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Jean Lays Out the Rules. Denies Miguel again.

Her ass stuck up in the air and Kristin rose to grab it, now right in front of her face. She sucked another toe, tasting the fermented mud and swallowing each layer of film off the toes as they mixed with her saliva.

"That's it, girl-whore. All the toes, I want my feet shining clean."

Kris began lightly slapping Anne's upturned ass cheeks, one at a time, as Anne licked each toe, each crack between the toes, and the bottoms of her feet. The slaps became more pronounced and you could hear a sharp slap with each passing moment. Anne started to moan and writhe in a bit of pain; this was beginning to really sting.

"You think you can cheat on me and laugh it off, whore?" said Kris as the slaps became stronger and louder.

Anne was now trying hard to hold back tears and you could see the pain in her face.

"Keep sucking my dirt off, you twat."

Anne's bum cheeks were bright red and pulsating. Kris pulled them apart and started striking the hole with her hand, very hard right on the flower.

Anne shreiked. "No. Stop. I wasn't going to hurt you. It didn't mean..." and Kris struck again.

The puckered mouth inhaled and returned outward, itself bright red. Kris slapped the cheeks really hard another time and Anne screamed loudly, tears running down her cheeks, somewhat brown and filmy from the rump gravy she was cleaning off, leaking all over her face.

Kristin blindly reached over to the bedside table and grabbed a hairbrush. She quickly returned to spanking Anne's beautiful ass sharply with the bristles back and forth.

Anne was begging, "Please stop, I can't bear it," and was wiggling to get out of the position.

As she began moving away, Kristin shoved the handle of the brush rudely into her brown bud and twisted the brush. Anne gasped suddenly, started crying, and collapsed, head on Kristin's toes, her movements limp and quivering, having decided to give up the struggle and let Kristin take out her anger. Kristin pumped the hairbrush handle in and out a few times of Anne's asshole; it didn't go in past the handle, only up to the bristles and Anne's rear just shuddered at the violation. Kristin yanked the brush out with a loud pop and tossed it on the floor. I had never seen such a nasty beautiful slutty woman.

"Are you happy, my love," said Kristin as she move out from under Anne and left her in a collapsed pile at the end of the bed, head down on the covers, ass pointing out, legs tucked under.

Her bright red cheeks seemed as if they burnt red hot. Her anus too was bright red and lay semi-open, you could see the insides of her shit tube shaking as it hadn't closed yet from the spanking and hairbrush violation.

All of a sudden, as her ass hung still, the hole quivering, let out a whispering gush of gas, not strong, and loosely wet. The hole started leaking globs of whitish jism. Anne's wonderful gaping anus had released the remainder of my cum from last night and it was shiny in the dim light, beginning to drip thickly out of the hole down the inside of her thigh. Kristin saw this and something in her went wild; she almost leaped to Anne's asshole and began tonguing my cream from her thighs. She lapped the area like a dog, not possibly getting enough. The sperm was mixed with some shit residue and it looked as if some were milky-brown in color, yet still think in texture. As Kris moved her head away from Anne's bum, the spunk stretched between her lips and Anne's asshole like melted cheese. Kris raced to get it all before it fell to be absorbed by the sheets. This really got Kris horny, I began to realize she must have loved sucking cock in her straight days and it had been a really long time since she had had the pleasure.

I lay on the side of all this, marveling at how well my cum had held up, being stored inside Anne's warm rectum.

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