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Amy find love in an unlikely place.

He once said he was going to fuck Trina and I beat his ass. He told people that a couple of guys from another school jumped him. He stayed away from me.

I was surprised when Trina told me that Matt had taken her to her prom. I couldn't believe her mother would let her go out with that asshole. I came home on leave and didn't leave her side, till I had to leave for my tour of duty.

After I did all my tours of duty, I was told I would be going stateside. It was then, that I received a letter from Trina telling me she and Matt were not a couple anymore and that she had received her degree and was moving back home. It was like God was giving me a second chance with Trina. I had bought gifts for a lot of my family members and decided to get some for her family as well. I always liked her little brother and sister and her mom was nice to me but just wouldn't let us date.

After arriving home I went and visited Trina and her family. I honestly didn't know what to expect. My parents had always liked Trina, but they also knew she had a child now and wondered if I should get involved with her. I told them I had to see how things would go. She was always my best friend.

When Trina opened the door and hugged me and started crying I couldn't help how I felt. My best friend was still my best friend. Even her mother and sister hugged me. I grabbed her brother and gave him a big hug.

We talked for awhile and then I saw Alecia. She was just a tiny little thing only a few months old. I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes while I held the little girl; she was so precious. Trina went to get us some hot chocolate and I could tell Alecia needed changing.

Mrs. Whiting offered to change her but I said I wanted to do it. The cute little girl just smiled at me all the time I was changing her. I didn't have any problems since I've changed my nieces and nephews diapers for years. This little baby to me was special. It was just something I felt in my heart and it might sound stupid but, I believe we had a connection.

Trina and I were alone and she told me the whole sordid story about Matt. It was bad enough that she was with him but having a child with him was even worse. He wasn't even a man, he was an immature asshole whose parents always bought his way out of trouble.

Not that that was bad enough, but he ended up humiliating Trina and having his friends using her. All this so he wouldn't have to take care of his responsibilities. I know some of this was Trina's fault for putting herself in this situation but I felt I let her down, by not being there for her.

I told her where I would be stationed and that we could keep in contact and I could see her now and then. I left her house and let her know I would be back before Christmas to see her and her family.

I was confused about Matt and his friends. It upset my stomach every time I thought about how she was treated. I couldn't get over it. I knew I had to do something about it.

As I told Trina, I had a day off so I asked a pilot friend of mine if he would take me to the university to see an old friend for a couple of hours. I leased a car and drove from the airport to the university. My friend said he would wait at the airport for me. He had some friends he said he would hang out with, while I was gone.

I wore a hooded sweatshirt that said Michigan State University and a mask over my face when I approached the cameras. I went into the football locker room and started breaking into lockers. I grabbed wallets and looked at the drivers licenses and threw them into a gym bag. I didn't want any of their money, I just wanted Matt's wallet and cell phone.

I wore gloves so I wouldn't leave any prints. I came across two wallets with the pictures of Brad and Tony in them. It was then after seeing their pictures that the two assholes came into the locker room and headed straight for me. I can't tell you the rage that came over me.

I hit "asshole Brad" in the jaw and he dropped right to the floor.

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