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Sometimes she wore thigh highs just to show off her legs and he'd looked, but he never LOOKED. Sometimes she dressed a little nicer than usual, a skirt that showed off her bum, but she knew it wasn't enough. She never really had the right outfit for the job - the outfit that said "Hey you there, bend me over the kitchen counter RIGHT NOW and shove your face in my ass crack." She didn't really have much, but found an old tube skirt that used to show off her ass nicely. Without underwear it was total "slut-bomb" - awesome dude - thumbs up for the slut-bomb! She put on her charcoal thigh highs...thong? No thong, she decided...slut-bomb all the way - and the finishing touch - her fuzzy, pink bathrobe. Oh shit, banana clip - can't forget the banana clip. She grabbed the cumcumber and lube and headed to Justin's room, imagining he was inside waiting for her. She paused for a moment to tie her bathrobe sash, loosening it up top so her naked breasts showed plainly, but didn't hanging out - just right - plausible deniability. She opened his bedroom door and stepped inside, pressing record on the video camera that pointed at his bed.

Justin was in his bed, atop the covers, on his back reading.

She took a seat on the side of his bed, placing the cucumber facing upwards in about the position she'd imagine his cock was if he were actually on the bed.

She stroked his cock gently up and down, giving him a brief handjob. She felt his cock go from warm to hot in her hand, its head go from pink to dark maroon in color, his shaft from slightly squeezable to tree-trunk solid.

She rolled up onto the bed, swinging her leg over him, her crotch an inch from his face, begging to be licked.

Rubbing herself with one hand between her legs and holding his dick in the other, her head bobbing up and down, making love to his gorgeous cock with her mouth - the smooth, hot skin of his head against her moist lips and tongue was wonderful. She'd be perfectly happy to suck his cock all day if it were possible. Sadly, she knew it was not - she knew with every moment between her tight lips was a moment she was coaxing the cum up from his balls. She spread her legs wider, splitting her crease apart and inserted her middle finger. Mmmm, she was sopping.

Her ass facing the camera now, she straddled his dick, holding it upright between her feet, she pushed herself down onto him. Damn, it almost hurt going in, she gently rocked up and down for moment loosening up - she could really feel the difference those Kegels made.

"Oh fuck yeah. You feel so good baby" she said aloud for the camera in a whispery voice.

She loved having him inside her - "Fuck me...harder..., " she said as she built a rhthym on his cock, its entirety now going in and out of her easily. She humped his cock faster, pushing herself down hander at the bottom, the tip of his wonderful cock nudging her cervix. This video was gonna be a good one - she already knew, before even seeing it.

She kept trying to go faster, but it just wasn't fast enough. In frustration, she reached between her legs, grabbing the cucumber in her hand and started jamming herself with it at a pace more to her liking.

"That's it...fuck that hole. Mommy's your dirty little cum-catching slut! Use my tight hole! UH!"

As her arm started to tire, she felt herself edging towards orgasm. She put the cucumber back in place between her feet and seductively sat back on it, pucshing her ass out for the camera to have a good shot of the reentry. She continued riding him, merciless in her quest for semen.

"Let it go baby, that's it," reaching back behind her as if cupping his balls. She felt her moisture on his bed comforter. She was so dirty and bad - if only he knew when he lay down what had previously been done on his bed. It was a lovely, pleasurable, devious little thought that made her smile.

"You wanna cum in mommy? She said in a whispery, seductive voice, and rubbing the comforter beneath her as if rubbing his chest.

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