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It was full of sodas for the drive and beer for when we got to wherever we were headed. I took it out to the balcony and looked around. The place was beatiful. It had a golf course, which I figured it would. Hilton Head is world famous for it's links. We were on the 3rd floor, so I felt safe standing out there in just my panties, although it was a bit cool so I wouldn't be out there long.

I had just finished a beer and having a cigar when I heard Sam call for Limp Dick. They had been going at it for at least 45 minutes. The place was a mess. Their clothes were thrown everywhere. The top sheet and comforter were on the floor and the fitted sheet was a tangled wad in the middle of the bed. Sam was on his back and Heather had her head cradled in the crook of his arm, gently kissing his fingers.

"Time to go to work, Limp Dick. You better start with her. I gave you 3 loads to lick up."

As I crawled onto the bed, Heather slowly spread her legs, revealing the biggest mess I had seen since the party in the Islands. I started lapping and sucking, cleaning her from mid-thigh to her very red abused honey pot. Heather was cooing and kissing Sam as I worked. She finally pushed me away with her foot and I started cleaning Sam's over worked cock. He was almost as messy, with fluids down to his mid-thigh as well. After a few minutes, he pushed me away as well. I got off the bed and kneeled at the foot.

"Your wife wants a smoke so we're going out on the balcony. Change these sheets and make the bed. Fold our clothes neatly and set them aside somewhere. The room needs to be aired out. Since it's too cold to open the window, get the air freshener from the bathroom and spray it around in here. When you're finished with all that, put your boxers back on & come find us."

I was sitting on the balcony 15 minutes. Sam handed me a beer and got one for himself. Heather had been sitting on Sam's lap, wrapped up in a blanket. She got up and stepped just inside the door. She took a chair from the dining room table and came back to sit down.

Sam took another swig of beer and looked at me. "I wanted to touch base with you. I know I said a lot of mean things in there & I just want to know if I'm acting the way you wanted me to. Do you really want me to treat you this way? Did I overstep some boundry? We need to be open about this."

Heather chimed in as well. "I told him I thought he did a good job, taking control like that. He just wants to make sure he didn't go too far, that's all."

I took a drag off my re-lit cigar and looked at Sam. "You did great Sam. I'm always amazed at how much you think about my feelings and how much you don't want to screw up like someone else did. I really liked the things you said and how you said them. However, it made me think about a couple things we need to discuss. First, If you treated me like that now, with just Heather watching, what is going to happen when we meet your friends. I understand they already know about us. The other thing is, I don't ever want to be on the other side of a door when you're with Heather. I want to be able to watch or peek if I want to. Of course, if I'm being punished for something, then I would understand being denied that pleasure. I peeked in several times while ya'll were in there. The look of pleasure on Heather's face is what makes all this worthwhile for me. I won't allow that to be taken away from me. So I say, keep doing what you are doing."

"I get what you're saying.

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