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Waking up.

I went to a secret drawer and pulled out Michelle's dildo, realistic model 9inch long and 2inch thick with many veins, with realistic balls and suction cup. I washed it with hot water and stuck the suction cup to tiles on the wall. I put my hands on it's balls and started licking the head. Soon I went deeper, rolled my tongue all over it, went under to lick those balls while the shaft rested on my forehead, before taking it to my mouth until it pressed on the entrance of my throat.

I enjoyed serving this dildo, pretending it to be the cock of my bully Jack and I was my nerdy ex. It was well lubed by my spit as I went deeper and deeper. One time I pushed so much, that the head slid into my throat. I held it there for a brief moment before I gagged it out and nearby puked.

Next time I went down on it, let it pop into my throat and slowly devoured more and more of it. When I gagged I tried again until I felt, those fake balls resting on my chin. After few seconds of having my throat fully stuffed I withdrew and huge spit fell to my knees, my throat felt sore, aching and used. My panties were soaked with precum and I haven't even touched my dick yet.

Since the dildo was so slimy, I got a nasty idea. I positioned my ass to it, pulled my panties aside and tried to stick the head into my sphincter. It was strange sensation for me, only thing I had in my ass yet, was Michelle's finger when we showered together and it was just for fun. I was too eager and pushed too much, making the head and inch of the shaft slip into my tight ass.

It hurt as hell and but I tried to relax and breathe deeply, letting my ass to accommodate the dildo. Slowly I stuck about half of it in my rectum and was lost in my perverted world of pleasure and pain. As my tight ass got used to the invader, I started fucking myself in fast pace, making loud feminine sounds, feeling climax building in my prostate.

Then I heard the door being opened! Fear overcame me and I tripped on high heels, fell to the floor with dildo still in my ass, which got stuck even deeper after my fall. I yelled in pain as I saw Michelle and my old bully, Jack, standing above me and laughing! I was frozen in fear as dildo fell out of my ass with loud "PLOP!"

"I knew you were sissy!" said Michelle, "that's why I had to find a real man who can satisfy my needs!"

She was mean but very well dressed this time, she wore short tight skirt, shiny tan pantyhose and high heels, decently made up face behind her glasses, brown hair made into "geisha style" bob and sheer red top showing her firm B/C sized breasts in lacy bra. Jack watched me with lusty and evil look in his eyes, I could clearly see bulging tent in his shorts!

"You fail as a man but you make a very sexy bitch." he said.

I was dumbed by the situation and weed I have smoked before so I answered:

"Thank you sir."

Ohh crap, my old bully is making fun of me again, but this time I look like a slut and I am being polite to this jerk! They both laughed again.

"You are such a slut Danny, I went here just to take my stuff and say goodbye to you, but after what I saw, you may keep my dildo, make-up, heels and clothes," said Michelle and asked: "What is your girl name sweetie?"

I answered with trembling high pitched voice: "M-my name is Cindy, Cindy Tightass."

Michele's eyes gleamed as she said: "Ok lets see how tight your ass really is, sit on the dildo now bitch!"

I obeyed her and took half a length in my ass while squatting on high heels.

"Good girl!" said Michelle and knelt next to me.

To my surprise, she took my head in her hands and gave me a french kiss. I tried to touch her tits while kissing but she slapped my hand and ordered me to put my hands behind my back. Jack took off his clothes meanwhile, revealing his tall muscled body with some tattoos and most of all, his hard 9inch veiny cock, pointing at my face, demanding attention.

I stared on it in awe, then I looked up to his eyes to see his self-conscious face.

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