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She learns what it really means to be a slave...and love.

Oh I'm so excited. I love hearing from you.

NAUGHTY_TRACEY: How shall we proceed? Shall I slide it inside of me and mount you like a man? Shall we run it between us and work it inside of us until, like Lady and Tramp in the Disney movie, out lips kiss. Do you want to take it you and penetrate me? It is so hard to choose. What ever shall we do?

WICKED_SHARON: I think that I like the lady and the tramp kiss idea. Great erotic body contact. I want to have good access to your breasts but I would love you to also mount me from behind while I lay on my tummy, I want to feel your soft ness all over. Hard nipples rubbing on my back and your breath on my neck.

NAUGHTY_TRACEY: Lie on your tummy legs spread wide and I will lie over you. See the long dong has a helmet at each end. I will slip one inside of you and the other inside of me and we can wriggle and see how deep we can make the shaft go. Our lips wont kiss but we can save that for later. As I buck and squirm my breasts will certainly mash into your back, and my nipples are like pebbles, and the exertion will certainly cause me to huff hard over your soft smooth skin.

WICKED_SHARON: Incredible. Goose bumps on my neck and your nipples are incredible, ribbing on my back. Mmm, I think kisses are called for. I want to taste your lips and enjoy the moment where we both feel full while touching your nipples, suckling those nipples.

NAUGHTY_TRACEY: Sorry. I've got the giggles. Can you imagine, you on your tummy, me lying over you, us hot and horny linked by that double dong like an umbilicus and trying to roll over without displacing the damn thing?

We disconnect, me keeping that obscene phallus inside of me. You actually slurping as the thick, pliable dildo slips form you. I roll over and sit, you squat over me, impale your hot little snatch on the vacant end and lower yourself until you are sat in my lap. Our tongues explore; lips, other tongues, teeth, gums, teats, areole, necks, ears: all investigated by wet pliant probing flesh. We grind hips together involuntarily and our lust builds to a fever.

WICKED_SHARON: We are so lust driven. I am so full sitting astride this phallic cock. Rubbing your gorgeous nipples, suckling and savouring your delicate flesh. Enjoying the thrusts taking place and sending us towards heightened sexual ecstasy.

The pinnacle is coming.

NAUGHTY_TRACEY: The sweet agony of waiting as we pass the time by arousing one another to ever greater heights. But I am so impatient for you, I need to come, I need to have you sate my lusts and desires, I need the orgasm that is building so slowly inside my loins. As you crash down upon that thick probe it bashes against my blood engorged clitoris, all moist and swollen with our passion. And every time I pray this time. Oh please, harder, faster, pinch don't kneed. twist don't roll, bite don't suck, force me to feel you. And I am doing the same to you, I don't mean to it's just my hands, my lips my teeth, I've lost control. Please, I hope I don't hurt you, in my lust I am losing all control.

WICKED_SHARON: This need is too great, I wish to feel your orgasm and enjoy your thrashing as the shudders take over your body. Teeth grazing your neck while I pinch our nipples. Please baby now, explode for me while I squeeze this cock and thrust into your wet lips. I'm building now and coming closer and closer to the edge.

NAUGHTY_TRACEY: What... What? What are you doing to that thick stalk that's buried so deep inside of my womb. I feel it in my guts, in my diaphragm, in my chest. Its probing my heart, squeezing it. I'm wet, I'm soaked, I'm a waterfall. My nipples, electricity against your skin. I come, I explode, I burn. The sensation so extreme, the satisfaction so intense, the passion devouring, gnawing, clawing. And again... Oh stop: don't stop...


NAUGHTY_TRACEY: Sorry to vanish like that and I have to keep this brief too: I hadn't noticed it was time to pick up the kids from school.

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