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On her way to her parents, Melissa encounters a snowman...

ll day and waste our last day before classes started?"

"Oh... Uhm... I didn't know you wanted me to wake you up."

"It's cool. Anyway, what's the plan for today?"

"So we cool?" Devante asked blatantly.

"What you mean are we cool? We been living together almost a week and you just now trying to figure out if we cool?"

"Naw, I mean..." then he thought for a second about the fact that he pretended to be asleep when Spencer read the text message. "Nothing man. Anyway Lance just told me about this club fair that I think we should go to. We can checkout what kinda shit they got to do here when we not in class. Call Jeff up and see if he wants to go."

Spencer called him and before he could hardly hang up the phone Jeff was there. They all finished getting dressed and headed out to grab food before the clubs fair.

Back at the dorm after spending about an hour at the clubs fair, all the guys were excited about all the stuff that they signed up for. Walking to their room Lance called out "Hey Guys!"

They stopped. "Hey Lance" Jeff said.

"Did you guys go to the club fair?"

"Yeah man, that's where we're coming from now" said Spencer.

"What did yall think"

"It was pretty dope!" Devante said. "We all must've signed up for at least 8 or 9 things."

"Typical freshmen! Signing up for all these email list for things you're never actually going to go to."

"I'm going to da stuff I signed up for" Jeff shot back.

"Me too" said Devante. "I'm a great DJ so being on campus radio sounds like a pretty sweet gig to me!"

"What are yall up to right now?"

"Nothing" said Spencer.

"Yall wanna hang out in here? Yall are more than welcome."

"Shit why not" Spencer agreed.

As the guys walked in, Jeff walked over the Lance's refrigerator. "So what's in here anyway?"

"Don't open that!" screamed Lance.

Before he could finish his thought Jeff has it swinging open unveiling to the room his fully stocked booze bar.

"Hmmm mister... Are you 21?" challenged Spencer.

"Oh course I'm 21" replied Lance hesitantly.

"Cut the bull dude! No you're not and you know it!" said Devante.

"Damn, I guess that's what I get for trying to be cool with my residents. Yall caught me, you happy?" Lance says frustratedly.

"Dude calm down. That's pretty bad ass!" responded Spencer.

"Yeah, now we got a place to hang out and drink!" said Jeff.

"Damn, don't talk so loud, and yall aint finna be in here drinking up all my beer."

"Don't worry dude, we'll put in" stated Devante "or we could always just tell the dorm director..."

"Naw man, he just playing we wouldn't do that to you. You too cool fa dat." said Spencer.

After another two and a half hours of talking and joking, they all left to head to their rooms for bed.

Back in the room, both Spencer and Devante change for bed. Tonight, there was something a little strange. Instead of Spencer shedding his clothes freely like usual, tonight he made a point of turning his back against Devante.

After they were all stripped down, they both climbed in bed and Spencer dialed up his parents to tell them how his first few days of college life were going.

While he was on the phone, Devante got another text from Theo. "Dude, really?"

Unable to take it anymore, Devante responded "THEO! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

"I didn't mean to fuck things up between us. I got carried away"

"Stop texting me"

"Come on man, please don't be like that. You're a cool dude!"


"Please can we just meet and talk about this?

After a brief hesitation Devante responds "Yeah, I guess. Wednesday @5 somewhere off campus. Pick me up outside of the library"

"I got you"

Devante didn't respond. Instead he just slammed his phone down on his night stand and turned over.

"You ok over there?" Spencer asked. "Seems like you and your cell phone are having a little argument" he chuckled.

"Just finish talking to mommy" Devante said in a baby voice.

"For your information, we already hung up."

"Well don't think you finna talk to me!"

"That's exactly what I'm finna do" Spencer said coming over and plopping down on Devante's bed.

"Aye ma

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