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Desire is a destination and a journey.

Leaving the building we actually got a bit lost, and just wandered in the harbor before finding our way to the beach. On the way we walked by a few bars/restaurants with outside tables, and there I'd say most people were fully nude.

When we finally got to the beach, there was no doubt what kind of beach it was: everybody was nude. You might see just a few people wearing clothes, but they would be leaving or arriving. Because of what I had read, I knew we should walk a bit to the left (when looking at the sea) to get to the "bay of pigs", where the "action" really happens.

So we walked, and walked, and walked (it seemed forever) until we went past the last beach bar (a wood building with a lot of sun loungers at the front). The reason I knew we had arrived at the "action" part of beach was because the beach after that last bar was MUCH more crowded that the beach before it. On the "regular" beach you could easily find a spot to lay down your towel, but there, on the "action" beach, it was almost impossible. So we had to walk still a little bit further, until we found a small opening were we could setup our stuff.

And only then did we notice that we had left our sunshade in the car. So I had to walk all the way back to the car, and then back to the far side of the beach. When I finally settled down on the beach I started to look around, sensing the "atmosphere". It was pretty varied, from young couples to couples past their 60's, with a few single men, and even a group of a few gay men, everybody just enjoying the sun and the sea. I'd say that around 90% of the people (men and women) were completely shaved, and I did see at least one butt plug. Occasionally I'd spot some hand rubbing sunscreen a little too enthusiastically on their partner's intimate region, but everybody was more or less behaving like in any other beach.

Around 14:30, I was looking straight at the sea and I noticed a woman who was lying in a large sunshade with two men. She got up, walked to the middle of the two men, sat down, and started talking with them. After a few laughs she started stroking the younger of the two guys, and it didn't took long until she started blowing him.

Immediately some people started to gather around them, and another woman, who I hadn't seen previously, also sat down near that couple. After a quick talk, she too started blowing that guy. I can't say it was a menage __ trois because it looked like the other (older) guy went behind the first girl and took her doggy style (so it was actually a foursome). At least that was what it looked like to me, but by this time there were so many people around them that I couldn't clearly see anything.

Most of the people around them were single men (a lot of them wanking off), but there were a few couples too. After maybe 10 minutes, there was some applause from the audience, and the group dispersed. The first woman and the two men went to the sea to clean themselves and I didn't see the other woman again.

After that first "show" I guess everybody started to feel more "at ease", and you could clearly see handjobs and blowjobs anywhere you looked. Many couples would come to this part of the beach, put down their towel, play for a while, and then leave. One such pair put their towel just next to ours, maybe 10cm away (4 inches), played with each other for a while, then the woman laid down, her belly on the towel, and her partner got on top of her. He fucked her from behind, right there, inches from my towel.

Of course this attracted a few single men, but the couple didn't care. It was actually funny looking at those single men, going from one place to the next, following the "action" going on everywhere on the beach (and even on the sea). A small gathering would form in one place, last a few minutes, then the group would split and reassemble somewhere else.

Around 18:00 the number of people on the beach had clearly started to decrease, but there was still plenty of action around.

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