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A necromancer struggles to find his place in the world.

John also suggested that to help with the caning, he should be allowed to deliver some of the strokes.

Mr Beech seemed pleased with John's proposals and told Sue to bend over and touch her toes in front of his desk. When she was bent over Mr Beech arose from his desk and went behind Sue. He folded her short black skirt up and tucked the hem into the waist band. This clearly exposed her very brief lacy black knickers, the ones she had worn the first time she had tried out the 'uniform'. From where John was standing it was a very erotic sight, another man preparing his wife for the cane. Having her bend into a submissive position with her behind ready to receive whatever punishment Mr Beech deemed necessary. Her rear was on display from the band of skin between the skirt and tops of her knickers, and then down from their lace trimmed edge to the top of her white ankle socks. She looked so vulnerable, and the three canes laying on the desk looked so cruel, so capable of inflicting severe welts, and Mr Beech looked so in control and focused on giving Sue a hard caning.

Satisfied with her position and that of her skirt Mr Beech selected the crooked handled cane from the desk and positioned himself to the right of Sue. It was apparent that Mr Beech was left handed as he tried his aim by tapping the cane repeatedly on Sue's behind which seemed to quiver in anticipation. John stood to her left so he had a perfect view of the cane. And so it began.

The first stroke whipped home striking towards the top of Sue's bottom. The force and severity surprised both Sue and John. It was harder than she had ever been caned before! Sue yelped and stumbled forward before quickly regaining her position. Mr Beech seemed unconcerned by her reaction and positioned himself for the second stroke. This landed just below the first and was just as hard. Number three and four followed quickly after, each landing just below the other. It was clear Mr Beech was working his way down. The fifth stroke was just on the join of her knickers and her legs, and the sixth landed fully on the exposed flesh in the crease between her upper thighs and bottom. It quickly turned into a thin red welt.

After the first six strokes Mr Beech stepped back from Sue and told John that he should now remove her knickers. John moved forward and gently peeled the thin lace covering from her bottom and down her thighs. This revealed the results of the initial caning, six equally spaced red tram lines on her pert bottom. It was clear that the knickers had offered no protection whatsoever. It was also clear to John that Sue was becoming aroused from the caning as he could detect the tell tail signs. Especially when Mr Beech told him to position Sue's legs slightly wider apart for the next session with the cane. John left the knickers pulled taught around Sue's ankles as Mr Beech told her to lean forward and take hold of the edge of the desk. Mr Beech explained to John that he didn't want Sue to move about during the caning, hence she should brace herself against the desk. With that Mr Beech then picked up the second cane and handed it to John telling him that he was to deliver the next six strokes, but under his guidance.

With the expert direction of Mr Beech John was able to give Sue six hard cuts with the cane, each stroke raising an angry welt on her behind. Mr Beech encouraged John to strike harder with each stroke and as such some of the strokes had crossed or crept onto Sue's upper thighs. Her bottom was crossed with red marks, each showing where the cane had landed. During the caning John had felt himself harden, and by the final stroke he was painfully erect.

When John stepped back he could see that Sue was breathing hard and her legs were shaking slightly. It was a very erotic sight, her leaning forward with her hands braced against the desk, her legs splayed out behind her with her knickers stretched around her ankles, and her well caned bottom pushed out waiting for whatever the two men decided.


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