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James made some friends. His mother did too.

As they kiss, he pushes his leg between hers and Michelle rubs against his thigh. Patrick removes her blouse and bra and lets them fall to the floor. Next, he unzips the back of her skirt and lets it fall as well. Michelle reaches for his belt to undue his pants but he stops her.

"Please Patrick," begs Michelle, "I want to feel your hard cock in my hands, I want to cup your balls as I massage them. I want you in my mouth Pat, I want to please you baby."

"You will Michelle, just surrender yourself to me tonight and you will please me."

Michelle whispers in his ear, "I'm yours baby, take me where ever you want to go tonight."

Laying her down on the bed Patrick kneels on the floor between her legs. He unhooks the stocking on her right leg from her garter belt. Kissing her inner thigh just above the top of it he slowly rolls it down. His lips caress each inch of her leg as it is uncovered. Sliding it off her foot his fingers gently tickle her sole. Then he works his way back up her leg with his lips and tongue, stopping just as he reaches the triangle of cloth covering her special place. He unclips the stocking on her left leg and repeats the process. This time he slides her g-string off when his lips reach it, revealing her shaved pussy. Her inner labia have swollen and the lips have flared out over her outer labia. The tip of her clit has become engorged and is protruding from under its protective hood waiting for his lips to kiss and suck it.

Patrick lets the tip of his tongue slide along her wet slit just barely touching her clit. He savors her taste on his tongue before lifting Michelle's legs and turning her on the bed. Taking one of Michelle's stockings, he ties it around her wrist. A nervous smile creeps across her face as he ties the other end to the bedpost. Walking around to the other side of the bed, he ties her other wrist to the other bedpost. Subconsciously Michelle crosses her legs, Patrick smiles at her modesty as he takes off his necktie. Using it as a blindfold, he lays it across Michelle's eyes and ties it behind her head. Standing beside the bed Patrick quietly removes his clothes admiring her gorgeous body.

Michelle strains to hear what he is doing, her skin crawls with anticipation as she waits for Patrick's touch. But he just stares at her, watching her breast rise and fall with each breath, her pink nipples moving in unison. His eyes follow the curves of her beautiful body, stopping at her belly piercing shining in the candle light.

"Uncross your legs Michelle and spread them for me."

Michelle obeys, uncrossing her legs, opening them for Patrick. Her pussy lips swollen and full move in unison with her breathing.

"Patrick...lick my pussy...make me cum Pat...Please...I need you...I want to feel your tongue inside me eating my pussy," Michelle pleads with him.

She struggles against her restraints, wanting to grab him and force his face between her legs. But Patrick sits on the bed beside her and kisses her.

"Do you want me Michelle? Do you want me to make love to you?"


"Tell me how much you want me."

"Please Patrick...stop. Stop teasing me baby." Michelle again pulls against her restraints trying the grab him, "Take me Patrick, my pussy is yours tonight."

Patrick gets up and slips out of the room. He makes his way to the kitchen and begins looking through the cabinets. Michelle calls for him from the bedroom. Patrick can hear the nervousness in her voice. He finds a small jar of honey, pours some in a cup, and heats it in the microwave. He puts a couple of ice cubes in anther cup and makes his way back to the bedroom.

"Patrick...Patrick, where are you?" Michelle asks, her voice trembling.

"I'm here Michelle," he replies as he sits on the bed next to her.

"Where did you go? What are you doing?" Her voice cracking slightly this time.

Her palms begin sweating, she tugs on the stockings and rolls her hips slowly from side to side as she waits for Patrick, wondering what he is about to do.

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