rolled the sleeves half way up. "It's a wonderful pleasure to see you again, and from how you look, I'm sure you don't lack admirers. "She said playfully.
"Knock it off Jesse, are you trying to scare him off? "Mark asked.

"Oh, Adam doesn't scare easily. Do you, Adam? "She smiled with that special look.

"I wasn't aware that I was being scared off. "

"And are you enjoying the party? "She asked.

"I haven't been here long, but so far it's very interesting. "

"Good, it's always better when things are kept interesting. "She said, and this time he could almost see the little devil dancing in her eyes and playing with her smile. He had to admit they were a lot alike.

"So Jesse, you sure took you're time about getting back here. Was there any special reason why? " Mark asked her.

"Oh, I just had a little unexpected delay. "He noticed she spoke in the same flirtatious tone with Mark as well.

"Nothing serious, I hope. "Mark stated,

"Nothing I didn't handle, just took longer than I anticipated. Where is Richard with my wine? Excuse me; I'll be right back. I do hope you won't be leaving just yet, Adam. "

"Well, any comments? "Mark asked.

"She is one hell of a beautiful woman. "
"That she is. Sweet too, wouldn't you say? "

"There are many words I could use to describe her, but sweet is not one of them. Am I wrong, or did she just blow you off about why she was away so long? "
"Come on let me show you around some more. "Mark chuckled.
"Apparently she is not the only one who likes to change subjects. "

As the night wore on, he was astonished by the amount of people who seemed to come and go. Always, there seemed to be a waiter handing out drinks, or a waitress walking around carrying food platters. It seemed there was never any limit. He decided to go find Mark and possibly talk more with Jesse. Before he even had finished his thought, Jesse was standing right in front of him.

"I do believe you were going to ask me to dance? "She asked, her voice sounding very sexual.

"As a matter of fact, that was my intention. "He smiled, and she held her hand out to him. She led him to the area near the band where others were dancing.

"You have a very beautiful home, Jesse. It suits you. "He spoke softly as he held her in his arms.

"Thank you. I hope you're enjoying the one you live in as well? "

"Very much so. You have exquisite taste. "He now figured she was going to address the issue of his checking up on her. To his surprise, she laid her head against his chest and said nothing more.

He was enjoying holding her as they danced. He felt almost as if they were the only ones in the room. He couldn't ever remember experiencing this feeling before. He also was finding it difficult not to be aroused, as he felt the warmth of her body pressed against his while they danced.

"You dance very well, I like that. Too many men prefer not to dance at all. "

"When it means holding a woman in your arms, especially one as beautiful as yourself, I would think every man would want to. "Adam said.

"Your words flatter me. You're very good at flirting. "

"I'm not so sure. It seems that you're more gifted with this talent than I am. "

"Touch__'! "She laughed, smiling with that certain look.

The dance ended and she again took his hand leading him to the kitchen. There they found Mark with a small group of other people. She refilled her wine glass, and then poured one for him. "And where have you two been off to? "Mark asked.

"We were dancing and getting more acquainted. "

"Yes, in fact Adam was even showing me how much alike we are. "She said softly, and smiled wickedly at him.

"I'm sure he was. Better slow down on that wine Jesse. "Mark said, then chuckled.

"Adam is not like you Mark, I doubt I'd have to worry about having too much

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