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Lucy is punished for her behaviour.

" Could not believe how easily my lips had betrayed me, how quickly I shared a need I'd not known before.

"Take some more Rush, as much as you can, then do it again as you start licking your lips while you say to yourself, I want Big Daddy dick, I love sucking Daddy Dick."

Per his instruction I opened the bottle and began inhaling the Rush as I licked my lips, very aware of how moist they were becoming.

"I want Big Daddy dick, love sucking Daddy Dick." Over and over I chanted as I licked my lips, inhaled from the bottle of Rush.

As I chanted I felt him start gently slapping my lips with his cock, my tongue occasionally being touched as he continued to slap my lips: making them puffy and full. I had another hit of Rush as he settled his cock head on my lips, letting my tongue move over and around it as he slowly but firmly started to feed it past my lips and into my that moment I knew I'd crossed that divide between who I was, and being a Daddy Dick cocksucker...I closed my eyes and reveled at the taste of his manhood, swooned, as I gave into a new found passion of being fed. As he briefly pulled out I heard myself moan as I said, "Oh god, I love sucking your cock" The words muffled as they came out with his cock going back in.

"Yeah, just lean back, and let that Daddy Dick sit there."

Slowly he fed me dick, then stopped.

"Just let it sit, slowly breath through you nose and start lapping at the underside of my cock."

I obeyed, lapping the underside of his man cock, while just letting it be there.

"Breath, lick, swallow, suck, lick, breath."

He was slowly pulling his cock out, and then slowly pushing it in again, each time going a little further, a little deeper.

"Yeah, that's a good boy. Suck that big Daddy Dick, breath lick, swallow, relax, and just let it sit there. I can tell, you like being a dick boy don't you? Love that Big Daddy Dick feeding you what you need, giving you what you grave, you grave this big Daddy Dick, don't you boy?"

All I could do was nod, and with each nod he'd feed me just a little more dick, going in a little bit deeper.

"That's it. Show me how much you love this Big Fat Meaty Daddy cock. Let it out boy, you know you want to be a cock sucking little Daddy Dick Meat me boy, show me you're a good little cock sucker, give yourself to my cock boy."

OH GOD, his words scorched me, I felt my whole body jolt, go taunt with awareness, then relaxing, settling back onto my haunches, surrendering as I felt his balls slapping my cheeks. Remembering the words, the instructions, "breath, lick swallow, suck, just let it be there." As I let his manhood just be there buried in my throat. That's when he started fucking me, pulling out an inch, maybe two, then in again, the pace quickening into a steady rhythm. After maybe ten minutes he pulled completely out, held me back me I tried to swallow him back in.

"Are you ready to be a dick boy? Do you want to be my personal cock sucker? Would you like to worship this Big Daddy Dick, crave it?"

I could not believe my own words as they rolled out of my mouth, "Yes Daddy".

"Yes Daddy what?"

"Yes Daddy, I want to be your personal cock sucker, want to worship and crave your Big Daddy Dick."

As I spoke he reached into his backpack and pulled out a black leather collar with four silver rings and a leather collar. "Are you sure boy? Once I put this collar on, you're mine, my own personal cock sucker, my slut boy, eventually, even my sissy dick bitch, willing to do anything I ask, ready to meet my every demand for a taste of my cock. Is that what you want, are you ready to be my personal cock sucker boy?"

I looked at his monster cock, still enormous though it had grown a little soft, then looked up into his eyes. "Yes Daddy, I need more of your cock, want to be your personal cock sucker."

Smiling he placed the collar around my neck.

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