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The heat in her belly was insistent, the knot in her chest tightening.

"You will make an excellent little slave, my pet."

Anne released Nicole's collar. She brushed past her, walking into the living room of Nicole's flat. Crestfallen, Nicole reached down for the gown, but an unseen voice called her, "No, leave it there. Come through here, please." The voice was insistent, still Anne's but commanding, definite. She walked through the door . Her friend sat back on the sofa, legs crossed, eyes intently studying her naked body intently.

"Aren't you going to offer me a cup of tea? I've had a busy day, and I fear that it's only just begun."

"Er... Um... Yes, of course."

"You may refer to me as Mistress. I do find it rather melodramatic, but it would simply not do for you to forget your manners. You must learn."

"Er... Yes, Mistress"

Nicole blushed again. This was not what she had expected. Her friend was relaxing, she was fully dressed. Formally and severely in a dark brown shift dress that fell to just above her knees. Matching boots rose to just below the knee. Her hair was, as ever, immaculately and severely drawn back in a French plait. Her make up was subtle, but flawless. Nicole was, by contrast naked save for the collar and bracelets, no make up, her hair a mess. She felt vulnerable, but somehow, it felt right.

"Do I have to remind you that you were making me a cup of tea? In one of those nice china cups you have. And please, make yourself a cup as well. I have some explanations for you." The tone was insistent and clipped.

"Yes, Mistress." She hurried into the kitchen.

Nicole returned with a tray. "Set it down on the floor at my feet, and kneel behind it."

She poured the tea. It felt very strange to be naked, serving another something as simple as a cup of tea. But oddly, and deeply erotic. Having passed Anne her cup, she picked up her own. She sat back, on her heels, and took a sip at the tea. It was still scalding. She coughed, almost dropping the tea. She had not realised how nervous she was until now.

Anne looked down at her.

"You have chosen to submit to me, and to call me Mistress. But even so, I realise that you are a person, and that you have your own mind. I have no wish to harm you, physically or mentally, and you must know that you will be able to stop anything that we do at any time."

"Yes, Mistress." She hadn't realised how easy it would be to slip, as if into character. It was all so unreal.

Anne talked, Nicole listened, carefully, attentively. Both were acutely aware of Nicoles nakedness and submission, but neither said anything about it. They drank tea, from china cups. It was all very surreal. Nicole's thighs were beginning to ache from the forced posture. She fidgeted.

"You must do better than that, my dearest. I do hope you will not be too disobedient."

Nicole stiffened, resuming the uncomfortable position.

"We must be leaving soon, I will choose your clothes; please show me your wardrobe." Nicole hesitated, "What are you waiting for?"

Nicole stood, as quickly as she could.

"Your posture is appalling. We must work on that. Stand straight, chin up. Be graceful and elegant."

"Yes, Mistress, please come this way"

It was like a game. Nicole had never quite seen this side of her friend before. She led up the stairs, painfully aware of the view that Anne had of her behind. Trying desperately to walk carefully, to stand tall. There was a note in Anne's voice that demanded obedience. They reached the bedroom door. Nicole felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Kneel, now. Head to my feet, hands behind your head!"

Nicole hesitated


Nicole obeyed. Anne was still trying to find a limit. A each step she had feared that her friend would rebel, would refuse, but there seemed to be nothing she could do that was too much. She reminded herself to be careful. It would be too easy to push things too far.

"You will learn not to hesitate at my command.

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