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An ancient feud carries over to present day.

She started telling me how she had been getting fucked right before I arrived home.

How she meet these 3 guys at the local pub and had taken them home and fucked and sucked them right here in are bed. She said the youngest one had an 11inch cock and that he was going to be coming back over in about two hours. Then she reached over and removed a huge dildo from the night stand and started rubbing K-Y jelly all over it she took her other hand and started massaging my asshole, sticking her fingers in and out, finger fucking my ass. It felt so good my cock was jumping around every time she slide her finger in, next thing I knew she had 3 or 4 fingers working in and out of my loose ass hole.

Pre cum was forming at the tip of my cock and she rubbed her finger over it and stuck her hand up to my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and licked it off her finger. Then she pulled her hand out of my well-fucked ass and inserted the huge dildo all the way in to the balls. I had a sharp pain at first but then I got real horny and started fucking back on the dildo as she fucked me with it. She has fucked me with a dildo ever since are honeymoon night and I love to be ass fucked by her.

All of a sudden I heard someone knocking on the door, my wife stopped fucking my ass and told me to hold the dildo in my ass till she seen who was at the door. I reached around and took hold of the dildo it felt so good I continued to fuck myself with it. About that time my wife came back into the bedroom she had some strange young boy with her. I was so embarrassed I let go of the dildo and it shot out of my asshole and hit the wall. My wife started laughing and introduced me to the young man, she said his name was Buddy and he was the one with the big cock that had been fucking her earlier in the day.

Then she reached down and un snapped his pants, and when his pants hit the floor a large big veined cock was standing out like a flagpole. I have seen a lot of XXX videos but I have never seen a cock that big. After he got undressed my wife got down on her knees and was worshipping his large cock, she was sucking it and licking his balls. His cock was getting bigger and bigger then she got up and wrapped her hand around his big sex organ and pulled him over to where I was.

She told me that since I liked to eat cum so much that she wanted to see me suck Buddy's cock. I was in shock, sure I have tasted a lot of different cum from a lot of different cocks that had fucked my wife, but I have never sucked a cock. She told me to sit on the side of the bed and then she came over and started rubbing his cock head all over my closed lips. At this time I felt my first taste of another man's cock I wanted to gag as I was thrust further forward, the head of his cock penetrating my lips and slipping obscenely in to invade my mouth. I was surprised at the texture, the cock was fully erect and throbbing, the foreskin pulled well back over the gland to expose the soft, shiny knob.

It began to slide in and out of my mouth with great ease as I became used to the size and I could hear Buddy's animal grunts as he began to fuck my face. My wife sat back and watched as Buddy's fucked my face with force. He told my wife that I was an expert cocksucker and that if I kept up sucking as hard as I was he was going to explode in my mouth. She walked behind Buddy and spread his ass cheeks got down on her knees and stuck her tongue up his asshole.

His cock exploded all down my throat and I sucked and licked every drop of cum I could get. My wife jumped up and told me not to swallow all the cum she wanted some to. So me and her French kissed and I fed her some of Buddy's cum, pushing it into her mouth with my tongue. When we were done I just sat there with this grin on my face. I had finally sucked my first cock and it was wonderful. My wife was so horny watching me suck Buddy off that she wanted both of us to fuck her in her pussy and ass at the same time.

My cock was rock hard and when me and my wife both sucked on Buddy's

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