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A defining moment for Roxy: The big screen film is approved.


A dozen questions peppered my thoughts, but my clit was swollen and my thighs trembling. I couldn't think straight enough to form the words. I gripped the railing to steady myself and locked my knees together as a flood of sticky heat coated my panties. "I need..."

"I know" He whispered. His fingers played along the edge of my shirt, tracing the outline of the heart-shaped rock nestled against my heart. His fingers slipped into my bra, plucking the stone from beneath the lace, barely touching my skin. I hissed and arched my back, desperately wishing that he would.

"Sit down and spread your legs." The stranger's seductive voice directed.

My legs collapsed, as though designed to follow his lead. Cold cement pressed into my back, but the heat burning in my veins kept me warm.

His breath hovered close to my ear making my spine shiver. "Slide your fingers between your thighs. They know what to do."

I hesitated. "Not anymore."

My stranger chuckled, a soft, sexy laugh. Familiarity prickled the skin on my arms and my heart clenched. I could almost picture Hugh standing above me, eyes dark and intense, fingers peeling his jeans open and his beautiful, orgasm-inducing cock on display. But he wasn't here.

"They've always known." He purred.

"Then why haven't I been able to come since..."

"Since Hugh left?"

I hissed in a breath. How did he know?

Calling Cupid. The verse on the card flashed in my head. Was this... "Cupid?"

I could almost feel the smile curling his lips. "I have many names, but you may call me by that one if you like."

If I like? The only thing I wanted right now was a well overdue, earth-shattering explosion. The type that made my eyes squeeze shut and my tongue roll out of my mouth like a panting dog. I didn't care how ugly my sex face was. I just wanted sex.

"Cassie." His voice was tight and his tone commanding, forcing me out of my head and into the present. "Push your panties to the side and touch your clit."

The eager little bud pulsed in agreement.

Anyone could push open the door to the stairwell, bathe the darkness in light and see exactly what was happening. I would also see my seductive stranger.

Images of a chubby diaper wearing cherub popped into my head. I rolled my eyes into the darkness. "You don't have an arrow pointed at me do you?"

His laughter was hot on my cheek. "You don't need my help falling in love."

A spasm tightened my chest. What did that mean?

"Relax, Cassie." He cooed, "And touch."

My fingers took control, sliding and stroking. The cold cement pressed into my back and shoulders but I didn't care. That tightness was curling low in my belly. Blood simmered beneath my skin, and a blush warmed every inch in the darkness. Two fingers plunged, in and out. Slow then harder and faster, a frantic, panicked rhythm taking over. I was desperate, and I didn't want to lose it. Not again.

I had to know that breaking up with Hugh was the right thing, that I didn't need him to be happy or to orgasm.

The twinge in my heart threatened to derail the motion of my fingers. Was I happy?

"Pinch your nipple." Cupid urged, and I pushed aside any thoughts of Hugh.

I reached one hand up and gripped my breast, pinching, and tugging. "Oh..." I bit my bottom lip, stifling the moan.

Heat swirled in my head, and a burst of colors flickered beneath my eyelids. My breast swelled until my lungs felt heavy and the air thick.

My fingers curled inside and my thumb flicked up, brushing and pressing. Sweet warmth boiled between my thighs then flowed down to my toes and up my spine. "Ahh..."

I rocked against my fingers, back and forth, riding out the sensations. A blissful release washed over me and a long forgotten calm settled in my bones.
A door cracked. Yellow light spread across the grey cement walls, filtering into the stairwell below me. I lifted my head and looked down, a black tattooed shoulder all that I could see. Swirls tangled together almost looking like the letter C.

Then he was gone.

I slumped against the wall.

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