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His first time is with the Head Cheerleader.

It slipped through the rings in the two clamps until her nipples were held side by side in front of her. Her body bowed before him as the pain pulled her downward. He pushed his lubricated fingers into her rectum. Her knees buckled and she collapsed to the floor. Her ass was now in the best possible position. He was indifferent to her screams as he shoved more of the lubricant into her and inserted the butt plug. He stood over her, waiting patiently for her to adjust to the situation.

After a few minutes, Master Thomas picked the woman up from the floor, onto her feet. She stood trembling with fear and humiliation. Tears rolled down her cheeks and onto her slender neck. He spoke to her with commanding tones. "You will obey me slave. I am your master. You will address me as master sir. Tell me that you will obey me."

"Yes Master Sir, I will obey you. Please don't hurt me any more."

"Good girl." His voice was suddenly gentle and somewhat soothing. He moved behind her, gently stroking her arms and shoulders. He felt her body begin to relax. His hands slipped onto her stomach. Gently he raised his right hand and caressed the bottom of her left breast. He spoke to her soothingly with his voice. "I am going to take the clamps off now. It is going to really hurt. Hold still." He felt her body stiffen against him as the clamp was removed. She began to cry again. He rubbed her nipple gently with the palm of his left hand as he carefully removed the other clamp. Her scream filled the room. Her sobbing continued as he rubbed her tender nipples.

When she had regained some control . He stepped back. He gently touched the ring on her butt plug, twisting it ever so slightly. She winced from the painful reminder of his control. He showed her the whip again then tapped her ass gently with it. You will walk to the desk. She took a step, then hesitated slightly as the butt plug shifted inside her. He understood her discomfort and patiently allowed her to the time that she needed. His voice sounded proud as he complimented her behavior. He rubbed her small ass with his hand. "Would you like for me to remove the plug from your sweet ass my slave?"

The thought took the girl by surprise. "Yes Master Sir. I would like for you to remove it."

Master Thomas spoke gently to her. "You will lean over the desk, hold onto the edge on the other side, and spread your legs wide. It will hurt, but if you are a good girl for me, I won't hurt you any more." He watched her bending over the desk, her arms stretched over her head. He removed the butt plug. He allowed her to recover, then proceeded with her training. He gave her an orgasm, then taught her how to suck his cock.

Nurse Strictel returned, smiling approvingly at the improvement in the new student's behavior. "I thought you would have to keep giving her the medicine to make her behave."

Master Thomas scowled. "No, I know how to train my slaves. But give her some now so I can control her for the ride to town."

He stood by as the nurse placed the drug in the girl's mouth. The nurse brought rain coats for them. They helped the woman get hers on as she became subdued by the drug. Master Thomas put on his coat and picked her up in his arms. The nurse opened the door. He moved to the horse in the torrential rain. He mounted and the guards lifted her on in front of him. With only a word, the horse surged into full speed as his master guided him onto the old trail leading over the top of the mountain. The horse did not tire as they sped up the steep path. They sailed over the small fences and logs along the way. Thunder and lightning crashed near by, but the horse showed no fear as they rode.

It was 4:00 when they galloped into Stonecrest.

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