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Life After Revenge.

She watch him with long eyelashes batting over her eyes as he watched her. His hands moved leisurely over his flat stomach to his waistline, until his hands met the bare flesh. Off came his shirt, over his head as they exchanged a wicked smile. He had her now and her personal show had only just begun. His slender fingers trickled over and hooked to his belt loops. Buttons were undone and zippers unzipped until his remaining clothes were in a wrinkled puddle of denim and cloth at his feet.

Vanessa knew exactly how uncomfortable he felt completely nude in front of his clothed woman-Defenseless. His skin all a uniform olive tone, even from a distance maintaining a look of softness.

"That's my good boy." She walked over to help him into the tub. Her deep eyes sincere of her every action. She allowed him to relax as she caressed every inch of his moist skin. Then with a luffa she lathered his skin completely except for his cock, saving it purposely for last. She cupped his balls lovingly in one hand and the shaft of his cock with the other.

"Be very still." She instructed. He nodded and watch as she moved her tongue in a circular motion on his pulsating manhood. She paid extra attention to the head, licking gently, ushering tiny groans from his lips.

"Good boy Mikey. Now time to get out..." She gave the head of his cock one last kiss, tasting some of his precum, before getting up and getting him a towel.

Glistening and bashfully aroused he followed her to the bedroom.

"Lie down now my love..." Mike lied down on the plush crisp white bedding. Tranquilness alive in the ambiance of the flickering candles and warm room. Vanessa straddled him still fully clothed and instructed him to close his eyes as she licked him 'dry'. She savored the fresh cleansed skin of his neck, then down all the way to his stomach. At his belly button her tongue darted in and out if his cute little naval, foreshadowing events later to come.

"I just couldn't resist tasting you before I do some very naughty things to you, as my sissy."

With her last word his eyes fluttered open.

"Sissy?! But-I.." It was too late and she forced him up to his feet, threatening him with denied orgasm, if he even so much as think of revolting. She lead him to the single chair in their bedroom beside the bed; And took time stretching across his body tying his hands with one of his own neckties. After she was done she took her now drenched panties, and put them in his mouth as a gag. "Now be a good sissy while I apply your makeup!" A muffled shout of protest came from his mouth. The thick and rigid cock between his quivering legs, contradicted his complaint.

First came the eyeshadow,with light strokes she added a coat of magenta across his eyes.

His hard on brushed against her leg as she bent over him to apply the mascara, blush, and lipstick.

" look so hot. Time to put on your pretty clothes!" She took his gag out and untied his hands. A stream of profanity came from his lips. He loomed over her hard and painted with my various cosmetics. She hurried and retrieved the Victoria's Secret bag. Then sat on the bed as he watched with curious eyes as she pulled back the pink tissue paper. In Vanessa's hand was a pair of pale blue cheeky panties with lacy white trim. She placed the dainty undergarment on the bed and pulled out white thigh highs socks and a matching bra. She called Mike over and helped him finish getting dolled up. When she was finished, before her in the same spot that her boyfriend once stood, was a wanton sissy with a bulge in his panties.

"I want to kiss you, but I'd feel so odd because you look like a woman." She admired his feminine-esque appearance, it made her want to take him. Just start off gentle, guided by dim lights, until their passions overflowed unto each other. Then she would pin him down and take him like an animal.

With a strong hand she managed to get him kneeling before her.

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