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Horny women won't take no for an answer from new recruit.

ckly turned the book and there on the desk before me was a picture of my Aunt Paula!

"Wow!" I said, trying to hide my surprise. "She's pretty. Annie?" I asked as I read her name.

"Yes. She's very popular." Once again the girl whispered to me. "And I heard that she does indeed contract for some extras too!"

"No shit?" I asked, as I laid my hand on the counter trying not to let the shaking become visible. "Uh, I mean, no kidding?"

The girl laughed. "Well, I don't know that for sure," she replied, "but I've never had a man complain about the treatment he gets from our little Annie!"

My insides were like gelatin at this moment in time. "Ok," I said, "I guess Annie it will be!" I thought about the possibility of turning around right now but my curiosity about just how far my aunt Paula Ann would go was going to have to be satisfied.

"Great!" the girl said. I paid the $60 up front, plus $100 deposit in case the girls agreed to extras she wouldn't get stiffed. It was all cash money of course. "Right this way young man," the girl said as she turned and walked toward a door that led into a back room. I followed her like a little puppy dog. My eyes watched her cute little behind as it was packed into those tight blue jeans. My hand almost reached out and took a handful of that beautiful seat but my mind once again rushed back to the thoughts of being thrown in some small town Canadian jail. "Here you go," she said as she led me into a large room in the back of the building. "Take off your clothes and we'll start the sauna. Annie will be with you in about 20 minutes or so."

"Take off my clothes? Now?"

The girl giggled. "Yes now silly boy! Don't worry, I'll turn my head," she said smiling.

I didn't really want her to turn her head, I was just a little nervous as I started to disrobe. Turning her back to me, I quickly disrobed and set my clothes in a chair in the corner. I stood in this room as naked as the day I was born with a girl whose name I didn't even know. "Ok, I'm ready now." The girl turned around and gasped, quickly turning away from my nakedness. "You naughty man," she said obviously embarrassed. "Wrap that towel around yourself!" she said pointing to the massage table.

"Oh, sorry miss," I said as I reached for the piece of white terrycloth.

"That's ok," she said, turning around. "It wasn't really that bad. In fact, it was kind of pleasant," she said as she giggled and walked out the door.

The lights in the room began to dim and then I could see the sauna lamps begin to become bright. The heat felt good on my body and I walked over to the table and lay across it. I closed my eyes and relaxed, trying not to think about what was about to happen. What if I blew my cover? What if I said something stupid and wasn't able to give Uncle Ed a complete report? God, my insides were shaky now as I turned on my stomach and let the heat from the lamps do their job of relaxing my muscles. The softness of the terrycloth along with the thoughts of being alone in the room with my aunt Paula and her not even aware of who I was started to make my cock come to life. The soft sound of music began to come in over the speakers that were mounted on the wall above me. Slowly I began to relax and my thoughts drifted to things other than my beautiful aunt. After a few minutes, sweat began to form on my body as the heat bears down. Feeling like a chicken in a broiler, I turned over onto my back and let the heat soak into my hairy chest. Not liking the fact that the light was shining into my eyes, I removed my towel and put it over my face. It felt very nice to have my entire body bathed in the heat.

I must have drifted off to sleep, because the next thing I remember is a soft hand touching my shoulder and a voice saying, "Hello, my name is Annie." Suddenly aware of my nakedness, I covered my cock with my hands. To my surprise, it was as hard as nails! Annie laughed as she saw my nervousness.

"Relax young man, the human body is nothing to be ashamed of!" Annie took the towel from my face and draped it over my midsection.

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