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The Quality Manager lived up to his name.


"nothing daddy" I whispered.

I felt a stinging go across my stomach. It felt like a million bees stinging me at once. It had to be the flogger thing that daddy kept in his closet. It is the only thing it could have been.

"I said tell me what you did while I was gone" Daddy said sternly.

Daddy's friend's flipped me over to my stomach. I felt the stinging of his flogger on my ass. Lash after lash after lash.

Daddy leaned closer and whispered "I have cameras everywhere Lisa. I know what you did in the shower"

I tried to protest, "but daddy, I stopped when I remembered your orders"

That got me 5 more lashes on my ass. My ass was on fire from the stinging. Yet somehow even through the pain, I was getting hornier by the minute. I wanted daddy's dick and I wanted it terribly.

Daddy roared "The point is to never forget what I tell you"

I cried almost uncontrollably. I kept muttering how sorry I was.

Daddy asked what exactly I was sorry about. I let him know it was for disappointing him.

Daddy turned on the light and took me in his arms. He kissed away my tears and told me how much he loved me and how proud of me he truly was.

He explained that sometimes I would have to be punished but it was only to help me become a better submissive for him.

I had read enough of his books to understand that. I kissed him and told him I understood and promised to do better in the future. He beamed with pride.

I don't know if I was lost in subspace or what but I noticed his friends were there. I grabbed a sheet to cover up and daddy quickly yanked it away.

"My darling lisa, my friends were so impressed with your video they wanted to meet you. They came to help me reward you for completing your assignment"

Daddy kissed me tenderly as he slipped the blindfold over my eyes. He placed me on my back and I could feel his friends tie my hands to the railings, then my legs to the footboards.

My body covered with chills as I felt daddy's warm breath between my legs. I felt daddy's teeth gently scrape over my enlarged clit. I thought I might explode. I used to laugh at daddy when he would try and peel grapes without puncturing the grape with his teeth. Little did I know he was simply perfecting his oral art.

Daddy continued to scrape my clit. I felt his whiskers rubbing my pussy and his tongue occasionally tasting my juices. I heard him tell his friends to go get mom and the other two.

Daddy buried his face back in my pussy. I was on fire. I was tied up and could barely move but I tried everything in my power to grind my pussy on him but he pulled back with each grind. My intensity was building again. I ached to cum. I begged daddy to let me cum. Daddy snapped his fingers.

It is hard to describe exactly what happened next. I came with an intensity I never felt before. My body was shaking, my heart rushing. I was screaming but no words would come out. I swear to you I stopped breathing. I continued to get rush after rush of orgasmic pleasure as daddy refused to give my clit any relief.

Daddy finally let up and I caught my breath. He removed my blindfold and I realized there was a captive audience. Mom and all four of dad's friends were watching. The men in awe, mom stunned.

Daddy told mom to get the video camera to record the next session. He told her to learn something while she was watching.

Daddy and his friends released me from the restraints. Daddy kissed me and told me to get in the middle of the bed doggie style.

Of course I did as instructed. I gasped as daddy came up behind me. My toes curled as he slid his dick into my dripping pussy. My pussy was still not used to his cock size so it hurt when stretched to accomodate him. I winced a bit.

Daddy leaned over reassuringly. "My darling, you are doing fine..over the next four nights you are going to satisfy each of my friends - tonight is bobby's night - you will satisfy him orally" He told me..

He motioned Bobby over.

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