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Por fin su mujer le permite usar la entrada trasera.

Of course we had our moments but Tina would eventually calm down and the make up sex was spectacular. We worked hard and earned more than enough but our marriage came first. I would sometimes drag Tina off camping, which she secretly enjoyed. She would drag me to nightclubs, which I didn't. Life was good.

There was one severe disappointment in our marriage - we couldn't have children. Tina's ovaries couldn't produce mature eggs which effectively made her sterile. Of course I got her the best gynecological care possible but it made no difference. It was infuriating that I could help so many patients but couldn't do anything more than try to comfort my own beloved wife.

We had both dearly wanted kids, especially Tina and it grieved me even more to see her watching little children with tears in her eyes. While she tried not to let her pain show, there would always be a child shaped hole deep in Tina's heart. We discussed adopting but were busy professionals and both of us leaned heavily on their jobs as a source of compensation.

Not having kids meant we could travel the world. Once when we were in New Zealand, we visited a gannet colony where these superb wind masters nested on cliffs high above the surging Tasman Sea. As we watched, one of a pair returned from a fishing trip and the two gannets performed an endearing, somewhat ridiculous courtship ritual, necking and beaking.

"Apparently they mate for life." I remarked displaying the knowledge I had read on an information board nearby. "Remind you of anyone?"

Tina snuggled up close and slipped her arm around my waist.

"Well apart from the beaks and the wings... that's us DD... forever."

Our own mating rituals were varied, passionate and adventurous. Tina's capacity for giving and receiving orgasmic pleasure never ceased to amaze me. I'm sure she had experienced bigger, more skilled and exciting lovers but not one had ever given himself to her with utter devotion the way I did and her love for me never wavered. Guys still hit on her, drawn to her beauty like moths to a flame, but she only flirted a little and never went too far. She was determined to honor her marriage vows and when Tina set her mind to do something, she stuck to it.
Or so I thought, but here I was alone while Tina was quite possibly in bed with another man.

I must have dozed off as I was awoken by my phone. My poor body had no idea what time it was but my clock showed 8.30am. It was Sarah calling with Menard's phone number and another caution not to do anything stupid. I rang immediately but there was no reply.

I took a much-needed shower, shaved, dressed, drank two cups of coffee and started to feel a bit less like a bag of week-old trash. At 9.15 I rang again. The phone rang for a long time and I was almost going to hang up when a deep male voice answered. He sounded annoyed.


"Mr. Menard?" I had decided to be ultra polite; antagonizing Menard would get me nowhere.

"Mais oui. And you are?"

"I'm Dan Drew... Tina's husband."

Robert's voice changed. It became oily smooth and self-satisfied.

"Ah le docteur. I was wondering if you would call. What can I do for you Dr Drew?"

"Could I speak to my wife please Mr. Menard? I assume she's with you."

"You assume correctly DD." His using my nickname was infuriating. "She's most definitely with me ... but she's not up yet... the lady had a very...very busy night."

"Mr Menard... I'm sure you can understand how worried I am. I haven't seen my wife in six weeks. I haven't spoken to her for days. When she wasn't at home when I got back last night I... well it really freaked me out."

Robert chuckled.

"Perhaps you should not have gone away and left her alone so long DD."

I took a deep breath. This was excruciating. I desperately wanted to shout expletives and demand to talk to Tina but somehow I managed to keep my anger in check.

"I think you're right. Do you think I could possibly see her? Just to make sure she's OK."

"Oh she is much more than OK.

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