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Penny and Raj bring Sheldon out into the World of Sex.

I thought I was going to have to start screaming daddy fuck me to get you in my room," she moaned out before beckoning me over with her free hand, "Now get over here so I can suck your damn huge cock before you make a woman out of me."

I wasted no time in taking everything off and in no time I was getting the best blow job of my life from my daughter.

I had no idea how she was this good, but I had a feeling the dildo ramming into her ass was practised quite a bit on. She knew just how to please a man with her mouth, her lips massaged me just right and pulled me in deeper and deeper into her throat which caused her to gag a little, but it sounded so sexy. Before I knew what was happening I felt a lick on my balls and I looked down to see she had taken my entire 8 inches into her mouth and holding it there. When she finally pulled away she coughed a bit before saying, "That was great daddy, but I really want you in my ass when you cum."

I couldn't say no to her, but also couldn't find my words at the moment, so I just nodded, picked her up in a fireman's hold, placed her on her bed, spread her legs open and just viewed her ass looking so inviting. "You know this won't be a one time thing baby girl. Once I fuck you, you are my lover even if you get tired of me."

"That is what I want Daddy. Now fuck me and then we can decide whether I will be your little wifey or your whore."

That was it for me. I forced my whole length into her and she cried out before I stayed still to let her adjust a bit more to my girth. "You will be my little whore wife. I will fill you with my cum, and you will love it. We will stay faithful to each other, help out each other keeping up the home, but you will be available to satisfy my needs at anytime and anywhere. And if you are a good whore I will be a good husband and ensure you want nothing in life."

"Okay daddy. I understand, but please fuck me now. I am ready and need you to treat me like the whore wife you plan to make me."

"Okay honey, you asked for this," I kissed her and began pounding into her ass like it would save my life.

She cried out as she wrapped her legs around my waist, but it was muffled by my lips. She hugged me closer and did her best to make this the best fuck I've ever had, and it was working. It was like she was made just for me. Not only was she perfectly tight, but she knew just when to get tighter. That, and she knew how to move her hips just right to make me feel like I was in heaven.

And I seemed to be made for her too by how much she was moaning. I was constantly hitting her P-spot, I kept up at the right speed she needed, I was attentive to her cute, pink nipples, and did my best to make sure her penis and balls received enough attention. It made me feel a manly pride so strong, that I know I had never felt it with any partner before her. She may have been made half from my DNA, but she was made ALL for me and I planned to make myself ALL for her.

By this point she was so close to cumming that I was surprised that any of my thrusts weren't the last one... that is until she said her next sentence.

"Cum with me Daddy! I need your jizz in me to cum! Please breed me! Mark me on the inside with your seed! Truly make me your whore wife!" she screamed it so loud I wouldn't be surprised if I got some concerned comments from my neighbors tomorrow.

"Okay baby. I'll fill you so good honey. Hell, I'll fill you so good that you won't even fully orgasm without my little breeders swimming inside you!" I picked up my pace somehow and she was loving it.

"Yes Daddy! Fill me! Make me yours Daddy! Give me your babies! I want your babies Daddy!" she hugged me closer and I knew she was close to not being to hold back.

"Okay sweetie, Daddy will make you pregnant. Would you like that honey? If Daddy could really make you pregnant with his babies? You would want me to make you so stuffed that a baby gets made in your belly?" I was almost there, but when she cried out a yes I just had to seal her lips with mine as I felt my first shot of jism fill her.


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