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An exchange student is about to have the time of his life.

"No- no it's just like I remembered! Only I n- never had two teen girls before. Much less, twins!"

"And you like yer nipples pulled too, don'cha Sophie?"

Sophie nodded, biting her lip and unable to take her eyes off of Dazzle's gorgeous teen frame. The little lithe youngster rubbed her hands over the smooth, milky flesh of her tummy and played with her tits, gazing longingly into Sophie's eyes.

"Well now yer gonna have a big surprise, sweetie pie," said Zoya, pushing Sophie toward the bed. She couldn't stop if she'd wanted to. This girl was in charge of her, and she had already submitted. It made her feel free, somehow, to submit. She was giving control of her body and her orgasm to someone else, and she no longer had to make any decisions.

When she got on the bed, Sophie stood on her knees at Dazzle's writhing feet. The girl had kicked off her shoes earlier, and her bare feet with pink painted toenails gently tickled her thighs.

"You're both very beautiful girls, but this is... this is... incest. You're sisters!" complained Sophie with a weak tone saturated with lust. Zoya moaned like a bored roar of anger, then shoved Sophie on top of Dazzle's legs. In a quick, simultaneous motion, her skirt was whipped away, and Zoya spanked her nylon-covered ass three times with passionate force.

"Shut the fuck up 'bout that! I fuck anyone I want to fuck. Just count yourself lucky I found ya, hon. Yer gonna cum 'till you pass out when we get to fucking ya."

Sophie whimpered and nodded. Her nipples were pressing against the coarse fabric of Dazzle's jeans, and her face hovered over the button that would open the teenage girl's crotch. She licked her lips, ready to taste such a young pussy, wondering if it would taste as fresh and as sweet as she wanted it to be.

"Open them jeans with yer teeth, baby," commanded Zoya. "I like watching that. It turns me on."

Dazzle whimpered and squirmed underneath Sophie. "Come on, Sophie please just do what she says... I'm so hard, um-- wet I mean!"

Sophie panted and grabbed the flap with her teeth and yanked to the side. It popped open easily, a button hole worn out by so much repeated use. The feeling gave Sophie satisfaction. Next, she nuzzled her nose into Dazzle's fly and found the metal zipper, which she pulled down. It slid like an oiled machine, and Dazzle tensed her body underneath her and moaned with pleasure.

There was something under the fabric, something firm and large. Was the blistering hot teenage girl wearing a strap-on? Sophie's spine crawled with anticipation, and when Zoya's fingernails ran over the nylon of her thighs and buttocks, she started gnawing at the jeans that covered the bulge.

"Ohhh... Fuck what is that?" Sophie groaned, and felt fingernails gliding onto her asshole and her drenched pussy. Zoya's nails stabbed the fabric and ripped it, then she split her pantyhose wide open to expose her whole crotch at once. "AHH!! OH GOD! YES! PLEASE!"

Zoya chuckled and started frigging her clit with her perfect fingernails. "Get in there and find that fucking cock, Sophie. You ain't gittin' shit from me if you don't."

With that, Zoya grabbed both of Sophie's wrists and pulled them tightly behind her back. It was rough, and a little painful, but it turned her on just a little more to be so rough handled by a spunky teen full of attitude. This had never happened before. No youngster had ever been so forceful with her, so commanding, and so eager to make her suck on a strapon dildo.

Next, she felt her wrists being bound by something... plastic, flexible but not stretchy... a zip tie? '

,' she thought.

She panted, felt herself starting to drool shamelessly onto Dazzle's jeans. The air on her exposed crotch made her shiver even though it was hot air and her loins were on fire.

"Damn baby!" said Zoya, laughing a little.

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