Sissy High Quality XXX

Feel sick, go home early, you know...

"Get yourself another quarterback," I said.

"You pull that and you'll never play anyplace again," Clemens said.

"Maybe Jackos will wake up for the second half."

"Reeves will call," said Clemens.

"Reeves will play if he calls the plays," I said.

"Screw it," said Reeves. "Let him call it. Let him cut his own throat."

They walked away. Rick Allen, the defensive line coach, was yelling across the room: "Square off! Square off!" Then: "Jensen, are you going to pinch or. aren't you?"

Schaeffer came over. He looked beat, his face was pale. I sat down slowly. I felt as if I'd been kicked all over by a horse.

"Do me a favor," Schaeffer said. "Don't run me over right tackle."

"What's wrong?"

"Smiley isn't blocking and their tackle. Sixty-four. He's tearing my head off."

"I'll talk to Smiley."

"Just don't run me there."

"Hell, I ran it myself."

"Maybe Smiley blocked for you."

"You can do it."

"Don't give me that Reeves crap."

"Hustle, baby. Hustle."

Then everybody started shouting. I wanted to go to sleep. Reeves was yelling something. I picked up my helmet and started to move out.

We kicked off. The ball carrier made it to the twenty-five before Neiman hit him and Baker sat on his head. Steele reared back on the first down and tossed the bomb and hit the spread end in mid-field. Bayfield didn't catch him until he was on our thirty. Steele fumbled on the next play and Neiman recovered.

Flip right, flex side.

We got a little ground game going. Damn little. We punted. Decatur took over on a fair catch. Their thirty, Steele burned us for. twelve yards on a first-down screen pass right. Our free safety picked off their third-down pass. On first down I threw a spot pass to Lennox for eleven yards.

Schaeffer got sacked. On a roll-out right I got creamed. I saw stars. Then somebody was helping me up and I was kneeling in the huddle. All the cheering sounded far away.

B-Right-50 Trap

I bootlegged and faked away. The fullback went straight ahead as though blocking the tackle on a wide play. Schaeffer took the hand off. The double team block went in. The off-guard pulled, trapped the middle linebacker coming through the zero hole. Schaeffer was through the hole, running like hell. I called the same play again and somebody hit me. I went down. My head was whirling. The back end of my skull pounded. I got into the huddle. "First down," a voice said in the huddle. I couldn't see any receivers on the next play. The blitz nailed me. Decatur returned the punt to their forty-five.

Steele started passing again. I started thinking about Mary Derry. I knelt on the sideline, trying to remember something Neiman had said to me in the dressing room. We stopped the passing and Beebe went to the ground. Koch sat beside me on the bench.

"You don't know what day it is, do you? What city is this? How old are you? Who's your girl?"

"What did Neiman say to me?"

"He's out cold."

"Who's slow?"

Steele had this one setback, thirteen, high knees and twisty, faster than he looked, and he was knocking out the yards, short, long, short, long. Steele was getting us up for a pass. I thought about Mary Derry. Crawford came out. His face looked like he'd been in a meat grinder. One eye was closed. Steele pulled a quarterback draw and picked up eleven yards to our twenty.

Neiman was walking back and forth in front of the bench, mumbling.

Our defense stopped them on the fourteen. They tried a field goal and Crockett blocked it with one hand. I put on my helmet and jogged across the field. I ached all over.

B-Right-Flip 8

Their linebackers looked overanxious.

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