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A sub wakes up angry and needs taming.

"Uh...I really shouldn't be doing this Sweetie...but since it's relieving the does seem to be therapeutic." Lewdly she reached out running her fingers all over his cock and then the horny mother took hold of her son's shaft sliding her fist to the root of his prick, holding it. She started jacking the big, hard cock slowly up and down. Connie stared at the knob, watching the piss hole open up expelling a great deal of milky cock juice.

"Oh yes Mom. Just like that. It's really starting to feel better," he panted. "Do it harder, really hard!"

Connie tightened her grip around his cock, then she started fisting his meaty prick fast and hard, staring provocatively at the tip of his cock, watching the pre-cum juice dribble out as she gave him a fast, expert hand job. He stood in front of Connie enjoying his sex- starved mother's hand job.

Scott was about to discover that he had more in common with his mother than just the home they shared. His mother secretly desired an incestuous relationship with her handsome son; this was the most hidden, forbidden, and violently arousing fantasy she had.

She stared openly at his huge prick, smiling as she whipped her right hand up and down the cock-shaft as fast as she could. Within minutes, Connie found herself softly whimpering with need, the crotch of her panties soaked with her molten cuntal cream. "It really turns you on when Mommy touches your cock, doesn't it? Do you enjoy the way I'm jacking on it?"

Scott was shocked to hear his mother speak so crudely. It turned him on immensely to have his mother jacking on his long hard cock knowing that she was truly getting into it,

"Yes, Mom! Oh, please harder," Scott pleaded. "Feels so good, Mom! Oh, please, keep stroking my prick!"

Connie jacked on his enormous prick harder, making more juice ooze out of the angry, purple colored cock head completely unable to stop staring at her child's delicious looking cock. Her sons' large cock curiously fascinated her. It bucked and bobbed in front of her, practically hypnotizing the desperately horny mother. In that stark moment, prior to committing the ultimate taboo, her mind cleared and she decided that this was the outcome she'd truly wished for.

"Does this feel better, Scott? Does it really feel good when I touch your hard cock like that? Is Mommy's hand making your big cock feel better, Sweetie?" Connie was beyond the point of stopping now and she would not be satisfied until she had fucked and drained her sons' cock completely.

"Oh yes. That feels good, Mom!" Scott was bucking his hips, fucking his tremendous cock into his mother's delicate little fist. Connie kept beating his meat, working her fist very hard up and down his shaft as quickly as she could causing her son to groan as she moved her fist along the oversized length of his rock hard cock.

In a very sweet and syrupy voice she replied, "Since the Viagra made your prick so big and stiff we'll have to make your cock cum more than once so the hurt will go away. Oooo, look at your balls! They're all swollen and backed-up with loads of cum, we'll have to get all of that out to make your cock feel better."

Connie wanted to put the heavy cock in her mouth; in fact she realized that she couldn't wait to suck on the length of her own son's prick. It was such a forbidden act that she'd often dreamt about, even fantasized over, but never did she think she'd actually perform such an indiscriminant act. It had to be due to all of the alcohol she'd had tonight, yes, that was it. The lack of sobriety along with the lack of sex caused her to lose all control and any self restraint, as if it were no longer possible to distinguish between what she was really doing now and what she might have only thought about doing before.

"Do you want Mommy to put your prick in her mouth now? Do you want me to suck it? Would you like that?" she asked, her voice husky with arousal.

"Yeah, Mom, do it," he said hoarsely. "Suck my cock!"

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