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An intense DP session.

Thankfully he gave me a sip of water for relief.

"I know what you need. You need your pussy to be full of something."

"Yes. Yes I do!" I agreed.

He went to my dresser and pulled out two pairs of my panties. One was red lace fabric and the other was pink satin. He ran them slowly between my legs, getting them nicely damp with my juices.

"Okay then." He laid the panties on my belly. "Take those and push them up into your pussy. Push them all the way in and keep them there!"

I tried to do as he instructed me to. The lace ones felt a little scratchy going in but I was so desperate for something to be in my pussy that I kept gathering them up and stuffing them in. The fabric was rapidly sucking up all of my moisture.

The satin ones did go in a little more comfortably but by that time, the panties already inside of me were working sort of like a tampon and not letting any juices flow out of me. Each time I tried to push my panty covered finger up inside of me, it became harder and harder to do.

I thought I had them fully inside of me but Jay wasn't satisfied and forced his thumb up hard inside of me to stuff them in even more.

"There!" He gave my pussy another hard smack with the palm of his hand.

He then turned his attention to my knee. Running his fingers over it lightly and checking to see if the swelling had gone down any. He assured me that it had. He positioned my legs wide open and began stroking my inner thighs, up towards my pussy, only allowing his fingers to barely graze my lips. Once in a while he rammed his thumb up inside of me to make sure that the panties remained deep in there. He remarked that I was getting wetter. It didn't feel that way to me. I felt kind of dry and irritated inside.

"Okay. I think you can have a little cock now."

I grew excited. He lifted my head up and put another pillow under it then straddled my torso carefully, putting his cock between my breasts and stroking the skin there with the head of it and letting all that sweet pre-cum drool all over me. Then he cupped hands around my breasts, squeezing them up around his shaft and pinching my nipples up to give me a fresh wave of pain.

"Lift your head up and suck it!"

I tried but I felt kind of trapped with him on top of me like that and he wasn't helping me out any. His cocked seemed so close but so far away. The best I could do was to stick my tongue out and blindly lick at the tip. Once in a while he would slide it a little closer to me and let me lightly suck the head before rapidly pulling it away from me. He continued on like this for some long time and then said he was going to let me cum.

"Put your hand between your legs and pull those panties out."

I tried. He had pushed them so far in that I had to struggle to get fingers onto them and then struggle more to get a grip on them. The satin pair was fairly damp by then.

"Pull them out slowly."

I did as he instructed and moaned as I felt their silkiness sliding out my tingling opening. I could feel my pussy clenching, trying to lead me to orgasm. Ah but I still had to pull out the red lace ones and they were now sucked well up against my cervix. I used my muscles to try to push them out.

"No. Use your hand. Put your whole fist in there if you have to but pull them all the way out."

I struggled. Two fingers didn't quite do it. Neither did three. I did try hard to get four inside of me. I was stretching myself wonderfully and yet painfully as my fingers attempted to snag the panties. I pressed the palm of my hand against my mound, trying to bring on a G Spot orgasm but he was watching too closely.

"No! I didn't tell you to do that!" He yanked my hand out of my pussy, gave it another swat and reached his longer fingers in me, yanking the panties out quickly. That was a weird feeling. I was not accustomed to having lace up inside of me. It felt kind of good and bad at the same time but left me feeling empty and wanting more. I didn't have to wait long for more.

He instructed me to shove the panties back up inside of me again and o

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