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A middle-aged married swinger finds what she's been missing.

And add the final mortification that he was licking my virgin ass hole had my pussy quivering and the juice running down towards his laboring tongue. I was so ashamed that I was actually enjoying this. What kind of woman would get pleasure from such an act?

With a last lingering lick, he eased up on the bed and covered my body with his. He bent to kiss me again and this time, I showed no hesitation in displaying my horny state. The musky taste of myself was a potent intoxicant and I greedily sucked on his tongue as I lifted my hips to meet his. I felt his hard cock against my soft belly and it sent me even deeper into a frenzy. I couldn't stop myself from humping against him and whimpering in frustration.

Paul slowly lifted himself up off of me and watched me writhe uncontrollably for a few seconds and then reached to the bed table beside him. He came back with a small tube of some kind of liquid. His hands urged me up and into a position on all fours. He put a pillow under my abdomen and gently pushed my head down to rest on the my arms and spread my knees wide, but comfortably.

"I am going to prepare your little hole to take my cock," he addressed me again. "First, I will use the lube and my finger. I am going to use a generous amount." I heard the squish noise as the lube and air were expelled from the tube onto his finger. "Just a little chilly now. Shh..." he crooned as I felt the cold lubricant touch my tight little rosebud.

He spread it around some before dipping his finger into the narrow opening. I gasped at the sensations, still a bit strange. It took less time to get used to his finger this time, and the lube warmed quickly to my body temperature. I was afraid that he would just get on top and jam his cock right into my ass, but he looked as if he understood my reservations.

"I am going to take my time with you tonight, little one. I am going to be as gentle as possible with you," Paul said to me tenderly. "I still want you to know that no matter how much I prepare you, it is still going to hurt some. That is the nature of the act and unavoidable until you get used to it." He came over to the side of the bed and crouched down next to me. I lifted my head to look him in the eye. I could tell he was serious. "I am sorry this will hurt. I love you."

I was truly touched by his compassion. I knew then that I could place more trust into the hands of this man, and I settled back into position, ready and waiting.

He went back around and sat on the edge of the bed behind me. I could feel his gaze on my most private places again, and I felt another rush. He leaned forward until I could once again feel his breath on my open pussy. His finger gently twisted its way back into my anal passage. I could barely hold still, but he seemed to be taking his time. His hot breath was steady. I knew that he could smell my soggy cunt and that just inflamed me more. His finger gradually worked its way deeper until I could feel his knuckles against my moist lips. He rocked in and out several times before pulling all the way out.

I heard the snap of a lid and the gush of more lube, and this time, I felt more than one finger working its way into my rectum. This was slightly more uncomfortable, but tolerable, I decided. He started twisting them around, trying to loosen my tight channel. I was rocking back on my knees at this point, desperate to keep his hands in contact with my body. I was unprepared, however when he spread his two fingers while buried deep in my hole. I jumped forward on my knees a little and he hushed me again.

"I know that hurt a little, Sweet, but I want you to try to focus now. Focus on my voice, and focus on what your body is feeling at my hand," he murmured. I was mesmerized. "Don't just focus on the pleasure or the pain. Let them merge. Focus on sensation. Open your body to me."

I dipped my head low and brought my ass high to allow him greater access.

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