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A woman's story of love in one hundred episodes, Part 28: "Ghosts".

After she was done with her drink she had to go to the bathroom again. She asked if she could just use the guy's bathroom around the corner instead of going all the way down the hall for the girl's bathroom. I didn't see any harm in it so I let her into one of the stalls and she went while I went in another, then we went back to my room. She wanted another drink so I made her some cranberry and vodka and she slammed that right down. She was clearly feeling no pain and she stumbled around my room.

She decided she wanted to check and see who was online on AOL so she asked if she could use my computer, I said fine but before she could sit down on my chair I sat down. I told her if she wanted to sit down she would have to sit on my lap, and she agreed. By this time I was rock hard and her tight little ass on top of me felt so good.

She started talking to a few of her friends and I felt her rub her ass against my rock hard dick. I then started massaging her back and shoulders and all she could do was moan. She kept talking to her friends as I put my arm around her waist and started rubbing down her thighs and towards that denim clad pussy of hers. I proceeded to rub her pussy through her jeans and I could see it was obviously distracting her typing. While she wasn't talking to her friends she kept watching the stupid movie we put in and I decided to take action.

I put on my webcam and had it tape everything that was going on, little did I know how much this webcam would capture by the end of the next morning. She went back to typing as I noticed how hard her nipples were, they were poking through her shirt because it was cold in my room and how horny I thought she was getting. She said goodbye to her friends and said she wanted to lie down on the bed so we both got up and laid down on the bed.

We continued to watch the movie as we were lying on the bed and she cuddled up in the front of me and we started to spoon a bit. She rubbed her night tight ass into my dick and kept looking over her shoulder at me. Eventually I got to the point I couldn't take it anymore so I tilted her to face me and I kissed her on her sweet lips. She hugged me and pressed her nice firm body into me and kissed me more passionately. She opened up her mouth and I slipped my tongue into her and she shot back with her tongue exploring the insides of my hot mouth. We kept making out for about 15 minutes and she suddenly stopped and said "it is getting very hot in here, how about we take some of these clothes off and get more comfortable." Well I was not one to disagree with a girl who wanted to get naked so we did.

I stripped off my jeans and t-shirt and boxers real quick and sat and watched her. She slipped off her skin tight jeans and her long sleeve t-shirt first. Then came her bra and I got to see her nice firm tits and her puffy pink nipples. Then she slipped off her lacey panties and I saw she was unshaved. I didn't think such a hot girl would have an unshaved pussy but like I said before we fixed that after a few meetings with each other.

We got under the covers and as soon as we did she attacked me again with her sweet lips and tongue. We were making out and our hands were all over each other. I started to massage one of her big firm tits with my hand and her nipples were rock hard. I broke free of her kiss just long enough to start sucking on her tits and she was moaning so loudly. She kept moaning "GOD YES THAT FEELS GOOD!!!"

I kept sucking on her nipples for a while and as I did I dipped my fingers into her hot tight pussy. I nibbled on one of her nipples as I slipped my middle finger into her wetness. When I got my whole finger into her pussy she let out a loud moan and bucked her hips and my hand was flooded with her pussy juices.

After she had cummed I knew I wanted to taste that hot little pussy of hers before we got onto other fun things so I started to kiss down her body.

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