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He lost a bet and will do anything to get out of it.

licking his cock clean I tell the group that their cocks and cum are my food and air.

I sit on one guys lap as he lays back against the bleacher with my back to him he rubs my wet pussy all over his cock and then eases into my asshole. Tim soon takes his place mounting my pussy sandwiching me between these two cocks all the while neighbors and friends watch. THEY HEAR ME BEG THEM T FUCK MY PUSSY AND ASS. Suddenly the start too work with cocks into my pussy that sent me over the edge 1-2-3- orgasms looking up to see my sons teacher watching my beg them to ram both their cocks all the way in my pussy. Just then Another one from the team stands above me while I look up and try to sit up for his cock. his cock is one of the biggest I have ever seen. it looked like a good 12 inches and twice as thick as my wrist.

While both cocks slammed my gushing pussy I leaned up and grabbed the meaning of my life. with both hands it looked like I was holding a bat. While my twat went off lick a string of firecrackers I licked this colossus of cocks I licked from the very top down both sides to the bottom only to see the biggest set of balls I've ever seen. It looked like something you see on the horses at the zoo. As both cocks filled my twat full of cum I had an orgasm that was so big I NEARLY PASSED OUT. Quickly somebody from the team had taken the place of the other 2 cocks and almost equalling them I might add. I stood leaning over the bleachers while a Black man from the team nailed my pussy from behind. the man with center of my universe stood down several rows so my head came right to the top of his cock. I leaned to lick his balls trying to figure out how I was going to get this club in my mouth or anywhere else for that matter.

As I moved from his balls to the helmet I saw our neighbor the guy always had his video camera. today was no different!! I looked deep into the camera and moaned that this is my reason for living this is my purpose and this was my God. I know now that sounds harsh but that is what I pray to, for, and that's what fulfills me. I get past the head and slowly work my way down. the man fucking my from behind has now pulled his black cock out and blasted his wad all up my back and into my hair.

I move and lay flat on the bench with my head hanging back off the side so my throat is all the way open. I'm laying on the bench just a cock height he walks up and slides into my mouth deeper and deeper rubbing my tits as he tells my to play with my pussy. my pussy is electric just touching sets of another cum. Another man has now mounted my chest and starts to fuck my 38d's. My mouth has most of the cock in it. when suddenly a cock of significant size enters my pussy. I cum so hard I gasp seeing this God grabs my head and lunges forward burying most of his cock into my throat as I grind back with pussy trying to pull more cock into my pussy I see with me being upside down that his balls are only 2 inches from my nose as he slowly slides back and forth only an inch or so. I decide I must have this cock balls deep in my mouth. as he moves forward I grab his & pull him all the way in. I swear I could feel him in my stomach. I looked to see the camera catching it all for posterity. holding him their so everyone watching can see he pulls all the way out and bang bottoms out deep in my stomach just to prove he could do it.

He pulls out as the man in my pussy who happened to be my son's little league coach, pulls out and fills my belly button and squirts my pussy. I look up to see the man fucking my tits is my best friend Jens husband Terry. I lean and suck the head as it pokes out the top of my tits until he blasts my face and hair then shaking of the excess on my face.

I didn't care who saw but I was going to fuck the most amazing cock ever.

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