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Scott Norton's last shot!

These touches kept my pussy wet for sure. Then it was over. For the moment anyway.

"Stand up and assume position #1 facing me with your ass directly in front of Reina's face."

I jumped up instantly and stood facing Master. I spread my legs wide and put my hands behind my head. I arched my back again which pushed my boobs up and out. This made them easy targets for the riding crop. I was shocked that my nipples were standing up at full mast. They never get fully erect like that unless they are being stimulated by direct contact. When I'm sexually turned on they will rise up quite a bit by themselves but never to this extent.

"Reina, I want you to remain in your position but I want you to use your hands to gently massage cum slut's ass cheeks and thighs. I want it to be as sensual as you can make it. When I am whipping her tits, I want you to be stroking her cunt and using a finger to caress her clit. Use your mouth and your tongue to lick and kiss her ass and thighs whenever you feel the urge to do so. If you can get her to cum while I am applying the crop to her tits and nipples, I will reward you with two orgasms before the day and evening are over. If you can get her to cum twice, I will have her tongue your clit until you cum three times."

That last statement should have provoked a very strong negative response out of me. I am not a lesbian. I'm not bisexual. I have never touched a woman sexually other than putting my head against Reina's pussy and I most certainly have never licked a woman's pussy. But, for some reason that I didn't fully understand at the time, I suddenly found the idea of putting my mouth on Reina's cunt and licking and sucking her clit and using my tongue to caress her labia and the entrance to her vagina to be completely acceptable. I actually wanted to see if I could make her cum with my mouth and tongue. It was a challenge I was looking forward to experiencing.

I thought the crop strokes to my pussy would begin immediately but I was wrong. Master left the room for a minute and returned with two objects. A blindfold and an orange ball with straps attached to it. He put the blindfold on me first and I no longer had any visual ability to warn me in advance of the crop landing on my poor defenseless supersensitive tits or pussy.

"Cum Slut. Do you want me to whip your pussy?"

"If that is what you want to do Master."

"I didn't ask you if it was OK to whip your pussy if I wanted to. I asked you if you wanted me to whip your pussy. I will ask you again slut. DO YOU WANT ME TO WHIP YOUR PUSSY?"

I actually did want him to whip my pussy. "Please whip my pussy Master. Please whip it hard. And please whip my tits and my nipples just as hard as you want. And I don't care if you whip me more than the number of times Reina counted out earlier. If you don't want to stop then please keep whipping me for as long as you wish to do so. You can do anything you want to me Master. Anything at all."

With that burst of emotional submission out in the open, Master took the orange ball and pushed it into my mouth. It was sort of soft but still firm enough to force my jaws apart to the point where they began to ache very quickly. He pushed harder and the ball made it past my teeth and into my mouth. I almost gagged at this new intrusion into my mouth. I had a quick gag reflex. I can lick and suck a cock with the best of them but I have never been able to get one all the way to the back of my mouth without gagging. I just can't do it. I have always wanted to have a cock completely buried into my throat and I have tried countless times to no avail. One former boyfriend even spent an entire day sitting in a chair while letting me practice getting his cock further and further into my mouth with no success. Every time, the sensation of size triggered my gag reflex before the mushroom head made it to the back of my mouth. I have even tried using numbing spray, but that didn't work either.

Master strapped the ball gag tightly to my head.

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