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Bonnie brings her family and friends together.

"Ahhh, good....UNGHHH" she groaned as the pleasure hit her. Cindy stroked my hair with one hand and her pretty sister's with the other....

After we had made Cindy's breathing quicken with our attention to her sweet, delicate titties, Amy knelt down and pulled the hood of Cindy's clitoris back with her fingertips to expose the head of her fat, swollen love button-I knelt down and grabbed Cindy's butt as she leaned against the wall-I was surprised at how much meatier Cindy's rear was than her sexy sister's-with the very first lick, Cindy yelled "AAHHH-good!" I licked her clit head-it was fatter than Amy's-Cindy groaned and squealed with each lick-she had never felt a tongue touch her clitoris before-and after a while, Amy, still kneeling next to me, stuck out her tongue and wanted to taste my tongue with her sister's love juice on it-I alternated between licking Cindy's clit and intertwining my tongue with my beautiful wifes'.

Cindy's pussy tasted sweeter that her sister's-I reached up deep into her vagina to try to taste her g-spot with my tongue-she groaned even louder as I did-I went back to licking her clit in rhythm, and suddenly Cindy started saying "Oh, no...oh, no...oh, no..." I remembered that Amy had told me that this was what Cindy used to say as she felt the buildup to her orgasm when they masturbated togeher, so I knew she was getting ready to lose it. Cindy got very quiet, and then suddenly her whole body stiffened up, and after she stiffened and her face began to contort, she began to scream "AHHHHH...UURRHHHHH....HUHHHHH!!!" and just as Amy had said, tears began to stream down her sister's pretty face as she endured all her orgasmic pleasure. Cindy's hips bucked in rhythm as her orgasm continued, and I kept my tongue hard against her rock-hard clit until her orgasm began to fade, and as she started coming down from her climax, Cindy pulled my head away and said, "please, it's too sensitive" and I pulled my head away from her sexy Vietnamese crotch and stood up to kiss her pretty face....

We made our way to the bed and Cindy laid down to recover from the extremely strong orgasm that she had just had. Laying on her stomach, I admired her beautiful, round butt, which was in stark contrast to Amy's flat, little-girl-looking rear end, with the large callous right below her tailbone. I always loved Amy's rear end so much-I always thought it made her look so young and sweet, but was equally captivated by her sister's perfect, round ass, that until now I had never seen exposed.

As Cindy was laying there still catching her breath, Amy laid flat on her tummy, and said, "C'mon, give it to me, I can't stand it anymore!" I scooted up behind her and eneterd her hot, tight vagina from the rear like I had so many times before-we both groaned as I entered her, and she immediately put her butt slightly up in the air to make the angle of my thrusting perfect. I groaned with my thrusting-her cunt felt so hot , gripping me tightly, and her black hair, now wet from sweat, looked so beautiful flowing down her dark skin on her back.

Cindy was now looking over at us, bug-eyed, fascinated by seeing me fuck her gorgeous sister. After I thrusted for only about a minute, Amy began to groan from deep in her throat with each instroke, each groan getting louder-I knew what that meant-her orgasm was getting close. Pretty soon her instroke groans melded into one long scream, and then she began to moan loudly with each contraction-'errrhh, errrhh, errrhh' just like she did every time she came. Her orgasm almost sent me over the edge, and I pulled out and let some excess semen flow onto the small of her back-I didn't want to have a full-blown orgasm yet, as I was saving that for later....

As Amy caught her breath, Cindy scooted up ne

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