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Finally, they separated and thanked one another profusely.

At last, Sue said, "OK you two, you've had yours, now it is our turn. I handed the camera to Pete, turned to Sue with eyebrows raise and said, "OK Hon, how would you like to do it?" With a pixiish grin, Sue said, "Do you have any idea what doggy style means?" Grinning, I said, No, but it sounds like fun. Only thing is, if it means what I think it might, kissing would be near impossible." Sue responded, "Oh shit, that's right and I do want to kiss when I feel your cock slide into me. Guess that leaves the old missionary position, huh?"

My initial thrust into my sister was accomplished just as ineptly as was Carol and Pete's. The fumbling start was partly because our lips were locked tightly together and partly because even after watching the neighbor kids, neither of us really knew what we were doing. We were quick studies, though and were quick to find the proper rhythm once I was deep inside. Like Pete, I became a bit too enthusiastic and pulled free of Sue's hot pussy. Her hand was right there though, and she was quick to guide me back until, once again, I found myself buried to the balls. I have jacked off enough so that I knew instantly what was happening when my balls began to tingle and said, "My God Sue, I'm going to cum---right now..." A moment later, sperm was being shot deep inside my sister and at the same time her groin made a series of tiny thrusts against me and she came as well.

As had Carol and Pete earlier, we remained locked in a tight embrace long after our orgasms and we explored the inside of the other's mouth with extended tongues.

Later on, we ate our sandwiches, drank pop and talked quietly. Carol spoke up and said, "Now can we agree that actually doing it has to be far and away better than dreaming about doing it?" Teasingly, Petre asked, "Fucking you mean?" Carol slapped him playfully on the thigh and said, "Of course I mean fucking, you dumb shit." Pete came right back with, "Does that slap mean I'll never get to fuck my sister again?" Carol grinned and said, "Just you try to keep from fucking me again and see where it gets you."

I was sitting with my arm around Sue so that I had my hand on her tits and said, "How about it Sue, think we'll ever do it again?" Sue looked up at me and grinning, said, "Oh I seriously doubt we will ever do it more than two or three times a day from now on. 'Course if I'm horny, there is no telling how often we will be doing it in future." She patted my rising manhood and added, "Now take care of this thing, you hear." I am certain I was hearing an order, not a question.

After eating, all four of us got back into the water where we rinsed drying accumulations of sperm from our bodies and that led to each of us fondling and fingering each other's genitales. I stood to one side of Carol and faced toward her. My right hand cupped her pussy and two of my fingers were inserted well up inside her vagina. She leaned against me and murmered softly, "Jack that feels wonderful but wouldn't you rather it was your big hard cock in me?" She was quick to add, "Don't get me wrong Love, if fingering me is what you want to do then I'm all for it. I just want you to know I would be the happiest girl in the world if I could feel you way up inside me."

Sue laughed and said, "Yeah Pete, that makes two of us, so how about it, wanta fuck?" She saw my quick look and said, "Jack, I hope my frankness isn't too offputting. I'm only saying things I have been wanting to say for a very long time now." I looked at her and said, "Offputting?"

The four of us waded ashore and went through the sun drying ritual.

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