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Cassie's story begins.

Bria had been depressed ever since, spending more time drinking then talking. She swore that she would find a better man then Akira Vasalini. What man had such a name anyway? She had asked her.

Sera turned over in her bed and looked at her friend. Bria wasn't happy, but the female hunter didn't have it in her to cry out her feelings. She just drank them in and moved on. Sera wondered how she was able to do that.

She forced herself to close her eyes and sleep. Tomorrow wasn't going to be fun for her friend or for Akira.

The little brownie waited for Serafina to go to sleep before slipping out into sight. He had been working on those dreams of hers for days now and caused the ship's engine failure to buy more time. Now he just needed to push the girl passed her limits. Let's see what dream it should be today...

Sera had spent most of the day cleaning the bastard's wounds. Why such an infuriating man affected her so much was beyond her. She had waited till he slept to care for the larger wounds, taking her time with them. At least while he slept she had the chance to really care for him. She moved to examine the wound on his chest and yelped when she was suddenly pinned down under him.

"Why is it that the only time I can bare you near me, is when you think I'm sleeping?" His face was inches from hers, his weight pressing heavily against her chest.

"Maybe because it's the only time you ever stop whining you big baby! Now get off of me." She started to squirm under him. Suddenly he pressed his lips against hers, sliding his large hands into her hair to steady her.

Startled, she let out a loud moan. Her fingers laced into the bed sheets and pulled at them each time his lips moved against hers. He deepened the kisses, slipping his tongue into her mouth. Moaning she drank him in. One of his hands slid up her leg, pushing her dress up passed her waist. She let out several moans as his hand touched bare skin.

"I think I finally realized the best way to tame you." he whispered against her lips.

"Tame me? What am I, a puppy?"

"More like a kitten, a feisty, hissing kitten." He said as he nipped at her lips.

She let out a louder moan and a loud gasp when his fingers found her womanhood. She arched her back up when he slid those very fingers inside of her. She whimpered and spread her legs wider.

"Oh god! Damn you, you bastard I'm not a Cat!" she screamed out as his lips moved down her neck as his spare hand began to remove her dress.

"I figured it out now; why I'm always on edge around you. It's because I want you. I've wanted you since I first saw you."

She let out a gulp as his lips found their way onto her bare breasts. Wait, when did he do that? His fingers had been moving slowly inside this entire time and now they had increased the pace. Her body arched up again.

"I'm not the gentle type Sera, and I won't pull back." He said as he nipped at her nipple.

"You're kidding right? You gentle? OH Wait!" He had pulled his fingers out of her and spread her legs wider.

"No waiting." He began to undo his trousers. His left hand was still slippery from her juices.

She let out a moan and pulled him back down. "Please...please let need to roll over." Her face was crimson; she was barely able to say the words out loud. He let out a laugh, and moved to oblige her, having her sitting up on his waist.

"Alright then, "sister" now what?" he asked with a sly grin.

Her skin was now as bright red as her hair. Nervously she undressed him herself. Removing his shirt, she began to trace the lines of his chest. He was a beautiful man.

"I am enjoying this, but I will take over if you do not hurry." He said with a gruff voice.

She yelped and moved her hands to his trousers, pulling them off of him.

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