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Carol has a crush on her teacher.

She then became very still as she let out several long moans with her head tilted back as far as it would go. I saw her right hand pushing the vibrator in and held it in at its full length. I leaned over to her body, and lapped my tongue over her exposed hard nipple before engulfing it into my watering mouth. She allowed my sucking until the moaning during her orgasm subsided. Then used her other hand to push my head away. She was obviously still feeling the sensations of her orgasm as she stood up and walked away with her vibrator in hand calling me a pervert. She left the porno playing on the television and her clothes strewn across the floor. I watched for a little while longer until exhaustion started to overcome my body. I decided to head up to bed ignoring thoughts about trying anything more with Jamie tonight.

The next morning I was awoken all too early by a phone call from Shell's mom asking me to come over to help her move a couple large things around the house. I agreed to come over shortly, but got an extra hour of sleep before heading over. Apparently there was no furniture needing to be moved, which made for an extremely enjoyable morning. I had left Shell's house an hour or so before her dad was supposed to get home from work.

Not long after getting home I found myself laying in bed naked watching porn on my laptop. I've found that the more often I have sex, the more often I am turned on when I'm not having sex. This has led to a vast increase in my masturbation schedule as opposed to before that Sunday afternoon with Shell and her mom. I found myself thinking of those large breasts that were recently cupped in my hands. Shell's mom's skilled hips riding me. Her ability to let me slowly enter her followed by a compelte release of my cock. This allowing every nerve along the ridge of my cock to feel the sensation of be engulfed by her pussy. Followed by a full change of pace to furious humping urging my body torwards release. And of course slowed back again, to a creep prolonging the teasing until my impending climax was built up to the point of nothing being able to hold it back.

Wishing for the feeling of Shell's mom back on top of my cock, my bathroom door opens. Jamie walks in asking, "Watcha doing? Having some fun are you?" For whatever reason I quickly tried to cover myself up with a pillow, but offered no verbal resistance to her being there. "You didn't get enough this afternoon with Mrs. Anderson? Yeah, I know what you were doing today, or should I say who you were doing."

Jamie looked pretty good right then, with her dirty blonde hair pulled up in a folded over pony tail thing so the ends of her hair were come back up. She was wearing a bikini top and jean shorts with the button undone and the zipper part way down. I could see her bikini bottoms above the zipper. I love this look on anyone. On a blonde like Jamie with big tits, I liked it even more.

"So, you like checking me out or what?"

I didn't know how to respond to that, but I guess my body language took care of most of that for me. My eyes were looking over her body, while I slowly shifted my body to be laying slightly on my side facing her a little more.

Jamie moved her hands to her skin just above her waist. "Is this what you like now? Your sister's body? Yeah, I think it is." She took a step closer to my bed. "You like checking out your fucking sister you sick bastard."

She licked her lips as her hands slid up that hourglass figure of hers. They stop sliding at her breasts, her palms were now pushing her tits together and her fingers were pointed right at me. The amount of cleavage she was sporting grew so much her tits were almost spilling over her bikini top.

"This is turning you on more than that porno, isn't it? Or should I tell mom and dad that I accidentily interrupted your jerk off session and you asked me to strip for you." Then she seductively whispered, "but I don't have to tell..."

By this time my hand had slipped under the pillow, back to my ever growing coc

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